Should we discuss what happens if BL3 is Epic Store exclusive?

You mean GOG connect? Yeah there’s no games right now. There were some time ago and I got 50 games from Steam to GOG this way. They say it’s timed promotion in the FAQ (3rd question), so that’s kinda bad, but at least the games are still for sale.

I’d say Valve’s 30% cut is justified because of the features Steamworks provides:

  • Workshop
  • Inventories
  • Broadcasts
  • Screenshots
  • Achievements
  • Profile customization and all community features
  • Cloud saves
  • recently – protection from DoS attacks
  • and more
  • oh and reviews. On Steam you can easily see if a game has issues (bugs, aggressive microtransactions, etc.), and chose not to buy the game. Epic store is anti-consumer, so reviews are opt-in. A customer making informed decisions is bad for their business.
    Yeah, there are also review bombs, but Valve seems to be combating them.

What does Epic store have?
For customers? A shopping cart feature in the next six months. There’s nothing there Steam doesn’t have, so they’re just catching up on their features while throwing money at publishers.
For publishers? A big fat pile of cash.

When I first heard the news of Epic opening their store I was excited to have a competitor for Steam, but they’re trying to force people to use their unfinished platform in the worst way possible.

I’m not willing to give up Steam features for whatever Epic has. Or will have, especially after what they’re doing now.


One could call the 30% valve charges scummy, but it worked until now, so why change that. Also, and that is nothing but scummy, the Epic Games Store does take games off consumers hands by buying exclusivity of games that were already announced to be on other platforms.

The Outer Worlds and Metro Exodus were long announced for steam, but suddenly they were gone! Sure, Metro Exodus had a solution for this by being able to use your already bought keys on steam, but it’s nonetheless false advertisement as the trailers suggested a launch on steam and therefore set up the expectation that people could play the game on steam no matter the time of purchase.

Yes of course I meant GoG Connect. What else could I have been talking about? The discussion point was being able to transfer Steam games to another launcher. I tried the one you suggested - and I can’t transfer a single game.

Thank you. Your post makes sound economic sense. I cannot see them limiting to a single somewhat isolated platform.

Personally it’ll be a deal breaker for me, for no reason other than I use pre-paid cards to prevent myself spending more than I’m comfortable with on games.

Currently it seems the Epic Store doesn’t provide this option, which means I’ll not do it. I was the same when I played on xbox, pre-paid cards only. I’m the same when I buy things online from Amazon.

It mightn’t be the normal method, but ultimately it’s the way I buy and play games and I’m not changing that method without any major cause to do so, and since I have less time for games than I’d like to be able to say I do I’m more likely to just stop and play my backlog and already owned stuff until I’ve worked my way through, or I have a change of heart.


You’re all gonna buy this game even if it’s on a garage sale. I’m getting really annoyed by all that store thing.

It’s not that weird. I use the cards on certain sites for security reasons.


If it’s a steam key—sure.

Anyway, this could be a time-killer if BL3 were exclusive:

And it’s already up.

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Wolfenstein: Youngblood is already on Steam as well, with a release date and price.
DOOM Eternal, will most likely have it’s release date announced at E3. But… probably late this year, October/November.

Exclusivity deals in general are not good. Steam users having to wait a year for a game just because a game company is greedy is bull*&^% no matter how you slice it. I know its early but if they do agree to a deal with Epic it won’t end up being good.

What the hell does that mean? It’s gunna be like this until the game release date is announced. Speaking in language that doesn’t answer the question, it’s dumb.

Hey. Let’s keep the discussion calm and polite, please.

Sorry, got a little excited there…

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These are, undeniably, exciting times!

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Ahhhh, got it, thanks!!!

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You two are awesome.

Also on topic. Just an opinion but I think exclusives are bad mmkay. We as consumers should have the ability to play the game on whatever platform we so choose.


If Borderlands 3 is an Epic store exclusive I will not purchase if it ever does come to steam and I will cease having a presence on these forums altogether.

I have no qualms about games being on multiple platforms as that creates competition, but flat out denying other players the opportunity to play through limited time exclusion is just straight up greed and highly rude. All that does is cheese off gamers and repeatedly doing so will push PC players towards consoles.