Should we discuss what happens if BL3 is Epic Store exclusive?

I think some respect for us is in order.

Sad but true… but again if they do fix the launcher and the things they plan to add i really don’t think i will care to much.
Don’t get me wrong the breach issues are a huge thing and that will impact my decision to buy the game early or not!

My issues come from a deep seated loathing of epic games themselves. Its less about not wanting to use their launcher (even though its ■■■■ and there is no benefit to the consumer whatever to use it) and more about me refusing to give EPIC games any money ever again. After the way they abandon Save the World and used our money to fund crap royale and then abandon paragon one of the coolest most original MOBA’s in a while to double down on raiding 12 year old’s parent’s wallets on fortnite, that company can pack sand all day as far as im concerned. They are the worst company in gaming.

The fact that they’re getting hacked constantly, they victim blame people when they report their accounts being hacked, they take popular games hostage by waving around their money from Fortnite and their Chinese overlords, just makes it that much easier to keep hating them. Honestly if you don’t have a problem with Epic games themselves, you might want to start examining why people have such vitrol for them. It is by no means unwarranted.


You (publisher/developer) already know why we don’t want exclusives and yet you did it anyway and we all know why. I don’t blame you, I really don’t. Money does that to everyone but you are the big guys with the big product. Greed is always multiplied in thousands or should I say millions.

I love borderlands series (and been waiting for years for next installment) but I’m willing not to support borderlands 3 and beyond because of what happened. As a gamer I will never forget myself if I do that to this game so my release date is April 2020 when it’s not exclusive anymore. A year wait but I will never support epic store (not because of its lack of feature but deeper than that).


Again you have a point but i don’t think you need to get to worked up about it.
For their most popular game i do agree and don’t like what they are doing but at the end of the day that should not impact you enjoying borderlands.
As for giving them money, yes they will get a cut (12%) of profits but you will get in exchange the ability to cross play with people on other platforms which Steam would have not provided us with.

It’s directed at anyone who is disrespectful to other forum users regardless of their opinion about the exclusivity deal.

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Cross platform isn’t something you can blame on steam. Providing such an experience while meeting the requirements and conditions of the network agreements for all platforms gets to be extremely tedious. Add to that a number of players don’t even what this for various reasons.

Many console players assume PC is populated by hackers and people using cheats.

Many PC players not playing the game on bargain machines feel they would be stuck waiting too frequently for the console person to load.

The whole argument of KB and Mouse along with possible PC peripherals providing an unfair advantage over console controllers.

The list goes on

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Yes this is a good point for the PC being popular with the modding and or cheating aspect as for load times on the game i don’t think that that will be a issue i have had borderlands 2 on all consoles and the load times where 2-3 sec more than on a i9900k with rtx 2070 and for the PC peripherals providing an unfair advantage i do not think this is something we should worry about because this is not a PVP game so the faster turn and response time on the PC will not make much of a difference.

And for “blaming” Steam for not providing cross play.
I am not blaming them for that nor am i thinking about it too much i just wanted to say that Epic provides this feature that we didn’t have previously.

Twelve percent of profits is too much. 12% of a penny is too much to give to Epic. I honestly couldn’t care less about console crossplay, all my friends play on PC. And besides even if I did care, steam already supports console crossplay on some games. Thats up to the developer not steam. Steam has never disallowed console crossplay, its almost always the console companies that say no.

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At the end of the day everyone has their opinions i will be getting B3 day 1 because i like the game, the platform matters little to me for this game specifically.
As for crossplay yes there are very few titles that are supported by Steam and Xbox but it is still something that is in the works and Epic should provided a way for more people on different platform to connect which i find nice!

Yarr Harr, Time to hang up the black flag again. It has been many a year.

Jokes aside, this exclusivity with EGS is pretty sad. I was pretty excited for BL3, and was going to pre-purchase on Steam immediately once it got announced. And then it didn’t. I prefer to keep my payment information safe, and enjoy some pretty good customer service as well.

The EGS exclusivity killed my hype faster than Jack could say the line:
Handsome Jack : Hahahahahaha! I guess you just killed yourself. Head back to the bounty board and I’ll pay you. But, uh… just one second. No matter what happens, I just want you to remember one thing: you’re a sellout. You killed yourself because I paid you to. You’re a (Word omitted, but you know what he says) . Alright. Off you go.

I might buy BL3 when/if it goes on Steam, but even then… It really feels like a knife in the back when this happens…

Guess I’ll be enjoying other games for 6 months after release… At least Risk of Rain 2 is pretty fun!


I have a number of other things to play and other titles coming out I plan on getting around or after BL3’s 9/13 release.

Its just a shame. I would have pre-ordered a few diamond loot boxes if it were available on steam for myself and some friends. I see no reason to put my computer or personal information at risk by trusting EGS at this time and I will not forward something on to my friends I do not believe in or trust.

As for the comment about what our youth are doing now… Remember they recently thought it was a good idea to eat tide pods…

My Lord, this is great. Welcome to the forums! Hope you continue making great posts like this!

I mean the context you used the quote in btw

I mean if this was something like the infamous bee nerf you could say this, but this is a much bigger issue. I’m not even a PC player, but I’m pissed my friends on PC have to wait 7 extra months just so they can safely play the game

If you are not buying it day 1, then you were not expected to buy it from the perspective of their marketing department, if they did eveyrthing right; and I don’t think their marketing department isn’t capable.

I mean let’s just wait and see, because at this point flaming on forums will not solve anything. Only the facts and concrete sale numbers will show who was right in this situation.

Just have patience.

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Not doing anything is detrimental to change. Businesses tend to be clueless as to what they’re doing wrong unless consumers point it out or they get into legal trouble outside of the situations when they’re intentionally doing something they shouldn’t be.

In the case of the EGS 1 of 2 things need to happen before 9/13.

  1. Exclusivity is terminated and BL3 can be pre-ordered on multiple PC distribution platforms including steam.
  2. EGS royally gets their crap together and creates a more customer oriented experience that is atleast remotely close to steam, Removes all the spyware/malware from their store application, and fixes all of their own security issues.

For many however the 2nd option doesn’t exist because Epic’s track record with them has already completely burned that bridge. Additionally I wouldn’t hold my breath on it due to comments given by some of Epic’s higher ups.

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Ah yes, because their marketing team decided finacially we wont matter when they stab us in the back, so we should sit silently and not get upset like the good little worthless people we are huh? Flaming on the forums is an effective way to let them know how pissed they are. They shouldn’t be able to pull ■■■■■■■■ like this and not catch an earful. So no, we’re gonna just be quiet and get walked over cause you think we should. Don’t like hearing the uproar on the forums? Then just don’t read it.


You can flame all the way you won’t, but it will not change a thing.

You buying or not buying the game and your company loyalty may change something. Actions. Not words.

Again, I am just loving the product so much, that I am willing to install EpicStore, which makes me a more valuable customer from their perspective; so why not to focus on me?

Well the games not out yet, so my action of not buying it can’t happen yet, so till then they are gonna have to catch their earful. And yes, people with blind loyalty to companies that treat them like ■■■■ will always be more valuable to greedy ■■■■ companies. But thats nothing to be proud of.