Should we discuss what happens if BL3 is Epic Store exclusive?

of course. You KNOW they have someone monitoring this. This is one of their biggest games.

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I’m not rage-quitting. I’m willing to answer inquiries about my guide by pulling out excerpts and sending them via private message, just like public transport strikes always keep some bare-bones service running. People who need my info can still get it, it just takes more time and effort.
However, bad practices only end when they get exposed, so I’m using my leverage to make people take notice.

In other news:

Since Half-Life 3 has been widely ridiculed as never happening, and some Valve person has even openly admitted to being scared that they couldn’t live up to the expectations if they tried (if I remember correctly), making his use of influence contingent on such an unlikely event is just rubbing salt in the wound.


Right now, those people are probably having panic attacks. If I had to guess, they’re going to wait a month to see how preorders go, take a week to analyze all the data, then make a decision based on what their least-bad option is.


Yeah…six months after the release on Epic. Pshaw.

If they did not see that coming then they suck in their position. Im very interested in how the thought process went regarding EGS exclusivity. Some statements would be nice.
I dont worry about BL3 failing. It wont. Too many people just dont care or dont have an issue with the whole EGS.
Plus, Consoles alone will be highly profitable. But its just a guess.
I think that they could have done a better exclusivity deal.
Lets see where that all ends

I’m sure they will view all of this as a war of attrition.

I mean, if they didnt already make enough money from epic for exclusitivity to make up for the potentially lost sales they woildnt have gone through with it in the first place. The fact that collector’s editions sold out near immediately, even PC, says a lot. They arent going to flop on release, they wont pay a fine of millions to release it on steam.


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@Jefe @Kurtdawg13 oof

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Whilst I appreciate that folks feel strongly about this, the forum rules still apply. That means no personal attacks, no backseat moderating etc etc.

Fighting amongst ourselves is absolutely the least productive thing to be doing right now.

Is that clear?


Is that directed at everyone? Or just the people who aren’t happy with the Epic deal? Only hidden comments I’m seeing are when people critical of 2k or gearbox say something, “out of line” while people supportive of the epic deal call everyone who’s upset, “irrational” or “whiny” or “childish” with no consequence. Then when someone who’s been told their concerns and upset at the situation have no right to feel that way, give a little push back they are hidden and told to “be civil”

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TBH i really don’t think that playing on the Epic Games launcher will be a bad thing…
Yes all of my other games are on Steam but at the end of the day if they add cloud saves and fix a few things of two the Epic store is not bad and i don’t think it will be bad for the game.
The real issue is that the exclusivity was because they waved more money around which i don’t really agree with…

I think some respect for the moderators is in order. Everyone should do their part to be as civil as they can be regardless of their emotions.

As much as I’d like to wish and dream this was real, the reality is there are TONS of people that simply dont care that will still buy the game, and with a title this big I’m sure EPIC paid their highest amount yet to secure exclusivity. 2k most likely received a check twice the size of what those of us who are boycotting would have paid.

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I think some respect for us is in order.

Sad but true… but again if they do fix the launcher and the things they plan to add i really don’t think i will care to much.
Don’t get me wrong the breach issues are a huge thing and that will impact my decision to buy the game early or not!

My issues come from a deep seated loathing of epic games themselves. Its less about not wanting to use their launcher (even though its ■■■■ and there is no benefit to the consumer whatever to use it) and more about me refusing to give EPIC games any money ever again. After the way they abandon Save the World and used our money to fund crap royale and then abandon paragon one of the coolest most original MOBA’s in a while to double down on raiding 12 year old’s parent’s wallets on fortnite, that company can pack sand all day as far as im concerned. They are the worst company in gaming.

The fact that they’re getting hacked constantly, they victim blame people when they report their accounts being hacked, they take popular games hostage by waving around their money from Fortnite and their Chinese overlords, just makes it that much easier to keep hating them. Honestly if you don’t have a problem with Epic games themselves, you might want to start examining why people have such vitrol for them. It is by no means unwarranted.


You (publisher/developer) already know why we don’t want exclusives and yet you did it anyway and we all know why. I don’t blame you, I really don’t. Money does that to everyone but you are the big guys with the big product. Greed is always multiplied in thousands or should I say millions.

I love borderlands series (and been waiting for years for next installment) but I’m willing not to support borderlands 3 and beyond because of what happened. As a gamer I will never forget myself if I do that to this game so my release date is April 2020 when it’s not exclusive anymore. A year wait but I will never support epic store (not because of its lack of feature but deeper than that).


Again you have a point but i don’t think you need to get to worked up about it.
For their most popular game i do agree and don’t like what they are doing but at the end of the day that should not impact you enjoying borderlands.
As for giving them money, yes they will get a cut (12%) of profits but you will get in exchange the ability to cross play with people on other platforms which Steam would have not provided us with.

It’s directed at anyone who is disrespectful to other forum users regardless of their opinion about the exclusivity deal.

I looked at the hidden comment immediately before @Psychichazard’s reminder, and if that’s the one you were referring to, I believe you have misinterpreted that user’s comments.

Regardless, the FORUM RULES apply to everyone equally; likewise, the moderation team does not take sides in enforcing the rules.

If anyone has a problem with the activities of any individual moderator, they can raise that concern either with the other moderators or with the community managers, @Noelle_GBX and @GeekVersusNerd.

And if anyone feels that a response to a post from another user is crossing the line, please just flag the post rather than replying to it.