Should they add a way to level up weapons

hello, i think they should add a way to level up weapons when they add new levels. i have been farming for a varient of a weapon for a week and finally got it lvl 50 but when they do add new levels how long will it take to farm a new one. i think they should add a machine where you sacrafice legendaries to level it up. (blue) 1 legendary (purple) 2 legendaries and (orange) 3 legendaries this will only level them up 1 time but can be used multiple times to get to a higher level like 61 or 72 this means farming is still useful but also adds a way to keep your favourite weapons.


Mmmm, it’d be fun to have stat improvements based on usage, but as for leveling up the whole weapon itself, no.
It encourages you to try different guns rather than sticking to the same 4.


i already fear new levels
Flak, Moze and Amara have builds that will push god tier if more points can be spent

Boosting guns would also reduce the need to actually play the game via farming for new weapons

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Leveling weapons up to 72 when the maximum character level is 50? No thanks.

As for the suggestion in general, I wouldn’t be opposed to it. Some legendaries are incredibly hard to find, and it sucks if you get one at level 42, which will naturally underperform in the endgame. But I don’t think it’s a feature we absolutely need, either.

Not the point. Past games have had the level cap raised, usually when new dlc comes out, and he was saying that he didn’t want all his current guns to become useless when the cap is raised.


I don’t think it’s necessary, the level caps will give you a chance to try out some new gear as you level past 50

I’m not sure I care if weapons level up, although having a special weapon designed for this might be fun.

I do hate the argument that it encourages you to try new guns and it is a very unfair argument.

The game now gets to tell me that I need to try whatever guns it wants? I am no longer allowed to only stay with a Masher or Torgue shotgun? My Amara tries new guns all the time but my FL4K stays with 2 specific styles.

Thanks but I play how I want to play to have fun and people in the forums telling the OP he needs to play how they want seems pretty…well wrong.

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Oh, OK, gotcha. I never played Borderlands 2 past normal difficulty, nor any of the DLC. But now that you mention it, I do remember hearing about level cap increases. Not sure how I feel about having those in BL3, but I’m open to the idea.

I used to see this differently but after starting several characters in BL2 with editor and upleveling my weapons on the way I agree that it all became kind of boring after a while. Guns are the thing thats fun in Borderlands and if you stay with the same old 3 or 4 guns, regardless how good they are…things start to become stale.

Sure I ripped through content but actually playing WITHOUT the editor which forced me to go out of my way to find a gun that ll help me agains the next encounter or cover a blind spot of mine made the game attractive. I went with green weapons over outdated legendaries and my sense of achievement was much greater.

In the end… I m still torn about this topic. I mean once the BL3 editor becomes available anybody can decide for him- or herself. I probably will but I ll try to go with some ground rules because bypassing most of the game will diminish its enjoyment for myself…I know that.

…I gonna uplevel my hellfire once I get it tho…no question about it ^^

I would really like to see this type of system. It could cost tons of eridium and/or cash making it a meaningful decision as well as a currency sink. Right now I have over 11k eridium and nothing to spend it on, spending even 1k eridium per gear piece to level up my terror anointed gear would be fine with me. I would like to have that tough decision of which gear to spend eridium to level up after the level cap increase, especially with terror anointed gear which will be unavailable after the event. Items like the fearmonger and ghast call will be stuck at level 50 and we will have no way to obtain them at the new level cap. Just my opinion, I f’ing love BL3 but I’m a little worried that my awesome terror anointed build will end up being obsolete once the level cap increase comes.


This is something I would welcome. I remember in BL2 when OP levels came out. You were lucky if your OP1’s carried you a level or two higher but it was a grind for sure. It would be great that for future level cap increases in BL3 if we could purchase or obtain some form of relic that provided for your current loot to scale. The thought of having to throw all current gear in the trash at some point is rather unpleasant.

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Weapon proficiency was a thing in Borderlands 1.

That didn’t raise your weapon’s level, it just made you better with that type of weapon.

I know that!


I could’nt help but notice the septic feedback from the majority of our community, so I figured (as an engineer) I would try to find a way to help fix the problem. ^^

First, let me just say that I think the story so far is extremely compelling for a first-person shooter. I would have liked our silver tounged jacobs boi to have been the traitor near the end of the 3rd world vault, but overall, me and my best friend have thoroughly enjoyed the series so far.

So why all the hate for new content? It seems to me like the “I am entitled to everything right this instant” crowd seems to have forgone the fact that legendaries are wildly abundant and easily farmable, and want to fling feces at anything that makes them have to farm it again. Basically, right now that is the biggest legitimate gripe: That with a new level cap, new legendaries have to be farmed over again.

So you have the elitists saying its too easy to farm uniques and the newbros whining its too hard to re-farm legendaries. Oh! Your leg! It’s caught in a BEAR TRAP!

Well, why not implement a system that allows players to spend an exorbitant amount of eridium, scaled by rarity and difference between its level and the players current level that allows them to scale an item from its current level to the players level, while decreasing the legendary drop rate by a flat %50?

This would make it so that people who spend all day farming can spend their eridium in general after making earls shop obsolete, while making it so that a new level cap does not mean they have to re-farm the same boss for hundreds of hours for a specific legendary variant and get them back in the game (increasing the variety of enemies and story segments they fight and improving their overall experience)?

Thoughts and opinions?

I can see this never happening. I think it was already discussed in some borderlands show, or even before, but they didn’t want to implement this to avoid people stagnating always on the same weapons. Of course, as if it would work. People will stick with what they know it works (or just because it’s a gimmick build and NEEDS that weapon) just to stay on their safe space.

I kinda hated the way they introduced the level cap last time, but I am honestly less worried this time because 1. that sweet two captsone business. 2. Way more weapons are now viable compared to last time, so the need to obtain THAT specific weapon is less daunting.

And third… why is this on tech support? o.O



Ah, I wrote this on the toilet, so I was on my phone. I was not able to find a suggestions section for borderlands 3, so this was the closest topic I was able to find. ^^

As for personal bias, I have none. I prefer to struggle, and would actually prefer if drops were ultra rare, like -90% as to make legendary weapons and unique’s truly unique.

As for shifting weapons, balancing the dps potential between all legendaries would probably fix that issue.

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here are my thoughts majority you are talking about is not even 1% of player base

refarming is fine it has always been fine it is what keeps people experimenting and actually using something else than their select few op guns they masturbate to. even people who claim they quit or will quit the game, won’t.

bl is a very off and on experience that lasts for years, for some reason endgame players think everyone is like them.

no majority of people do not play m4 or arenas or even finish the game, i bet if the stats were out utter most of player base would not have finished full 2 playthroughs on their single character.

borderlands will not have gun leveling no matter how many threads, they have stated it multiple times they want you to be searching for the perfect thing to always have something to look down on the ground where loot splatters.

it is funny because it is true, people who read topics here think some of the issues are very pressing, which they are for hardcore players but in grand scale of things they are non existent. for gearbox they are non existent. they do not have a need to stop any ones whining and if they do they will do it with most ridiculous ways like seein dead for zane or buffing weapons by 500%.


They said few times already that they’re looking for ways to increase lv.cap without giving out skill points. So my hopes aren’t high.

It’s not about weapons, it’s about annointed.