Should they give Borderlands MMO a real try?

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But, there is always something to be said for doing something that nobody else is doing. Everyone is leaning towards Destiny/mmo style. If Borderlands 3 stays as the classic single/co-op formula, then it will remain unique and it will keep fans happy.

Plus. The risk of creating yet another MMO style game in a saturated market. Destiny 2 and a new game by Bioware called Anthem are likely to take a lot of that interest. So, let’s say that BL3 becomes an mmo of some kind. With or without monthly subscription costs. Then after a year or two they are losing too much money and shut it down. Or, even, from the standpoint of history, won’t it be nice to be able to play Borderlands 3 twenty years? Destiny 1 probably won’t be playable in 17 years. Borderlands 1, 2, and TPS will be. Even if you have to keep some old hardware around to do it. It would be nice for the series to have that be consistent. Playable despite the factor of time and popularity.

If Gearbox wants to try a more MMO style formula, I think a better idea for them would be to create some new IP. Or even the gearbox IP mashup idea I posted about in a different thread.

Even if it’s just a 6 player Borderlands 3 with incremental improvements over BL2, I’d be happy. As long as there’s plenty of content. TPS is my favorite in many ways, except for the amount of content being a little too slim.

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THANK YOU! I also loved TPS. If only it had a raid boss or two (The Invincible Sentinel was NOT a raid boss; it was the TPS counterpart to Pyro Pete). Sure it was a short game (relative to 1 or 2), but we knew it would be. Still loved it.

Okay, why risk the BL franchise on a more MMO-like model? (I’m not advocating this, just stating my fears really; I see no reason that GBX and 2K couldn’t develop a BL MMO separately from a proper BL3, except that they won’t apparently.) Consider:

  • Always-online is the way the industry is headed.

  • They’ve tried to step up to the big-kids plate and challenge before (BB vs OW; Oh Randy, why?!).

  • At least part of the blame for BB’s poor performance will (rightfully or not) be attributed to having used a new, novel IP, with no name recognition value.

  • BL is a known, respected IP.

  • Twitch streams sell copies, and MMOs and MLGs get streams. (Borderlands 2 has more channels streaming at any time, than my other four favorites combined; Still 30-60 at any given time weekday evening EST, which ain’t much compared to OW, CSGO, etc.)

  • Everyone wants to have a game that can appeal to, and attract, and retain, MLG-type talents (and the fanbois who follow on their hype-wagons).

  • WORLD. OF. WARCRAFT. (People still play that, y’know.) To the lament of most other MMO developers and publishers, WoW is still pretty much the standard bearer for the genre.

  • Chip on shoulder. GBX (and to some extent 2K) have something to prove after picking a fight with Blizzerd and getting trounced.

I’m not gonna go so far as to say I find it LIKELY. Indeed, I don’t. But ‘possible’ is fair. We’re all gonna see this from our own unique perspectives. I don’t wanna convince anyone else of mine, but I just wanna try to explain why I feel like I do. It’s possible. I’ll take whatever they give us for Bord3rlands.

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I don’t recommend Borderlands turning into an MMO. I’m saying this from experience when I played SWTOR for 4 years. I let go of that genre after buying a PS4 for the first time. I am never going back to MMOs. They are the worst. MMOs do not support end game loot for solo players. Players in the MMO genres do not respect single player gameplays because they are selfish. MMOs are timing consuming, unproductive, and a waste of energy. I never played Borderlands but if that game does give players the option to have fun on their own then they need to keep it like that. Bioware and EA don’t give a dam about that in SWTOR. I invested money in that game for nothing thinking it’s gonna provide an update someday for solo players to get the good loot for endgame. I wanted to solo those flashpoints at Max level and still get good loot and have fun with my collection of companions. Heck, I wanted 3 man companion squad in that game but Devs make players have only one out. I spoke my opinions in their forums and you get selfish trolls slandering singleplayer gameplay. I left that game and came back to check forums a year later and it turns out more people were coming out asking for a better solo experience. Devs never looked into it. All they care about advertising limited time offers on character customizations and other miscellaneous. Do not fall for their lies saying they are listening to their community for new content. They only accept the ones that cater their interest which is making content that gives them more money. It’s a rip off because they carry old game assets over and make it look like it’s brand new but all they did is change the texture and color of their assets, even how they represent it. If you guys want to fall for the traps of MMOs, I won’t stop you. I can go on about their flaws but everything I just said only covers 1/4 of it. This is a warning and I hate to hear sad stories of a person’s life ruined or miserable because of MMOs whether it be in articles, the news, social media, and so on. Please think twice before agreeing to making Borderlands going MMOs.

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