Should we discuss what happens if BL3 is Epic Store exclusive?

The compensation was also the part of consideration, of course.

But there are professional working there, so I am 100% sure they had their reasons to make the decision the way they did. So, arguing without having concrete info on the situation is not very smart.

Take your own suggestion. Might help you.


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Aaaaaand opeeeeen.

If the nonsense continues, it’ll be locked again.

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not a bad idea if its released there

otherwise known as the toys r us method, we see how that turned out in the long run

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The issue is point #1 on your list

Epic isn’t trying to be a competitor to steam. Epic is just strong arming themselves into being the only provider of an item in order to attempt forcing people into using their flawed and insecure platform.

You claim Steam’s business model is flawed when its already been pointed out that it isn’t when you compare Steam’s “cut” compared to other distribution platforms that aren’t the EGS and the margin between the 2 is actually much smaller on high sales items due to extra provisions and the ability for the publisher/developer to generate their own Steam Keys.

At this point what it boils down to is someone or a very small handful of people made the decision to go with a distribution method on PC that forces consumers into a severely diminished gaming experience while exposing them to additional and unnecessary personal risk all for their own personal gain.

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People are making a bigger deal of Epic’s “flawed and insecure platform” than it is. Any platform will have security holes. Steam has had many over the years.

You like Steam? That’s fine. I trust Valve about as far as I can throw them.
You like Epic Games? That’s fine. I trust them about as far as I can throw them, too.

However, these kinds of arguments drawn from unnamed sources about the function of the platform itself? They’re rooted in personal bias; anecdotes. There is valid concern in Epic trying to be its own monopoly. There is valid concern in Epic policing what they consider “proper” games. However Valve still hasn’t solved those problems either, and pretending either one is the “big bad” only serves to help the other.

As consumers, use whatever you see fit. But folks should stop pretending that Epic are uniquely bad here, or that Valve are somehow pro-consumer just because they’ve had a decade to (slowly) add additional features (often when the competition got there first - see Offline Mode).


Long as offline mode is there, I’ll buy on Epic. If it was available day one on Steam, I’d buy there instead. If Steam had it for $15 or $20 more to ensure 2K and all get the same take-home, I’d buy on Steam.

Epic better have their ■■■■ together by September 13…

What Valve games have got anything to do with this? We’re talking about platform differences. Valve has been working on making Steam a better service for consumers and developers, while Epic doesn’t care about it’s users.

According to Sweeney, consumers already have the best experience they are going to have using those kinds of platforms, so having a better selection of games will be more important for drawing in new customers.

Well, guess what, on your store they don’t.

And if Valve taught me anything with tf2 and hl, it’s how to play the waiting game. So six months is nothing to support the developers and the platform that cares about it’s customers.

Do you also love having your account hacked? Congratulations, you’re the perfect Epic customer!

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@C6H12O6Free - :slight_smile:

So you’re happy to play the waiting game with Valve based on examples of games that are a decade or more old . . . but you’re not happy to play the waiting game with Epic.

This is what I mean by personal bias and anedotes.

Plenty of people have criticism of Steam and Valve as well. You have criticism of Epic, and its store. This is all fine, but you’re sounding opposed to literally any criticism of Steam or Valve, which is just silly.

It was strange to me when Origin went into public beta (despite launching with a functional Offline Mode that inspired Steam to fix theirs, conveniently, around the same time), but there’s probably a healthy does of EA wariness there (that I can’t fault).

It’s strange again here. Valve are given a pass for the exact things people are actively attacking other companies for, on some kind of “pro-consumer” basis. Valve aren’t your friend. They’re a for-profit company just like the rest of them.


Has Epic responded to the criticism of snooping around in players Steam accounts? If so, what was their excuse for doing it and how do players know they’re NOT doing it anymore?

Have they published a roadmap at all or are they standing pat where they are now?

I play all my games on my Xbox so I’m not involved in this one bit, except feeling sorry for players on Steam who have to wait 6 months to play BL3. But my only question is pretty basic. Can you buy, launch and play a game if you buy it from the Epic store? If the answer is yes, then what’s everybody upset over? I understand people don’t like having their steam account broken into by Epic, but if all they’re doing is gathering info (marketing I assume) and nothing else, is that really an issue that should lead to boycotting them? What if they agreed to not do that anymore, would that change people’s opinion?

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Almost a month ago now - (among other sites). There’s a linked source where Tim Sweeney’s explanation is quoted directly (he said that it was his personal fault due to a rushed implementation).

As for your latest question, no idea. Some people seem to have more of an axe to grind than others. I don’t get this “loyalty” to a storefront, and I’ve used Steam for years. I don’t see the value in giving Steam a pass just because it found the market first, because I also want Valve to remain committed to improving Steam, and not just whenever a competitor pops up to try something new.


You seem to be under the false impression that ANYTHING on my computer is allowed to be looked at. It’s not. Every single file is personal.

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I have no idea who you’re replying to, or if you’re being serious, but you’d have to uninstall a lot of software if you believe in this principle :wink:

This rules out any software that scans your drive(s) for any purpose, including Steam, antivirus software, and so on. This also rules out any software that lets you upload files, such as Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, and so on.