Should they give Borderlands MMO a real try?

(Is this thing on?) #41

But what if the lake was infested with threshers? And some bizarre mutant shark type things newly discovered on Pandora? Staying in the lake for more than 20 seconds could prove to be quite challenging! (And now I’m reminded of the Caustic Caverns challenges that involve standing or walking through a highly corrosive lake…)

(J.P.Sullivan) #42

In a word…no no no no no!
Anyone who truly loves this game, and we all know who we are :heart_eyes: Feels that way because of what it brings to our table. I’m not against change but this game series is a unique experience, and i for a fat one want it to stay that way!
Er…my bottom line :acmaffirmative:

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I simply cannot agree with this enough!

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If Gearbox wants to stick a proverbial toe in the MMO pool they can go right ahead and do it, just leave Borderlands out of it. I’d rather see Borderlands get the Skyrim/Fallout treatment where there are hundreds of hours worth of content that is single player with the option of multiplayer than have them try and possibly fail in making an MMO out of the Borderlands franchise.

(Nissanzaxima) #45

No thanks. MMOs for the most part require you to be extremely active. The part I love about Borderlands is that I can play for a couple months, take a couple off, then come back to it without having to play that “catch up” feeling to all the other players.

(Matrixneo42) #46

Pretty much, that’s Destiny. And with pretty much yearly expansions that wall off features you got used to having unless you buy the expansion.

( The Dogs Bollocks) #47

I don’t know if any of you have tried Defiance but if done on that sort of format it could work but would have to be truly open world not like Destiny.
Although you can roam in the odd patrol areas you can’t roam freely through the whole map.

Saying that though I’m not up for a 3orderlands mmo.
Neither do I want the fo4 scenario where I have to stand and talk to a npc for half an hour where I just want to play the game.

(J.P.Sullivan) #48

Every single time i look at this thread i can not help but feel the pain at the very thought that it may or could actually be a thing :head_bandage:
Lol, please do not get me wrong, i love debate and intelligent conversation/ argument over subjects i hold close.
This though…seriously!!! I mean cmon, honestly, really???
Who in their right mind would even consider…ah pffft

(TX383) #49

Nah. I’m a get home, grab a coke, and BL or BL2 my way into the wee hours solo. Don’t want to “chat,” or be ambushed by a squad of noobs, don’t give a FLIP what they are “seeing,” on their screen. Just BL.

(Chitsa) #50

Part of the charm of the game is seamless single play to coop MIT STORY. It’s casual and fun as coop. And builds for great gameplay.

I currently play Neverwinter mostly because nothing catches my eye now except a run thru mass effect andromeda because story.

But GOD Tina’s is a better D&D rendition because the former only references D&D campaigns – they are too effing cheap to do anything else.

MMOs are about the grind and being the servant of the god Grind. I like teh cashual.


I made a recent return to BL2 after being distracted by FO4 and Skyrim for a while, and soon found myself wondering how a Borderlands MMO would work.

After some consideration, I came to the conclusion that a Pandora Badlands chock to the brim with several thousand vault hunters would probably not work all that well.

(Pietro The Czar) #52

It won’t be just pandora. I bet we will see a lot more

( The Dogs Bollocks) #53

If you want to know what a BL mmo style game might be like try playing Defiance.
It’s free to play so you’ve got nothing to lose to try it.
The only real problem with it is the stability and critical errors but if you can get past that it’s a really good game and you don’t have to interact with anyone else if you choose not to but there are some co op missions you have to queue for.

(Legendary Lunatic) #54

Absolutely not. Every other game now is online multiplayer only, it’s giving me less and less options to play any games. If they do, it’ll have a chain reaction and the main series games will have less quality because all the resources will be poured into their MMO crap.

Please, just leave one thing alone? So many new games are just that, and it p***es me off.

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If it turns out like “Destiny”, no*. Also, I’m not a fan of online-only games, ESPECIALLY if that includes Story Mode.

*‘low-level’ enemies with insanely high A/D, basically turning the player’s damage I/O to crap.

(El Raberto) #56

Oh please Great Maker, NO!

( The Dogs Bollocks) #57

Have you tried Fallout 4 it kind of reminds me of when I first started playing Bl1 and it’s first person shooter.

(Legendary Lunatic) #58

It’s inferior in pretty much every way to Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

(Cast Iron Chef) #59

It is prettier though…but that ain’t saying much.

(The RAbbi) #60

As someone who recently started playing WildStar, and who is LOVING it, I say, “Why not?”

As long as we DO get another BL title with a wicked campaign and plenty of late-game content, I’d have no problem with either ALSO having a BL MMO or with that next one BEING an MMO.

Somewhat on-topic, WS is ridiculously underrated.