Should they just move on to Borderlands 4?

My money says after DLC 4 is released, GBX announces their vision for this game is complete, they’re very happy with what they’ve done, and now they will focus their time and effort on other titles they hope the fans will enjoy. The community will be in disarray and the game will still be somewhat of a mess. I know this is quite a pessimistic outlook but I’m tired of hoping for the best with this game and always being let down, so now it’s time I just be realistic.


X2, agree

So have a gun and it’s always too tier… Have you played Borderlands before… What game scales the gun up for you as you level??? :thinking:

Once again have you played prior itterations. You have always had to start at level 1 with a new character and level them for each and every character. (Even playing the same one again). So you want to level once and have all other characters unlocked at that level? What game has ever done that!? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Then don’t… play the one you like. No one says you have to play them all or any.

What other loot shooter has this. Are you talking like COD where your level dictates what guns are unlocked and you pick your sight and attachment? You are in the wrong franchise/game type my friend. Go play apex, cod, Titanfall, and the various other FPS games. This is a LOOTER shooter… You seem to want to remove the looting.


For me BL3 is a complete failure. The journalists were right when they claimed BL3 offered nothing new, just more of the usual Borderlands stuff. I should have listened to them instead of throwing $ at GBX.

After the first few hours it already occurred to me that BL3 isn’t gonna be as revolutionary as BL1 and BL2 were. Nonetheless I had a lot of fun. The fun was diminishing however when endgame was lacking and substantial content was taking eons to get released. But I still had fun, sometimes, up until M2.0. Since then I just don’t want to waste my time with this game at all.

In fact it’s the first BL game I’m extremely disappointed in (TPS is fine for me, in some regards even better than BL2).

So yes. I hope GBX abandons BL3 as soon as possible (right after DLC4). Leave this messy pile of crap behind, and start anew with BL4. Eventually BL4 can be the true successor to BL2.


Not unprecedented. Battleborn failed phenomenally, and I’m absolutely sure, if this is the direction they’re going, their next project will fail as well.

It’s just they way things are. All they got is Borderlands. Everything else is mediocre at best.


I can understand that. For me it’s the story with odd bouts of gear farming, which is why despite it’s flaws I’m not having a serious issue with 3. I stopped playing 2 after the DLCs ended, mind you they still hadn’t really fixed the drop rate at that point and that frustrated me no end.

I’m 100% fine with that tbh. I have no interest in game devs further courting the dead, decaying corpse of a game they can no longer be bothered to make decent anymore. I’d much rather something just die than continually be embarrassed by the level of crap BL3 has had shoveled on top of it at this point. I mean does ANYONE on Earth that isn’t a shill or have their financial viability wrapped up in the Borderlands franchise truly have faith that these people can make a good game? Or even if they do make a good game, can continue to build on it without it turning sour?


Most of those sales came from the success of the first 3 games. BL4 preorders will be the real proof of just how badly BL3 hurt the franchise.

I know I for one will not be buying BL4 after being burned so hard by 3. If I do end up buying 4 it’ll probably be from the aftermarket, and a year or more after the release so I know what I’m getting for my money this time.


I agree sadly. Its a do or die for this game if the patch will not fix the major issues. We will see.


Honestly I’ll only way borderlands 4 will be good is if the main villain is Commander Traunt of the Maliwan army, the galaxy’s newest and purest form of oppression throughout all of our depression. (This is satire. A little)


Hypothetically, I think the game could end up just fine if they fixed everything up along with raising the level cap significantly.

The worms are out of the can with a lot of this stuff, yes, but much of it is tied to level 57. For example, take the ginormous annointments (150%, 200%, etc.) which currently dwarf most tree skills. They can’t just remove them retroactively from existing guns, as it’d make a lot of players very angry. But if they decided to make all dropped annointments from now on have more sensible values, and raised the level cap to - I dunno, let’s say 63 - then by the time we’re all at 63, the only guns with those ginormous annointments will be museum pieces.

Ditto with mayhem weapon scaling. They can’t retroactively remove it now from existing weapons - it’s far too late for that. But if, say, every gun from level 58 onwards were to spawn at ‘mayhem 0’ mode, the problem would again - admittedly after a very awkward few levels - sort itself out by the time we reached 63 or whatever.

I’m not saying that they would make these changes, or that they would do them well, or even that they should do them - perhaps the overall disruption and player discontent would be too much. But I do think that, hypthetically at least, a nice, diverse and well-balanced BL3 is still a possiblity.


I have about 200 hours in this game so I think it’s obvious I enjoyed the game but the last time I played was April 30th just after I beat the DLC2 with my 4 VHs.

I’m honestly just waiting for the next DLCs so I can play for the story to catch up on lore and what happened to the older VHs and then I’ll probably quit. I think I said this on other posts but I just don’t vibe with any of the new characters or direction the story is going in. I thought BL3 was going to be about the whole alien war and going back to lilith/brick/mordecai and athena/aurelia/other VHs were leaving off. The TPS ending had so much potential I was super psyched for BL3 but it seems every action along the main story just made me hate the franchise more and more.

Then the DLC1 came and I had high hopes. Really enjoyed it. DLC2 was also good although I hated how they turned out Gaige. It’s just really upsetting what they are doing with all the characters I loved. For me I’m hating the story more and more but dam the gameplay and mechanics and guns are just SUPER FUN!! That’s honestly the best part of 3. I just wish the writers from 2 were still on board and they could fuse writing from 1 and 2 and TPS but still keep the gaming core of 3.

It’s not going to happen but if they could just rush the last DLCs then move onto BL4 I would be so happy. I don’t enjoy playing any of the current VHs but maybe the 4th skill trees may change that. I just want something fresh because so far BL3 has left a sour taste in my mouth and I just need to move on. Hoping BL4 rejuvenates my love for the franchise because I had thousands of hours on the previous games but BL3 just isn’t it.


These companies count on the very math many of you mentioned. It’s simply “hours played to money paid”. If you played this game for 100 hrs and paid $100 I am 100% confident you’d be hard pressed to get that value elsewhere. Even though I’m bored out of my mind with BL3 already… I can’t say I didn’t get my monies worth on playtime. BL3 will eventually fade away into the sunset and after time goes by Bl4 will be in the news, marketed with new graphics, on newer consoles and newer flat panels with 8k etc and I promise, if you have been a BL fan for sometime, you’ll end up purchasing BL4. What GBX needs to realize and quickly is that this brand loyalty is due to the strong franchise from years past NOT the current state of affairs. Borderlands has a massive cult following with very loyal fans but this has to be nurtured and most definitely not taken for granted.


Exactly this. They’ve burned this bridge and there is no going back. I’m not sure why companies do this so much now, but it’s like they don’t understand they’re not the only game in town. If you cross a certain line, I simply won’t give you money anymore.


I won’t buy any Borderlands 4. This game killed the franchise for me. I don’t even want to go back and play the old games because this one has left such a bad taste in my mouth. The entire development team and especially the leadership have lost their way and I have no faith in them recovering.

Quite the opposite, from the decisions they’ve made so far they seem absolutely determined to not alter any of their plans or in any way acknowledge the basic flaws with the core game design, much less try to fix them.

A little note to any Gearbox employee who may read this:

You CANNOT fix gameplay by constantly rebalancing weapons when your core game is broken and inconsistent.

It’s a basic flaw in the design of the entire game. Mayhem should NOT be a core mechanic of the game. Make the game without modifiers. Balance the game without any modifiers. Make the game work without any modifiers.


Create and balance modifiers that work with the game you already have. Then let the players select the modifiers they want to us, IF they want to use Mayhem modifiers at all. Give them a Randomize button if they want randomly selected modifiers.

Mayhem should be an add-on, not a core part of the game. If you treated it as a separate add-on it would be easier to fix all of the bugs and properly balance the game, because game balance would be based on a fixed and static set of variables.

That would also allow you as developers more freedom with your modifiers. Treat Mayhem as a separate toybox, a way to alter the game and give the players their choice of ways to modify the game, and then go crazy with ideas for it. If some crazy idea works it stays, and if a modifier just doesn’t work it can be easily removed. Since they’re a separate system and don’t alter the core game or game balancing they can be added and removed at will without disrupting the rest of the game.

And that solves probably 90% of the real problems with BL3. You have your core game, working the way you want, balanced and as bug free as possible. Then you have added in-game content that lets the players choose whether or not, and how they want to use the modifiers available to them. Modifiers can be swapped in and out at will without breaking the rest of the game. Put a small team working on creating and adjusting modifiers, and then all you need to worry about is creating new DLC and events. Real events, not simply adjusting drop rates of chests or vending machines in the core game.


I paid for this piece of garbage hoping they built on. Borderlands 2’s success. I played hundreds upon hundreds

This feels like a half assed project with girl power everywhere for story which i dont mind but they could make it cooler n less lame. Nor should they tone down the nuttery. Everyone’s nuts.

Anyways i was hoping for over the top lines crazy memorable moments and a playground to kill stuff with new cooler weapons.

Im always gonna play at the hardest difficulty. Just i dunno whats with the deficated drops on old items and well the old items dont even scale properly at m10. So i cant play around n builds or kill things in different ways.

Never ever had that problem with op levels.

Im not having fun in this craphole.


Well the thing to remember here, is that not everyone plays mayhem mode, that’s a strictly endgame activity. While I agree, for me its an integral part of the game but how many people who buy the game just finish the story and that’s it? Probably a fair amount I’d imagine.

For instance, I have several coworkers who played BL3, I asked them what kind of build they were rocking these days and they were confused. They were like ‘oh I beat that game a while ago’, they had no idea there was an end game or even have interest in that sort of thing.

Obviously I don’t have data on this apart from my two real world examples, but I have a feeling that of the millions of people who purchased the game, probably alot of them just treat it like any other game - beat it and then never come back


I see ALOT of people complaint about the “END GAME” in BL3 and how it isn’t up to par or sustainable for long term.

Just a thought … Ummm how to say this
“We are NOT in the end game yet!!!”
Max level hasn’t been released yet so can’t be end game.

So if you are unhappy with the state of the game… you are allowed to be…
If you want to contribute and be constructive to help shape the potential for end game… You are more than welcome.

If you are the one crying this is the death of borderlands and this end game will never last… Take a deep breath and realize we haven’t even arrived at end game to know what it will look like.

You don’t like the state of the game… Say so… and stop playing till the next new content is released… Simple as that.

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The thing is, when BL3 launched, I was amazed at just how many improvements there were. Gun manufacturers were so much more interesting. You could fast travel from anywhere. Legendaries were marked on the map. The Lost Loot Machine. You didn’t need to hit E for ammo. The particle effects were so much better and didn’t tank your performance as much as the PhysX ones. There were more side challenges like finding Hammerlock trophies and zer0 targets. Etc. Etc. Etc. No, the writing wasn’t as good, but just about everything else was better than before.

It feels like they just got almost everything right when they made BL3. I figured BL3 would be good already, but they really managed to impress me.

And then once they launched, it felt like all the staff dusted their hands off, got up and left, and some high school kid interns came and sat down in their spots, and they’ve been holding the reigns ever since.