Should Varelsi Be Harder To Kill?

So, embarrassingly, it is only very recently in Capture mode that I have come to realize the true importance of the 4 Varelsi that spawn in the maps.

However, now that I am taking the time to actively hunt them down to either kill them myself or stop an enemy from getting them, I was thinking - should they be harder to kill?

For the rather epic reward they give, they are SUPER easy!

What do you all think?

Meh maybe, personally the juking they do is ANNOYING


Not for melee. When you run in a circle around them (as I do with all AI and stationary enemies), they do this teleporting thing that makes them nearly invulnerable. Between that and their high damage output, I think they’re fine. What I would like is a miniboss in the middle when teams reach a combined score of 650 that drops five level ups in a circle around it.

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I just crit them as melee, their health melts

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I do that too but i always run into the same problem though with the teleporting half an inch to the right thing. As Caldarius and such though it’s a joke.

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My opinion about making them stronger is that it’s still an extremely dangerous proposition to kill vareLsi when other people know about them. Whenever I engaged som varelsi in capture I am uber paranoid about getting ganked to death and giving the opponent an easy free level


This. So. Much. As Pendles ik I can get out but I’ll have to back. And then stupid Ghalt takes them all away from me.

No, of course not. The challenge of killing them is meant to be getting them yourself and keeping the enemy from getting them, not in actually killing them. They’re there to level you up. If you needed to be a higher level to be able to kill them it’d defeat the entire purpose of having them.