Should we be using Rakk Attack for Pet Builds now?

Blasphemous I know, but this is a serious question.

Now that Rakk Attack anointment has been buffed to deal 100% damage to enemies effected by Rakk Attack, it gives a larger multiplier than Gamma Burst.

GB comes with the advantage of being radiation, so it works better on shields. It also gives you access to Endurance (15 extra seconds of GB) and Atomic Aroma (high passive DPS). However, Rakk Attack comes with it’s own advantages.

  1. Rakk Attack buffs work for both pet and FL4K, meaning you don’t need to focus damage on one or the other like you do for GB.
  2. Rakk do pretty high damage themselves.
  3. Rakk Attack anointment effects pets while GB doesn’t. Both are great for similar reasons, but for a pet damage focuses spec, GB anointment does nothing.
  4. Elemental Bonus from Scorcher should apply to Rakk Attack, bringing their damage up by a max of 50%.
  5. Better elemental alignment than GB (cryo Rakk and scorcher/Fire Rakk and Countess)

Once again, it may be a good time to re-evaluate how we spec for pets. Barbaric Yawp shook things up a lot. This may be another major disruption. I don’t have the anointed gear to try this yet, alothough this is what I’d run when I got the chance.

For anyone who can take Rakk for a spin, let us know how it goes!

Really? I tried a build, but only like for 3 minutes. When I saw raks didnt even scratch badasses I switched back. Not saying they arent useful to activate anointed effects, but I just find it sad to use skills only for that.

With the right gear and build (splash radius and grenade damage, action skill, elemental, bonus damage, Deadeye for overkill) each Rakk hits between 20k-26k. 100k damage with the frequency you can send out Rakk is pretty good.