Should we discuss what happens if BL3 is Epic Store exclusive?

Ah yes, because their marketing team decided finacially we wont matter when they stab us in the back, so we should sit silently and not get upset like the good little worthless people we are huh? Flaming on the forums is an effective way to let them know how pissed they are. They shouldn’t be able to pull ■■■■■■■■ like this and not catch an earful. So no, we’re gonna just be quiet and get walked over cause you think we should. Don’t like hearing the uproar on the forums? Then just don’t read it.


You can flame all the way you won’t, but it will not change a thing.

You buying or not buying the game and your company loyalty may change something. Actions. Not words.

Again, I am just loving the product so much, that I am willing to install EpicStore, which makes me a more valuable customer from their perspective; so why not to focus on me?

Well the games not out yet, so my action of not buying it can’t happen yet, so till then they are gonna have to catch their earful. And yes, people with blind loyalty to companies that treat them like ■■■■ will always be more valuable to greedy ■■■■ companies. But thats nothing to be proud of.


I like this guy. Keep fighting the good fight

Greed is not a bad thing. Telling it as the guy with a business degree.

So, don’t do it now, but try to keep your focus till September or March and do it then. Because, no one cares for words – people care for actions.

Are you? I’m actually speechless, imma leave this thread now. RNGesus help us all

Ok, tell me why greed is a bad thing?

I gotta agree with @JockinJokey on this though. They are a business, they anticipate all sorts of out comes when it comes to making contracts and more importantly money. If they thought they’d be losing money they wouldn’t have done it. You can be mad at Gearbox/2k all you want but they probably already made a couple million off it already.

Being willing to destroy everyone and everything around you for personal gain? Gee how could that be bad.


Way to put yourself on moral pedestal to look down on everyone having differing opinions. This is not helpfu, you’re just producing colficting conversations here. Look at this entire chain unfolding as result.

This is forums, we’re here to discuss, not to change things. Maybe take your own advice and buzz off if you do not want to see this conversation going on.

Wealth makes our lives good. Like it or not, but it is a fact.

Most of the things you use in your life are possible, because investors investing their money into things that became profitable businesses. They were driven by greed, but the world became better of it.

I am here to tell the truth and just be helpful to people to better understand the situation. But, yeah, may be my message could be put better. Yet what’s done is done.

Honestly people never learn… It’s only when it’s too late that they begin to think “Oh man, I dun f’d up”.
Look at Fallout 76 and Anthem. Things will only continue to spiral out of control. And yet the consumers just say “Oh, we can’t do anything”.

I won’t say greed is a bad thing, but rather, greed has to do with morals and how a person thinks. By having the lack of moral conscience that allows one to take advantage of others, sure, greed can be seen as bad. But if you lack those morals, then greed means nothing. Greed is essentially valuing money/property over people. Look at sweat shops/cheap labor factories. Loss of life in those is simply a cost of manufacturing.

So is greed bad? Depends on who you are, depends on time+place. I personally think greed is a bad thing, but to each their own. You could say I’m greedy for wanting to keep my money safe instead of putting it in the hands of the Epic Game Store. I value my money over the life of a potential thieve’s life.

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Maybe its a difference of definition. Desiring to create wealth through legitimate means or by creating something of value I don’t consider greed. Taking advantage of others, betraying them, promising one thing and giving another, or any of a number of behaviors that benefit you only by hurting someone else is greed. And if you don’t think there is anything wrong with that kind of greed you might just be a villain.


Nobody owns actual truth, this is why we need to discuss things.


Technically that statement is true. Greed on its own isn’t a bad thing.

Many of the actions brought about by it that lead to avarice however are, which is the actual issue here.

There were countless examples of companies that had to lay off their employees in order to survive. Life is morally ambiguous, so it is hard to make 100% people oriented decisions in life. This is sad, but this is life. I am 100% on board with the idea of people and ethics oriented companies like Ritz-Carlton or Johnson and Johnson, but it’s not that I have a great plan of how we can turn every business like this in overnight without compromising our lives and wills.

Greed is not about value of money over people, which is a ridiculous concepts to begin with. Greed is about considering the value of wealth, and on a contrary to what most people think, but having a good moral compass and an ability to do the right thing helps in pursuing wealth a lot in the long run.

Yeah except what your talking about is usually, “OH our company cant go on unless we lay off 500 people! Also, heres a 50 M dollar bonus this year for each of the top 5 executives.” Greed and Avarice like to hide behind the term, “Morally Ambiguous”

You have to understand that those decision makers have moral obligations not just before customers, but before shareholders and employees as well. Also, I don’t think that Gearbox/2k did anything unethical in this situation.

They have responsibilities to ensure profits for their companies; keeping promises and fulfilling responsibilities are the foundations of any ethics.

The definition of Greed according to the webster dictionary is:
A selfish and excessive desire for more of something (such as money) than is needed.
This selfishness most definitely takes precedence over responsibilities. Again, look at Fallout 76 and Bethesda. They promised one thing (which I would argue is their responsibility), but for greed and selfishness, discarded/ignored that responsibility.

So while you say keeping promises and fulfilling responsibilities are the foundations of any ethics, I would argue that many companies will disregard these ethics if it means more money in their pockets. It’s shady business in a nutshell. What responsibilities, what ethics. Those don’t mean anything if people continue to ignore it.

As they say, ignorance is bliss, and this can be seen clearly with anyone supporting the practices that EGS is using.

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