Should we discuss what happens if BL3 is Epic Store exclusive?

I think that people are free to make their own judgement. Then other people can make their own judgement on other people’s judgement. If someone is overreacting, then it’s reasonable to ignore it and look for more reasonable arguments.

You are always entitled to your informed opinion.

Opinions of people, who are uninformed on the subject are not that important(which I have both freedom and reason to deny), unless you are playing politics, which I dislike.

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Nobody is important but whatever things resonates with you as person. You’ll be stuck forever fighting internet battles in a never ending cycle, for every single person is uninformed in all sorts of ways that’s inevitably continiously manifesting in conversations.

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the problem is we ARE informed. Which is why we aren’t buying it on epic. Because it sucks ass.


Derail or train wreck. I can’t decide. Both?
Both. Yes.


i thought i see some warning above by the moderators already. This thread might get locked if this continues.

You are wrong. It’s a god damned terrible ■■■■■■■ thing. No one in their right mind things exclusivity is a good thing, unless that person has something to gain from it. And the only people that gain anything from exclusivity, are corporations.


Its because happy and content people or ones that truly don’t care are far far far less likely to make noise than someone that is unhappy. Happy people, content people, apathetic people generally don’t have a desire for change. Where as an unhappy person generally wants something to change so they can be happy.


Exclusivity in the way EGS is acquiring it is a bad thing. You claim to look at the long term or big picture but statements like that lead me to believe you aren’t really seeing the true impact supporting moves like this will have on the industry in the long term if it isn’t snuffed out now and others get the idea that these shady and insecure practices are the way to go for personal success.


I don’t feel that negative publicity angle is true, but it seems like interesting point of view. I mean BL3 would have more infectious effect in Steam environment, when people will actually play and advertise the game through number of social features.
edit: not exactly sure how to articulate later part of my point.

Let’s at least keep this on-topic, folks.

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Well, I used to have a Win7 machine. But it broke in late 2017 and it’s unlikely I’ll ever bother bringing that back online. Also, I have a few people close to me whom I’ve graced with Linux installations. They definitely qualify as casuals. Not all of them are into games, but some of them are. One of them plays BL2 via my Steam library (thanks to Family Sharing), and I’d imagine that would have happened with BL3 too. Alas, there’s no Linux support on Epic, and no Family Sharing either (as far as I know).

I feel like the rest of your posts don’t deserve an answer. PH is right, that would go way off-topic.

The negative publicity is already happening. The existing Borderlands games are currently getting review-bombed on Steam, and plenty of gaming Youtubers have released videos in which they sharply criticize this exclusivity move. Those avenues have shown to be pretty damn good at shaping public opinion in the past.
The Ars Technica article about Borderlands 3’s exclusivity is obviously written according to journalistic standards of objectivity, but I still have the feeling that the author of it isn’t happy either. And the existence / timing of their Steam revenue sharing article is … peculiar at least.

I agree with your assessment of the viral effect. Just look at Minecraft, that’s taken off on that effect alone.

I think (and hope) that 2K and Gearbox may have underestimated the backlash.


Clearly a dynamite laden train detonated to attempt removal of potential…pests? :stuck_out_tongue:

What a mess though - I go to sleep and the whole thread explodes :frowning:

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Ok, how I see this.

  1. We get a competitor to steam.
  2. Steam gets it’s ■■■■ together. I am not an avid expert on Video Games Industry, but I am pretty sure they can come up with something, considering their resources.
  3. EpicStore gets it’s ■■■■ together or looses the competition.
  4. ???
  5. PROFIT!

I don’t really mind exclusivity, since I am not the guy, who cares much about steam features. I don’t live games; the only thing I care is the content of those games, because it is the most important part of the game. I don’t even mind money to be honest. If the whole situation implies that publishers and devs are going to get more money, then I am in, because it means more money for the industry and less money for middle-men like Steam. More money within the industry means better job offers, so more talented people will choose to work for a gaming company, instead of let’s say picking movie industry; which is a very common occurance. More talented people mean better content, better content means better games.

All distribution platforms are free, so I don’t need to care about spending more money each month like let’s say with Netflix/Hulu. Which means that as a customer I am absolutely free and not tied to a particular platform, because of a monthly fee; so, I can play whatever game I choose – I just need to switch from platforms, which is not a hard thing to do.

The way they gain competitve advantage isn’t my concern for as long as it is legal and ethical. It may just force other big companies like Steam to research their strategy and copy it or come up with a better strategy on their own and this is good for the industry! Because this is competition!

Can we just say that Linux users are not big enough for them to care as a customer segment? Because, I mean no one thinks gaming, when people yell Linux; I guarantee that Epic has the statistics and numbers to ignore Linux users.

Bad for you, but in a free market it is fair, no?

If it doesn’t worth the money long-term/short-term, then it doesn’t worth the risk and effort.

That’s the core of the problem. Lack of GDPR compliance, unauthorized access to private files on users’ computers, and if it was ethical, we wouldn’t have this thread.

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The personal anecdotes stop now. We have s whole section for you to discuss what your mates play.

Ok, I will spend 2 days of my vacation researching this crap, but if you are wrong, then my 2 days of writing poems are on you.

Just could you at the same time look for any real evidence about Epic Store “spying” on us? I mean for me that’s not a biggie, since that’s how tech works nowdays, and if I cared about it, then I would force my righteous anger on companies like Apple, Facebook, Google or someshit.

I would be pretty surpsired, if Valve doesn’t sell personal data or analyze it to boost sales.

If I have to ‘ask’ folks to stay on topic again, it may be with the added emphasis of official sanctions. Because just asking doesn’t seem to be clear enough. It’s that or FULLCAPS and that’s just ugly.


Epic Store is not a competitor to Steam for consumers. Steam, as flawed as it is, is… …em, rather, Epic Store in comparison to steam offers almost nothing. This is appleaing only to publishers and no advantages to consumers. The only thing that can happen there is for Stream to strike better deals to publishers, which might diminish user friendly features instead, like implementing measures against “review bombing” among what else.

Also question is how long is EpicStore going to keep this up - they seems to be striking more than just favourable deals to convince mainstream games to become exclusives in their store. This clearly won’t last forever and once this deal dries up then publishers simply will go back to steam, if EG doesn’t get much better.

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I mean, I don’t get you on “this is not a competition”, when it clearly is. “We get your suppliers, because your business model is flawed.” - ???

I mean as I said, you are not the center of the universe, and there are plenty of people, who don’t mind buying the game on EpicStore; who don’t mind Steam features at all, like myself.

Let’s not dive into the land of assumptions. You either get data and based on data make resolute rational conclusions or just wait and observe to see how long or how short this is going to last.