Should Thorn be buffed?

Hi was playing a bit during the open beta and my favorite battleborn to play was Thorn. Now don’t get me wrong Thorn isn’t bad but I think Thorn is a bit below average in such a way that Thorn is basically a worse marquise.

How so? Well it’s all about consistency.
For the sake of argument let’s assume that Marquise (who can fire faster) and Thorn fire at the same rate.

They deal about the same amount of damage on hit but marquise is more consistent in getting hits.

No Marquise is not op… However I just feel that Thorn is getting the short end of the stick here because 1. Thorn is squishier 2. Thorn fires slower 3. arrows are very easy for enemies to dodge 4. it’s harder for Thorn to shoot from around cover, This is all for an extra 10-20 damage if you succeed in hitting your mark (there is a plus 25% bonus IF you can hit them twice in a row).

Now I’m not wanting Thorn to become a clone of Marquise but i feel there are a couple small buffs that are need to not just make Thorn a viable alternative but also to make her unique. 1. Make her less squishy Marquise is supposed to be the squishy sniper not Thorn so why is Thorn squishier in the first place? 2. make it easier to land arrow hits, make them less visable to enemies or give them very small AoE. 3. At the very least give Thorn better bonuses for landing multiple arrows… I.E. make curse stack, buff curse ect…

Note not thinking all those suggestion or even any (with maybe exception of the first one) of the suggestions I made are what Thorn needs but i am feeling that Thorn needs a bit of a buff that heads her in a diffrent direction.

Not really, they don’t fit in the same role, yes she has a bow but if you’re trying to play her the same way as a Marquis, yeah you gonna have problems with her, she’s no sniper.
Play her has a short/middle range character and she will excel at it, play her as a pure ranged sniper and you’ll fail.

I think she’s one the most balanced chars in the game, no need to change anything about her.


balanced means on par with everything else or at least fair. So yeah can’t exactly say she is balanced unless you want to use her as the standard average… in which case Marquise needs a nerf. But anyways Thorn is meant to be a sniper and useing her in short-middle range is awkward especially with the zoom and having the lowest health/shield of any character. So even if Thorn doesn’t need a buff I feel strongly Thorn needs a change.

ok maybe I am thinking a bit narrow only comparing to one other battleborn. But I still feel Thorn is underwhelming in those regards.

And she is on par with everything else … Yes she is meant to be a sniper but go figure, she plays better in the mid range better. Sometimes things just turn out that way, the devs intended the char to fit a particular role but players started to use it in another, it’s not just her though, other characters end up being used differently than their initial roles.

I get where you’re coming from, her description clearly says that she should fill the sniper role and i bet there are very good players that are able to do it but most players that i’ve seen playing with her don’t use her that way and they had 0 problems holding lanes by themselves.

But yeah. between the two, Marquis fill the role better.

Thorn’s Blight ability is incredibly strong if built upon, it’s really only her bow damage that’s a concern to me… I mean, she IS pretty slow with it

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I agree thorn’s blight Is just massive if built on, the zoning, dmg, slow or speed up potential makes her really hard to kill. She’s great at sniping people who don’t notice her, popping their shield and then with her good speed following up with a chase to mid to close range combat with blight then bomb, incredible zone control.
The only thing i’m questionable on thorn is can her attack speed be upped? I tried and it seemed to be unaffected, her uncharged shot is slow and underwhelming making it always a best case scenario to charge shots instead of attempting to strafe.

Ah, there really isn’t a difference between a quick shot and a charged shot, just slightly more damage on charge, and waaay, more range. Would be nice though, if they increased the headshot (critical) radius for Thorn’s arrow’s, make it slightly easier, slightly, to get a critical shot on enemies. Buuuut, at the same time, the game hasn’t fully come out yet, so we should wait until after the fact, and then act accordingly.

I’ve played a load of Farcry so the bow combat comes naturally at this point. As for the rest of it I’m kinda of the opinion that Thorn is pretty viable especially if you aim for crits. My only problem is that the Eldrid are supposed to have good health regen (especially Thorn), but they only have maybe 5-8hp/sec and none except Kelvin can really build on that without equipment. I kinda feel like that’s why she can feel “squishy”. She has no shield and when she takes damage she has to get out of combat fast and can’t really get back into it until she finds an item or retreats and snipes. I might be playing her (and other Eldrid) wrong however.

In all the hours I’ve poured into Battleborn before its release, I’ve played mostly Thorn, and I don’t think you should compare her to Marquis. Even if she does have that “sniper” tag, she is played best as a sort of mid range caster.

I think her health pool is fine where it is, given her insane mobility and high health regen.

Thorn is imo in a good place right now, but it isn’t quite apparent how to play her to get the most out of her kit. Her spells all deal a good amount of damage, and you can amplify that damage by cursing your target. Curse is really what makes Thorn a killing machine and I think puts her in a good tier. Curse allows her to quickly dispose of squishy enemies if she lands it, but that’s usually easier said than done because squishies are usually hard to hit with their size. Luckily, her blight and volley have enough base damage to still have a high impact without curse. Curse really comes in handy on bigger targets though, where it’s easier to hit. Bigger targets also seem to make up most of Thorns not-as-easy match ups, where you have to kite a lot.

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I kind of skimmed over this thread, but I just thought I’d say that thorn is a great sniper, but has a secondary role as opposed to marquis.

She’s one of the better pushers in the game, she rivals and probably beats an oscar mike with her wave clear, as well as existing really nicely in the mid to long range. Comparing her to marquis isn’t fair because marquis has one job, damage at a long range. He can -potentially- support with his time bubble, but that’s about it. Thorn can assist the team differently by defending lanes quickly and efficiently.

They’re different characters, as I noticed someone said, and you can’t compare two characters without complete understanding of everything that they do and can do, because some characters are the best at one job, while others can do multiple jobs.


She is just different

Sure you can compare Blight to Time Bomb but in the sniper role blight wins because you can put it at your own feet and curse everything

Thorn has a more effective Ultimate Attack because the size of the AOE

Thorn’s Volley can do way more damage than the owls, Volley can do so much damage.

On survival I find Thorn way more survivable both because her regen and mobility you can really get in the mix. Marquis can’t really do that like she can. You can get away form melee attackers pretty easy with her.

On the Basic attacks yes Marquis has a better snipe but Thorn doesn’t have to ADS for max damage, also doesn’t have the reload time either. So I find them pretty equal but different.


I am specifically trying to compare basic attacks… As basic attacks are what you are gonna use 95% of the time. I was comparing Thorn to Marquise because he is a well known sniper battleborn and Thorn is ‘supposed’ to be a sniper. But compare Thorns basic attack to even Shayne & Aurex. They are a melee kit but their boomarangs deal way more realiable and consistent ranged damage than a sniper.

For the squishier than marquis part, it’s due to thorn being more agile and mobile than marquis. Thorn can be right up there with the most mobile characters in the game. You can make her jump and melee propel her to great heights, her speed is fast, she can make her blight slow down others and speed herself up at the same time. She really does have the mobility to counter having no shields or not having a really high health pool.

You can play thorn in thick of the battle and come away from matches without deaths and high kill counts.

S+A are a mixed kit with gimmicky melee and a dependable range attack, far from a melee kit. A good thorn player is one of the few that can keep up with her total damage in a match though. Both are in a pretty good place right now.

Except the ‘mobility’ isn’t till level 7 unless you want to sacrifice draw strength wich is a huge thing for Thorn.

She’s still naturally more agile than marquis and faster anyway. You don’t need to select every mobility option if you don’t want to, even without using propulsion she is still more agile by a lot. Sure the better jump isn’t until 7, but she still moves quick and jumps, kites and escapes a lot easier than marquis from the get go. She’s also got good regen, she’s more agile than marquis all the way through their helixes.

good regen… lol. In a game where damage is dealt in at least 50’s 7-8 health per second is barely noticable.

Yeah it isn’t insanely high, but if you go to heal stations it goes up fairly quick. If you find thorn too squishy and dying too much, it’s a learn to play issue and not that she’s underpowered.

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I’ve noticed it save me many times already, its combined with her mobility and high burst damage that lets you stay alive. She is labeled an advanced character so its fair to assume it takes more skill to make her work but once you get it down she is amazing.