Should we discuss what happens if BL3 is Epic Store exclusive?

Also, I would have bought for my xbox also, but the fact they have such little concern for the player base means I will buy down the road when it is on sale or from Gamestop used.

I understand it is the publishers decision, but you can NOT convince me that if gearbox was against it they wouldn’t have done something differently.

Gearbox just slid to EA’s level IMHO and I will be moving on to other games being released also.

I’m going to go a step further and say that BL3 won’t even be on console. Both PS4 and Xbone take the same 30% cut that Steam does, and the leaked trailer did not have console logos.

no, it almost certainly wasn’t a joke but an accident. We can only hope it was a joke. A joke in very, VERY poor taste.

Thank god Corsair is here to help with their Launcher of Launchers!

That said I hope BL3 is not exclusive to Epic as I won’t get it on that platform.

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Not gonna be on console? Lol the Worry Train is already full man. Nobody else is gonna fit


It’s not without evidence. The leaked trailer had no console logos.

So just how much money do you think it would cost Epic to keep them from selling it on consoles? I mean come on, i get the fear of it not coming to your favorite launcher but let’s get real here. How about we wait a day before freaking out anymore than we already are…

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You’d have to be smoking some pretty epic stuff to think the game isn’t coming to consoles.


I’m not saying it will be exclusive forever, it will probably go on console when it goes on Steam.

I’m gonna tell you now, there is not a chance in hell it won’t be on consoles. I know this for a fact, since they are already up, with tbd tags. No way will 2k cut there profits by 30-50%.

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I would be pretty surprised if it isn’t released on consoles up front. I can see the PC release having an initial exclusive and I can see consoles initially being exclusive to PS4 or XBone, but it seems weird to do exclusive PC, with consoles and other PC platforms releasing later. Granted, this is all speculation until the next update tomorrow

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That doesn’t particularly mean anything.

Xbox pays to have certain games revealed during their conferences, the videos lack Playstation logos yet the games are still released for all platforms. Just because a trailer doesn’t have every conceivable logo in it is hardly confirmation.

There’s no way in hell Gearbox would agree to lose all that console revenue just to appease Epic.

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I have no doubt Borderlands 3 will be released on both xbox and playstation on day of release to epic

OK, we’re WELL into broken record territory now. Thread closed, and the dead horse can get a respite from the flogging. We’ll ALL just have to wait and see what is announced tomorrow. Please do NOT make any more threads on the subject until AFTER more information becomes publicly available.


This pretty much explains is all about the Epic store. 2k games needs to open there eyes about it and get a clue on what the gamer wants. Not what “there” needs are. Also if people have no clue about it then it will explain that too.


For those not wanting to watch a video. The epic store basically only provides things to developers and publishers and nearly nothing to the actual consumers. If you were to compare it and steam to physical stores, steam would be like a Walmart while the epic store would be the run down rusted warehouse that only had self checkouts and the only employee available just stood at the door saying go F yourself to everyone on the way in.

Odds are its the lack of consumer services and features that allows the Epic store to make its offerings to publishers as they attempt to float it on exclusivity by trying to sink their hooks into big name titles.

IMO axing the entire digital download purchase completely and only selling physical copies of the game on PC at a single retailer like gamestop would probably have a better reception. Especially with things floating around that the Epic store launcher also has spyware or malware in it that attempts to gather data from other store launchers you may have on your system.

The Epic store needs this game more than the game needs it. The larger share of sales and planned developer/publisher oriented additions to me feel like an act of desperation to keep their store platform from failing due to their openly stated disinterest in providing features and services consumers actually want.

My 2 cents anyway.


I know it sucks for players. I experienced no harm so far for using the EGS.
What i dont like about it is the lack of features and no cloud saves.
Features will be added in the future, no doubt about it.
Cloud saves on the other hand is truly a problem for me. Especially when i spend month in BL3. So i better do some back ups.


If borderlands 3 is monopolized on the epic platform, then 2k will have to consider that other games out of the year must be guaranteed to be profitable. Otherwise, the development of the 5-year-old borderlands 3 on the epic platform will have an impact on the players and the results that may not be profitable. Unless it is epic will give you enough money.

I dont think that it will harm 2K or even GB. People will buy and play it anyway…if they want to. Majority doesnt even care