Should we discuss what happens if BL3 is Epic Store exclusive?

In the case of the two members - they’ve decided that in protest to leave the forum and take their work with them.

I’ve made it known elsewhere that this is perfectly fair but others need to consider very carefully the “why” if they choose to follow.

Are you sticking it to the man? Or does it simply have the end effect of cheating other players out of the benefits of one’s knowledge.

I can’t imagine losing Chuck’s or Sljm’s work for example.

Picking up stakes is fine, but it’s going to affect other players more than GBX.


So you think anti-consumer practices are okay as long as the goal is to make money ? No it’s not, come on mate. Am I the only one that’s tired of being treated like a sheep, or a “whale” as EA calls them …?


Yes? But i think that people overreacting anyway. And thats an understatement from my side. So of course i have a different perception of it. The EGS exclusive is almost meaningless to me.
But i do understand the complains and the backlash. I wish that they had not done this. Not for EGS itself but for the negative press. Slamming BL and BL2 on Steam and other places is… not exactly…adulthood.

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Certainly to some extent, people are over-reacting. PS4 and Xbox release should go smoothly, and a good portion of sales will come in once it is on steam. My two worries are 1) what happens when there’s two communities on PC; will they be able to play together and such. And 2) I wonder how many people will move on to different games between the Epic release and the Steam release.

It being meaningless to you doesn’t mean it’s meaningless to the people that don’t want to download the malware that is the Epic Games Launcher. We don’t want the EGS forced down our throats, and this is a legitimate complain. Borderlands built itself on Steam, the vast majority of the fans played through the franchise on Steam, and the vast majority of PC gamers think Steam is the ultimate platform. Nobody in the right mind would buy it on the EGS, it’s a ■■■■■■■■ piece of software and I already explained why.

I don’t ask you to agree, simply understand.

That’s all they deserve.


I prefer to think of this as the equivalent of a strike in the public transport sector. Yes, other people will be affected, that’s an unfortunate but unavoidable side effect. But that’s the tool with immediate effect that we have at our disposal.

By the way, for now I’m staying around hoping for a happy end. I’ll just avoid certain activities.


To say nothing of the double dipping that this inevitably promotes : buy now on Epic because you absolutely have to have BL3 now, then buy it again when you get sick of not playing with your Steam friends. Now you’ve just supported something distasteful twice.


Its ok, move on. People come and go anyway. I really which that it also comes to steam day one. They could have done a way better deal. Maybe GB tried and got an 6 month exclusive instead of 1 year. There are no statements. So i, we, can only guess.
Maybe in a few weeks you see it a bit differently than now. Maybe you need time. TIME HEALS ALL WOUNDS ^^

That is a fair point; but I think most of those people will wait for steam sales where the [assumed goty] edition with all the DLC’s is 50% off.

That’ll be me, but it won’t come to Steam on sale immediately. This means I’ll be waiting another full year minimum. Which is fine anyways, because as @3298 mentioned, I want the entire game - not one of 18 pieces in the form of DLC.

What nonsense is that? You’re talking with individuals here, don’t talk down people like they’re mob.


■■■■■■■■. Yep 8 squares sum it up nicely lol. Anyways bull anusdroppings


And all this will do is annoy players who use your guides. New players are literally the only people you’re affecting negatively. I urge you to take your grievances to 2K. This just looks spiteful. You’re hurting the very people you claim to care about.

Two wrongs don’t make a right. You can do better, and more effective things.


EA is looking at your comment like: “If only that were true, lawl.”

I know I’m speaking as someone who only has a 360 and a computer that can’t handle BL3 in all likelihood (conversely, this does mean I do not have to deal with the atrocity that is the Epic Store), does it?

Because speaking as a Need for Speed fan, the anti-consumer practices that a publisher and/or developer partake in – or at very least, mechanics that can lead one to unwisely spend money for digital gain and nothing more – can stick with you to the grave, regardless of how much effort you put in to try to rehab the image as Gearbox would most likely have to do. It’s why EA can never shake any negative connotations, no matter how much they may try to rehabilitate their image (putting aside whether or not they actually put effort into doing it).

People are not going to forget this move. Nor should they because as well-meaning as it may be, as others have said, the mere fact that one platform gets exclusivity to Borderlands 3 – especially one as widely panned as Epic Games – is a direct about-face to those who have been waiting for it for so long.


I would definitely avoid putting 2K in the same boat as EA. At the time that 2K made this deal (I’d estimate late last year) Epic’s reputation was simply an under-developed game store; not a spyware dumpster fire. A lot changed over the last few months. I can forgive an honest mistake if 2K tries to make amends before release, or clearly explains why this move can’t be undone. When EA was told that PC players were against pay-to-win lootboxes…EA told people to take a hike…until they realized that no one was buying their game.


Completely agree with this. We cant force them to stay, but gearbox or 2k could probably careless.

Its the players getting shafted. Id rather them say they’d rather not be associated, rather than protesting it. Exactly like PH said, only newcomers and community member will be hurt. If y’all still decide to go through with it thats your choice but 2k could care less if you remove a guide.

When i last checked the petition it was only about 5k of a 7.5k petition, less than 1% of Borderlands total players, and even thats more likely to succeed than removing helpful guides.


Oh, don’t misunderstand me, nobody takes the cake in game corruption more than EA. Wasn’t really my intent to liken the likes of that slime to 2K. I am merely making the case as others have that guilt by association is not a pretty thing to be attached to. Heck we’ve already seen some disavow from BL3 entirely.

Which is probably the only possible way the exclusivity deal with Epic Games gets trashed: when 2K/Gearbox realizes this is a no-go zone. It’s all fun and games until the consumers decide to bash your skull in with the “Free Market” Hammer, and then you have to start giving a you-know-what because of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well looks like I’ll be waiting to get it for half the price since we have to wait 6 months before steam will get it. The summer sale will be right around the corner when they give it to steam. I imagine they will miss out on a lot of customers because of this decision.

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It will certainly be a very interesting market case if 2K goes ahead as planned.
Many will install Epic just to play BL3. Many, myself included, will not install Epic Games. Many simply won’t see BL3 cuz it’s not on their suggested items list on their existing platform. A portion of both of those will buy it once it’s on Steam. We may even see a shift towards console. And 2K’s market strategists are going to have to estimate that, and weigh pro’s and cons.
But certainly, their PC preorder and debut sales will suffer; it’s all a question of how much. I see a quite plausible scenario where the PC first week sales are utter trash, 2K confirms this was a mistake, and cancels on Epic, pays fines and such, and opens sales on Steam by week 2. Or this could happen a few days before release because preorder numbers were terrible. Either way, I wouldn’t be surprise if 2K is formulating an emergency bail plan.