Should we discuss what happens if BL3 is Epic Store exclusive?

Sorry, got a little excited there…

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These are, undeniably, exciting times!

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Ahhhh, got it, thanks!!!

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You two are awesome.

Also on topic. Just an opinion but I think exclusives are bad mmkay. We as consumers should have the ability to play the game on whatever platform we so choose.


If Borderlands 3 is an Epic store exclusive I will not purchase if it ever does come to steam and I will cease having a presence on these forums altogether.

I have no qualms about games being on multiple platforms as that creates competition, but flat out denying other players the opportunity to play through limited time exclusion is just straight up greed and highly rude. All that does is cheese off gamers and repeatedly doing so will push PC players towards consoles.


Do what they’re doing with the new Vampires game and selling it on heaps of stores. Give consumers a choice of where to purchase from. Locking it to Epic does nothing for me at all.
Steam has a lot of features that other stores don’t have. The community hub is outstanding for example.
Taking cool screen shots in game, the list goes on.

I still need to know this game isn’t going to be an online only “Game as a service” before getting too excited though.
I guess there is hope though the original Borderlands remaster still coming to Steam.


i have waited for about 4 years and hostly nothing could have been possibly done any better in the reveal trailer then it already is but i still do want to voice the sole concern i have. after the recent greedy paws of epic snatching every AAA game under the sun i am very concerned that bl3 will be another epic story exclusive which honestly would be a deal breaker partially because id like to have my bl games in one place and also because of the sheer amount of money i have spent on borderlands and other steam games in general. epic games store has literally nothing in the features department except the “play” button and would be very discouraging to me as a player. but after seeing epic games play around with hundreds of millions of dollars i am concerned that an exclusivity deal would every cheap relative to the amount they earn and enticing for 2k.


It’s a day after the reveal, and various counters are showing that the reveal trailer has been viewed more than 5 million times (did some rough factoring for dups).
That shows a hell of a lot of pent-up demand. And that demand will not be met by the Epic store (or any platform exclusivity), and TakeTwo Interactive (the publicly traded parent) has said repeatedly that they are counting on this release for a major revenue bump this fiscal year.
That, to me, means multi-platform at launch.


I honestly hope they back themselves in here.
To me, if they believe in the game they’ll want to get it in as many stores as possible and cast a wide net. Potentially make bigger dollars than what an Epic exclusive would give them for a year by maximising the customer base.


Honestly, I’m playing it on PS4 or just waiting so if it comes out on Epic Store my problem will more be with the fact I don’t ever plan to use Epic Store and it would just be for this damn game alone. It would make me a bit irritated.

However, Take 2 isn’t a company totally gripped on doing this; I’m sure Randy is as a CEO, but T2 is much more likely to go the normal route. The trailer was a teaser and we’re likely getting a presentation and a little gameplay on April 3rd; let’s see what that tells us. Maybe we’ll get Steam Exclusive and a gun with legs that explodes.

I hope you’re right. However, it worries me that they didn’t announce the release date on PAX, because that usually means announcing platforms as well. (Like in BL Remaster trailer and Handsome Collection UHD trailer). And they didn’t want the crowd boo-ing at epic exclusivity.

I hope you’re right and it’s just to build marketing hype or something.

Thanks. A lot of useful info there.

I downloaded Borderlands Handsome Jack Collection last night so I can get back in the world before the hopeful 2019 release of Borderlands 3!

I understand the gaming industry is about money, but recent news has me really concerned for Borderlands 3.

Let me say first I absolutely LOVE this series. Borderlands2 is EASILY my favorite game of all time and I have been dreaming about Borderlands3 for years. I can emphasize enough how much I have pushed this game over the years and how many people have bought it because I have hounded them.

Recently the news was announced that it was coming out and I was ecstatic!!!

Then today I was crushed. It sounds like Borderlands3 will be an epic store exclusive and that is going to kill it for me. I have had numerous problems with epic and their lousy customer service and I will NEVER buy another game from them…EVER. I know a few others with similar issues.

I understand they give a higher share of the profits to the gaming companies, but at the cost of customer satisfaction. Yes, Steam takes a higher share of the profits, but they also pass that on to the consumer by giving us a platform that is MILLIONS of times better then epic, we’re talking not even remotely close. People will obviously buy the game on Epic, but it will be at a cost of fewer happy players who are doomed to have issues using multiplayer. Steam is SO much more reliable and the cloud saves is so much better it is ridiculous.

Metro Exodus did something similar and the company had an interview a month after doing the Epic store exclusive (not counting steam preorders) and said they would never do it again as they had a stupid amount of complaints from customers being forced to use a platform they didn’t want to use.

I know this won’t change anything and I doubt they will even read this, but today just sucks going from the ultimate high a few days ago to this feeling now.

Now I might be overreacting and maybe this won’t happen, but I have a feeling it will.


What take 2 fails to realize is that we, as gamers, do not care about how much profit they make, beyond breaking even enough to make the next game, nor do we care about appeasing stockholders. Give us what we ask for, or get out of the consumer business.

There’s not a chance in hell I would be buying BL3 on epic, what with their rampant spying and anticonsumerism.


Agreed. I had a bit of a sketchy feeling about it since I heard it was starting to host exclusives, and a couple of posts confirmed something very dodgy is up:

^ This one comes with an offensive language warning. Seriously though, I don’t trust Epic as far as I could spit them.

Edit: better photo of the last one here because the repost compressed the original:



Everyone else may do as they desire. I, however, will not purchase BL3 if (and as long as it remains) an Epic Store exclusive. I completely understand that money talks, and that percentage is enticing. Having said that, The Epic Store is not prime time ready. Of all the E-stores for games out there I’d put it in the bottom of the list, perhaps not dead last, but certainly way down there.

Now move along, there’s nothing more to see here.


Just so we’re clear, I put them under EA. And I think I’ve made my thoughts about EA VERY clear.