Should we discuss what happens if BL3 is Epic Store exclusive?

What would be the approaching disaster that needs to be avoided by choosing EpicGames exclusivity deal? I fail to see how this logic applies in this scenario. What am I missing here?

Now we are entering the dark zone of assumptions.

I mean there were companies like Enron, but in most cases in international environment companies, which violate business ethics don’t live long. Ethics is a foundation of a good longrunning business.

What Bethesda did was a disaster, and I am not a fan of Todd Howard(? I don’t recall his name) after his fallout 4 presentation, which was misleading.

I am quiet aware about EGS and their practices. I just don’t care, because I have more important concerns to care about.

I didn’t really understand what you are saying in your post, so if you could paraphrase, I would appreciate it.

If EGS and their practices are none of your concern, I don’t understand the purpose of you being here (not to be rude or anything). This post is about BL3 Epic Store exclusivity. As such, I would imagine anyone who is on here does care about the exclusivity of BL3. Your statement and your being here is kind of contradictory?

Either way, I’m reluctant to use Epic for many reasons, including;
Security, many functions like rating, forums, modding community, cloud saves, a functional library, a store that functions properly, Linux support, and many other things.


I assumed that you’re still sticking with the topic talking about this specific case of BL3 beign Epic Store exclusive. Isn’t ethics something that you can’t generalize accross, something that you have to analyze each case seprately? I think it’s ambigous only if you start skipping over details and start generalizing many different cases like they’re same thing. Let’s go back to the topic.

Linux people tend to be ITs in most cases, who either don’t have time for games or have a second Windows machine. I haven’t met a single casual user having Linux.

To be honest, I just care about the quiality of product itself, since good products in gaming industry is a rare almost a unicorn like thing.

I just came to the forum to share this:

Also, I got like a week of vacation and since I am a workaholic I just don’t know what to do with my spare time.

That was the answer adressed to LucidNebula.

Maybe they actually just wanted to get bashed on the internet. What’s that saying about bad publicity? I mean even if Borderlands 3 turned out to be the best game ever, no one outside of us would really talk about it. I mean just go look at YouTube. When it comes to video games, all people want to do is complain and say how terrible they are. That’s what is popular now.

Semi-sarcastic but last two sentences are the sad truth


Honestly i just hope the Epic ver of the game will let us play with the steam ver players.

Oh for sure dude, I think the game will still be good, and I won’t deny that a quality product is something to admire. The problem is the platter it is served on :). I’m sure everyone loves a good product, hard to deny that. But the controversy over this isn’t about the game, but rather the client and the decisions that led to it being an exclusive on EGS.

Also, nice reference to the Scooter “That’s like a unicorn” quote. Honestly, this is a default pic, but still, nice :P.

I still support the BL franchise, but I just don’t support EGS, simple as that. I can wait for the 6 months, I’m just not particularly happy about the wait. In fact, I will probably wait for Steam to hit me up with that summer sale, or maybe a nice winter price.

I identify myself as a lesbian nietzschean. Thank You.

I am not going to wait, that’s all. I am pretty sure most players won’t wait, because most people just don’t care about EpicStore and it’s fine.

That’s life.

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Explain? Separate countries last I checked.

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More like sarcasm many times does not translate well over the internet as text.

Hey look on the bright side, this ordeal brought a lot of new people to the forum. Way more than it will lose i’d think. Just kinda funny how they all show up when something goes wrong. Not before, you know to talk about the games or builds or share borderlands stories or knowledge. Oh well they obviously love the borderlands series or else they wouldn’t be so mad right?


Corporations have flaws. Can’t be held responsible for their actions same way like individuals. Can’t be talked to and questioned like individuals. Yet prone to corruption and problems, for they’re run by individuals. So now when BL3 is announced to be exclusive on Epic Store there is nothing people can do, for there is no single person responsible for it and single person that can answer for all of it. How do you not get a distrust and skepticism towards corporations?

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Am I getting too tired or what, because what I’m interpreting from you is that corporations must not be criticised and that people needs to keep blind eye to any problems.

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People shouldn’t be blind. I am just asking to base your judgement based on facts and evidence from both perspectives.

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Also, keep in mind that if security issues(or any other deal breaking issues) will be a real deal here, then 2K and EpicStore may face a serious backlash. Although, I am not an IT specialist to say anything conrete about it, so I am just left with waiting.