Should they give Borderlands MMO a real try?

(Mcore) #21

Yes. This right here! I’d even be OK if it took place in the same universe and tied into the plot. But we still need the borderlands games as is. For an mom set in the bl universe, we should have character creation, interchangeable gun parts. Good Arena pvp and pve maps. Loot able melee weapons. All these things that people want but don’t fit into the type of game borderlands is. I hope Battleborn continues to pick up steam so gearbox has the money to be able to higher more people and put out more awesome ips.

(Artistrecovery) #22

I agree that to do this, you would need to reinvent the MMO first.

I would NEVER want to see World of Warcraft re-skinned as a Borderlands game.

You have to ask yourself what you could accomplish with an MMO. What would you do with an MMO that you can’t do with 4-player teams already available? 20 v 20 “wars” of human players? I tried playing WOW for a while, but it was really stale. You want to stand around in towns with a thousand strangers to show off your solid gold pauldrons? “Raids” were not much fun, either.

But if you were to re-invent the MMO…say I could own a shop in a town and give out missions to other players…

“Go stand in a lake until you prune up [20 minutes]. When you do, I’ll give you a cool SMG and 1000xp.”

(JadeCrust) #23

Just keep BL as it is. If they want, they can put a PVP mode into it. But ONLY as an addition. Keep BL intact. Heck maybe BB is a huge test run for an epic BL 3, with all the perfect looting experience and story mode plus a PVP mode inspired by BB. Holy shyt if that is true, bye bye outdoors.

(orionwannabe) #24

Duuuuude an MMO Borderlands would be soooooooo awesome. I’d play the sheet out of that!!! Battleborn is the only PVP I enjoy but a PVE MMO would be awesome

(Kittyshoes) #25

Back story to my knowledge of MMOs: I started off with FFXI, and when the constant grinding finally consumed me at L67 DK, I picked up WoW. WoW did a lot of things right in the years I played, until they dumbed it down in WotLK and made raids easy AF (BC raids were hard, don’t even try to tell me otherwise or you’re a liar and never did them).

GBX could definitely do it, but I wouldn’t play it. The things I love about Borderlands would be taken away with an MMO. I love being able to smash through some quests solo, getting all the loot I can get my hands on, and how I could reload bosses after I kill them in just a minute. I love how I DO NOT have to play with someone to get stuff done, but when I play with a friend it’s literally he/she and I vs EVERYONE. It’s awesome lol. An MMO would take that away almost entirely. End game content of borderlands, fighting raid bosses to be exact, is one of the best things to do in game and doing it with one other badass makes it all the better. If it were MMO form I guarantee the bosses stats would scale to a specified player count per raid, thus making it impossible to go in with less than the required amount.

And on top of it all, a Borderlands MMO would take the story right out of your characters. Even if your characters story is limited to 5 echos and meaningless banter, I got a feel for each characters’ personality in BL1 and BL2. Further bastardization of character creation would take the fun away from having unique characters, even if there were specific classes you could utilize. Heads and skins are enough, and an MMO would definitely need more customization options.

(Coolluigifan123) #26

Iffy on this one here but i would stand on no I’m 87% certain this could not work. Buut since these guys are gearbox and pulled off battleborn and borderlands pretty much setting themselves for their own genre i could see a dim light for an mmo but for me personally i wouldn’t play it that much and since mmos are known for it’s Pay For virtual Cash I really need to disagree on it because Borderlands has enough dlc to begin with but adding a game that will centralize on dlc would not be very good in my taste.

(Gabriel Alexander) #27

It would have to be extremely properly done in very specific ways -

Open world would be a complete necessity; To have it set to a storyline of any sort would throw it off so badly it would flop instantly. One would have to be able to visit every place currently available plus a myriad of other areas. It would also have to have very little direct ties to the Borderlands stand-alone games while still being very affected by their events. For example; if a new game causes the destruction of Sanctuary; that would have to be reflected in the MMO accordingly.

On good potential feature could be Competitive bounty boards where people can try to attack the same bounty (Or team up for split rewards); but this could also be exploited, so bounties would have to be tiered to levels and limited to how many instances of a bounty you can run as so that the same people don’t keep ravaging and abusing easier bounties and leaving crappy or difficult ones to the rest of the players.

Player classes and skill trees would be difficult to build; they’d have to be very intricately built with overall classes, specified classes, and then the trees that effect those classes. While this is doable it would take an extremely tight mind or group of minds to balance it properly while still making it fun and customizable. (I have ideas for this buuuut Gearbox does NOT like to talk to me.)

And finally: They’d have to F’in fix Sirens and make them more accessable to everyone, because only 6 sirens in the universe does not a fun MMO make. There is an extremely easy fix to this that i have come up with aswell that has been thusfar thoroughly ignored but hey. What can ya do. Either way, a Borderlands MMO cannot properly exist without a Sirens fix and until a stand-alone game fixes them, an MMO cannot happen.

A Borderlands MMO is /possible/ However the effort and specifics needed for it are not yet jumps that Gearbox is willing to take and as such any Borderlands MMO is extremely unlikely.

But if it was, and it was done well? Oh, I’d play it.

( The Dogs Bollocks) #28

Would be fun to see Borderlands go the Fo4 route with a bit of weapons crafting rather than bazillions of useless junk that just takes up code.

(Pfonseca415) #29

Well, when i finnished the 2 I felt the same way as you, but as I was looking deeper and deeper into their creation effort they put, and the fact that the CEO (I think) said they weren’t planning on doing a BL3, since it would take too much effort, and we shouldn’t be waiting for one pretty much destroys that theory

P.S.: I don’t see any kind of PvP kind of gameplay aspect on a BL game, even if it was a MMO

(Is this thing on?) #30

What he said was, they weren’t rushing into it. GBX has since announced a hiring spree and pre-production for BL3.

There was a place you could do that in the original Borderlands, but the feature was dropped from Borderlands 2.

(crummysaint) #31

I think it is a non-traditional MMO already, meaning both 1&2 are an mmo and they aren’t depending on how you choose to play.

If 3 is aiming to branch out from Pandora with a Sanctuary space station as a hub it could be pretty interesting to have a more open character creation.
Imagine if you could mix and match skill trees from various archetypes.

As long as they don’t try to include a serious PvP using PvE elements.
I think Borderlands series is best when you can become game breakingly powerful. Any PVP should force you to use stock weapons and character builds that can be balanced separately.

(LightningYu) #32
  1. One thing: I can’t agree with the point, that Borderlands isn’t a timesink. Diablo 2 was played over 12 Years, even i played over the Years again and agian, and that mostly solo/lan, and Borderlands feels(atleast for me) like an Diablo-FPS.
  2. And also Diablo is the reason, why i kinda hate this idea. It did take to RoS and Console-Version of Diablo 3 so i loved the Game as much as i did the previous ones. No Auctionhouse, offline-playability as well local co-op etc etc. I’m not against MMOs in general, however i dislike the forcefully MMO thing. However, if i get an true Borderlands 3, which is like the first Three Games(offlineplayable, co-op etc) i wouldn’t mind if you get your MMO =)

SWTor could’ve been amazing, if they instead of making an MMO out of it, make Knights of the Old Republic 3. Most part of the Game could be the same, i really love that class-system as well that they have their own story, thats something i found better then the first two games, but instead of waste money to make it MMO-Suitable, they could have use the budget for a more lively world etc. And if they still want something MP-wise, why not an simple co-op mode?! I mean you run with a group anyway, so it would’ve been an good option.
The same with TESO. Please don’t missunderstand: I don’t claim like other peoples that is an bad game. I actually found it an better MMO than SWToR, and also there are things as well which surpass for me the SP Games(i found the Combat better, also i love that fact that you can travel to different Lands, unlike the mainbranch where you only have one land at the Time. Imagine an Elder Scrolls Title sometime, where you can travel through the WHOLE TAMRIEL , that would be so amazing). However the TES Series is for me a game, which needs to be immersive, and a bunch of people which jump stupidly through the world while i travel isn’t very immersive. For me the only real good Series which had an amazing MMO besides World of Warcraft, is Final Fantasy with Final Fantasy XIV…

(For fun gamer) #33

I say yes but to not to expect much, at all, from it. It will be a mmo not rpg and ppl need to realize that if they do make one


I don’t an MMO would fall in line with the spirit of Borderlands at all. It’s perfect as it is and doesn’t need to branch out into other territories.

Especially the MMO genre.

(Is this thing on?) #35

If I actually sat down and thought about what sort of Borderlands MMO I would be willing to play, it would look an awful lot like Battleborn. (Two teams of five is massive enough for me!)

(Geonessary) #36

The only MMO aspect that, I personally think, would be fun and could be useful is having a big town HUB where you could see and interact with other players. Essentially make that like a matchmaking area to find groups to go out with. Even then, I’d rather just be me and my party. It would be cool to increase the party size from 4 to 5 though.

(Alcanox) #37

I’m sure that the Borderlands setting has the potential for an entertaining MMO - however, MMOs seem like gigantic resource sinks with very limited prospects of success.

I’m not really a fan of MMOs - I generally don’t have either the time or interest to mess with them - but it does seem like there are a lot of companies that seem to struggle desperately in the MMO niche, despite having what seem to be perfectly good games (at least to someone who only dabbled in them.)

So it’d be cool if they could make it work, but I probably still wouldn’t have time to play it, so my personal interest in the notion is limited, even aside from the serious obstacles that actually making a successful MMO might present.

(Jonescameron453) #38

I don’t think it should be a MMO. Borderlands should stay the way it is. I have experience with MMOs and love a few, but I don’t see the need for it. I would go into details with money and such, but it has already been discussed in an way earlier post by gulfwulf which I agree with.

(Matrixneo42) #39

Maybe more like Shadow of Mordor as an MMO mixed with Borderlands. Got killed by some runt at the start of the game? Over the course of days and weeks you kept trying to get revenge and now that dude keeps leveling up and has become a level 70 raid boss level jerk. You know that if you can just manage to see that jerk finally die, you’ll get sweet loot even if you aren’t the one to put the final bullet in his head. So you create a mission for the board that all players check. And a team of people join you to take down that jerk once and for all. Now I guess you could have a choice at this point. Either you could join them on the kill for additional benefits, or merely pay them to kill that guy for you.

Sorry though I wouldn’t be interested in the prune up in a lake quest.

(Matrixneo42) #40

I could say this about many freemium smart phone games. Some have good mechanics, theme, and gameplay but are stuck behind a paywall. Often times I’d gladly pay if I could just get something more “permanent” in the game, or to remove timers/ads permanently.