Should they add all previous chr to play?

i think that we should have the option to play as all 20 charachters

  1. origianal borderlands

  2. borderlands 2

  3. borderlands pre sequal

why not ? could be mental fun just work on mods and relics for them and that way we can get some old guns back added in the game would be insane and so much fun

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Story wise it wouldn’t make much since. Considering some are dead or you encounter in the story itself.


meh who cares lol let me have more availibility

Because they’d have to redo and rebalance all the previous skill trees and action skills. That’s not as easy as one might imagine. Also, the other games are still excellent to play.


Yeah, this would be cool, but completely unrealistic. It’d completely mess up the story, and take ages to actually put in the game even if they wanted to.

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No. If I played them in a previous game, why would I want to play them again? If they are changed ti fit in BL3, then we are essentially playing a different character anyway. If they leave them the same, we’re just playing the same thing again and I’d rather not do that. If I want to play Timmy I’ll just play TPS, or if I want to play Sal I’ll pop in BL2. I don’t see why I should try to recapture the same experience every game when I can just play the original.

Just look at D3 Barb and Necro. They aren’t really the sane classes as their D2 counterparts. The keep some if the aesthetic, but mechanic changes and even minor skill changes completely alter the feel.


I was just thinking the other day how much I wished their would be some sort of community patch where you could play as Krieg with the goal to destroy every terrible character and plotline (re: all of them) in BL3…Could even have an add-on where you do the same to the pre-sequel… Seriously, how much fun would it be to Bloodsplode Danny DeVito, Not Vaughn (Actual Vaughn is in Tales), or Janey Springs?

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you think lol you know how hard it would be to code?

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This. If I want to play as Gaige, well, I have 8 or 9 of those in Borderlands 2. And right now BL1 is played because Mordecai and some of the gear.

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Nah. First off all, that would just be plain weird considering that several of those characters are already starring in the story as NPCs or enemies or are just dead.
Second, they would have to be reworked completely in order to be balanced for Bl3.
Third: It’s just waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
too much work and too much to ask for.

I’d love seeing a few more returning guns because those are always nice but asking just for another 16 characters to be implemented and adjusted is just over the top.


No and no. Gearbox has some number like 75% of people only play as one character. I have all four VH at max level but after that I went back to my main Zane and haven’t played any other VH since. I’d rather have the developers focus on giving us more content and making our current VH better. Also it’s not feasable to have all the VH in one game. The balancing nightmares alone would stop other content from being made. I just don’t think that bringing Salvador back will be fair to the other VH lol.


All of the VH would lead to a BR game and no one wants that. TBH Id rather a 4th tree than a new VH. The big problem that BL3 has is its story isn’t all that fun to play/sit through. While they can make good stories in DLC most people would rather finish out the story then run them. So unless you could get the new VH at 53 Normal mode complete out the gate they wouldnt see much return in retreading or adding all new VH.

That said Id rather new characters than old ones as playable. A good portion of old VH mechanics can be found in the different VH and could be explored in a fresh way in a new VH or 4th trees

without the grog and dpuh he would probably be ok. He cant really make use of ASE anoints so his class specific ones could just be weak sauce to account for the power he has.

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I’d rather have any of the previous characters on offer over another garbage raid. There are several characters from BL2 and TPS that I didn’t get to cap out like I wanted because the games stopped being fun at UVHM. And that’s also a reason why going back to those games to play those characters isn’t a useful option.

It’ll never happen, of course. And it arguably shouldn’t. But I’d love it. Of course, I’d also like some of the Battleborn characters in this game with full skill trees and everything. I’m greedy for characters.

BL1 characters would be to weak and BL2 characters would break the game on half so no. Unless you wanted all the memorable characters you love playing nothing like they used to and beat to death with the nerf bat…

  1. Development costs and labor required would be huge.
  2. There is no need to recycle old content. You can just play one of the original games if you wish to replay these characters. I’d rather play as a new character.
  3. Balancing these characters would be a nightmare.

Given the choice, I’d pick a new VH at lvl 53 over any of the old VHs returning at lvl 53, any day. If we could get them at the end of the story mode, ready for side missions and DLC, that’d be perfect.
What does everyone else think?

  • No new DLC VH
  • Lvl 1 new VH
  • Lvl 1 old VH return
  • Lvl 53 new VH
  • Lvl 53 old VH return

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I think the vote is oddly setup for multiple selections yet limited to one. I vote for “more characters to play” regardless of old/new or the bizarre option to have them at the current max level or not.

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I’m having a hard enough time getting to my second character.

I’d like to get all four to a respectable level, but I doubt that I will because of the time it would take to do that.

Also… where exactly would they all fit into the story?

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Someone made a thread with a similar topic a few days ago, and how they presented it was more as a bonus DLC- “Old Faces” as a reward/tribute to veteran players. The idea isn’t meant to be canon compliant, and as I said in that thread, it would leave a lot of room for meta/comedic potential.

So yeah, I’d be for it. I’m in the majority who only sticks to one character, but I still think it would be fun regardless.

Of course I’m against it from a practical standpoint. If it were to ever be made, it would have to be after everything for BL3 has been released. But from a hypothetical standpoint, it sounds potentially hilarious and fun.

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I mean… none of the current crop meaningfully fit into the story, so why should any additional characters have to?