Should they just move on to Borderlands 4?

Unless they remove the the last 2 patches and revert to M1.0 and the old Mayhem 4 and start over SLOWLY and CAREFULLY , I honestly dont see a way to fix BL3 at this point. M2.0 just broke the game to such a degree it will take a monumental amount of skill and effort to essentially gut the game code and redo it completely.

Annointments that are so powerful they overshadow every single other aspect of a gear or action skill was a huge mistake

Making weapons scale on each Mayhem level was a huge mistake and power creeped 90% of all weapons and action skills

Making action skills become nothing more than annointment procs and NOT FIXING THAT RIGHT AWAY was a huge mistake

Making Fl4ks pets or mozes IB so useless for so long was a huge mistake. For moze it’s even more cruel : you gave us 2 weeks of IB bliss then yanked it all away with M2.0

Making such a lazy, uninspired “end game” that revolved around nothing but arbitrary power creep with no carrot or end goal to chase was a huge mistake. The whole mayhem game play loop is so boring and uninspired .

Not giving players abilities to reroll gear or annointments, or level up favorite gear , was a huge mistake . Most other looter games do it and their longetivity will surpass BL3s by YEARS

Making your game revolve around killing same bosses over and over and over, with absurdly low Drop rates , absurdly high RNG, and even more absurd load times on consoles , was a huge mistake

Refusing to address the most common player requests like Fl4ks Pets scaling , vertical split screen, and various technical performance issues and instead release hotfixes and patches for things NO ONE was clamoring for was a huge mistake

Continuing to add even more annointments to the already bloated annointment pool, and doubling down instead of removing things like while airborne and sliding ones, was a huge mistake

I could go on and on and on and on… but I realize it’s just easier to learn from the mistakes and use then to create an amazing BL4.

BL3 sadly might be impossible to save at this point


Sadly I think what is more likely to happen is that the first season pass will run out. Sales will tank on further content. Then the bean counters will determine that that the franchise isn’t viable anymore and bl3 will be the last bl we get.


I would not buy another Borderlands game from these people, sorry but I’ve waited long enough to play this one and it’s worse much worse than launch.


I do agree they need a complete overhaul of management, maybe hire away a more seasoned and experienced person from other more established companies in the genre to develop a road map for the game and end game in particular ?


I think BL3 was successful enough to warrant a sequel, but I do hope they would see the dramatic drop off in number of players near the end in less than a year and draw the right conclusions from it


I think that would be great


Fantastic points! Definitely struggling to understand some decisions that the developers made and have not been impressed with end game. (1) Weapons not leveling up with character is so boring! I have zero interest in having to farm for the same guns that are just 3 levels higher. (2) Having to start a completely new game to get a new character to end game level. Why?! I would love to play each character, I don’t want to have to beat the game 4 - 8 times. (3) Takedowns and matchmaking is awful. I have waited like 30 mins just to join any random group to do a takedown with others. (4) 10 levels on Mayhem… why?! I have no interest in deciphering the differences between them. (5) Repetitive bullet-spongey enemies. I am so bored of shooting the same enemies that seem to all act the same thousands of times. (6) The loot management system. What is the point of trying to sort through hundreds of guns just to get the perfect rolled item? Why can’t I just find a gun, it’s unlocked forever, and then I can modify it with any modifications I have previously found (essentially a base version + attachments formula that other shooters have).


The matchmaker isn’t very effective and needs forever to find players. They should trash the current matchmaker and just give us a session browser. Let hosts edit the title so they can advertise the content they want to run and you instantly have a more effective matchmaking system than what exists now.

AFAIK they don’t believe we will play the game longterm if we get the desired weapon without farming hundreds of hours.


Once bitten, twice shy…


2k has reported around 8 million copies sold as of February. I’ll give an average selling price of $40, since they’ve already had discount runs, though my number might actually be low since the first 2 mil purchases were preorders at full price (plus season pass) and the initial Epic launch saw good numbers also, but I’ll err on conservative at $40. That’s $320 million in revenue, so it’s certainly not a failure. Yes, BL2 has “sold” 22 million copies over it’s lifespan, but many of those were free or steeply discounted as the product aged.

Give me the final two DLCs and I’m good if they want to move on. I don’t replay BL3 the way I do 1 and 2 (still), but that’s a different discussion, finish the Season Pass and I’ve gotten the shooting and looting value I expected from my purchase, even though it’s not perfect.


They can’t move on yet, we’re still due 2 more DLCs. Which I look forward to playing. And if they add those 4th skill trees, I probably want to play with them as well.


Mayhem 2.0 was a bad mistake they should have drip feed it over time and the they could have fix it a level at a time or whatever it was a mistake. The annointments like slide or jump or in and out don’t work for me so I ignore them . Have annointments add points to action skills or enhanced mods I’m not jumping around like I’m playing fortnight or destiny pvp.

If they want sliding or jumping they should have added pvp anyway 2.0 is the problem for sure


So much this!! Honestly how much do people expect to get for what they spent? If I get a buck and hour I consider that well spent (and I’ve got way more than that in BL3). Only game I let that rule slide on was Outer Worlds and it could’ve hit that mark if I played a second playthrough doing the exact opposite of what I did in the first.

Borderlands 3: the Presequel!

A fat DLC size adventure on Eden 6’s moons!


Yep, this exactly. If I get $1 of enjoyment per hour played of any game, I consider it a success for me if that meets or exceeds the price I paid. As of right now, I’ve put almost 400 hours into BL3 for a total spent of $70, so I’ve personally gotten my money’s worth.

I’m not playing at the moment, waiting for the next dlc because I’ve already done everything this game has to offer lol. They really do need to add more endgame content - I’ve already set up all 4 VHs to max and have strong builds etc


the engine and graphics are fine just as the character design
an overhaul to the game would be much less work than a completely new game

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I’m currently doing this to avoid playing in mayhem mode, but if the option existed to start new characters at the level/progress of my main one, I’d use it all the time. It’d make the game so much better, IMO.


thats true
i mean, i am not a fan of too much convenience in games
but the longer the story, the harder it is to replay it multiple times without getting extremely bored


It’s not about that, though. Many of us would have been cool with BL3 not being as amazing as BL2, it’s rare for things to come together so well.
However, the mainstay of the franchise has always been the endgame. That’s why BL2 is an integral part of a whole generation of shooters, we just didn’t stop playing.

What we asked for was a sincere effort to make something great, and the team gave us that.
BL3 has some stellar qualities, especially the area and level design as well as much of the artwork shows a lot of love and hard work from gifted people.
It had the potential to be an excellent addition to the franchise before everything went wrong.

I just can’t see a Borderlands game you finish the season pass for and then walk away from, that’s…not what Vault Hunters do.
If it’s enough to satisfy the suits and bean counters then good for them, but suits are not badasses.
A Borderlands game isn’t supposed to end.

If they can salvage BL3 by postponing what remains of the DLC and putting all their resources into an overhaul, I’d be all for it.


I disagree on the game never ending part, but otherwise spot on.

For me, 400 hours for a borderlands game is nothing. Any game I play, I play for a long time, so 400 hours is average for me. Borderlands games are usually in the thousands! Remaking characters, doing a little bit of farming, and just mobbing through the game over and over are what normally gives the games longevity for me.

This time around, mainly due to action skills sucking bullocks on their own and really being useful as ASE proccers, just makes playing through this game for thousands of hours a daunting thought. It’s such a simple thing that has been messed up for so long, and even though I expect phase 2 to somewhat solve the issue (even if the scaling isn’t great, objectively speaking and accounting for the action skill bonuses on gear, they will be much stronger) of their damage sucking, it likely won’t change how horrible many feel to use.

And I feel like that summarizes a lot of people’s feelings towards the game right now. There are certain things, core elements integral to the experience of this franchise, that don’t feel good. And those things don’t seem likely to ever get fixed.