Should we discuss what happens if BL3 is Epic Store exclusive?

didnt BL 1,2, pre sequel & Tales from the borderlands have “Epic store” on these. bl1 bl2 bl3 bl4 blo
like we dont want eric in it. just gearbox & 2k as always/Forever, just saying.
what made Epric store wants to jump right in it. :neutral_face: i heard all this from




My desire to play BL3 overwhelms my desire where to purchase it. If it means more money to Gearbox for what looks to be an amazing game then I am OK with it being exclusive anywhere they decide. If not an exclusive and it is also on Steam on launch day then I will probably buy it there because I am already on Steam and it is easier. I am not about to Suffragette myself under a Tyranoscag over where I can buy it.

:+1: for use of expressive language, if nothing else!

Thanks for the info sehenry10, it puts it all in perspective now. If I played on PC exclusively I’d stay away from Epic as well, for all the reasons you mentioned, especially snooping on people’s Steam accounts.

I was reading posts below your response to me and saw something else interesting. The past Borderlands games have launched on console but I haven’t seen in print or on the trailer that Borderlands 3 will follow suit. All that was shown on the leaked tweet was an Epic and PC logo. The worst possible mistake they make would be to only have Borderlands 3 release on Epic and then have the 6 month delay for both Steam and console. Holy crap, imagine the uproar over that!!!

I stand by Randy on this one. Who cares? I don’t.

Is there any actual evidence this isn’t coming to Steam? I don’t buy games unless they’re on Steam, but so far all I’m seeing are tin-foil-hat posts on the subject.

Also, this sounds relevant:

It’s really really important that folks remember that some things are out of Gearbox’s hands. I don’t doubt that are folks who love to hate regardless. But yeah, I’d echo Randy in that folks should be representing their concerns to 2K.

/checks latest trailer.

/Inserts monocle.

Yeah, guys, what I just said.

So: before we get an endless spate of spleen-venting, read the forum rules. I’m seeing some posts on other social media platforms that will result in an instant been if repeated here. There are certain subjects and ways of posting that we don’t tolerate under any circumstances. Consider yourselves warned. Ta.


It appears that it is officially an Epic Store Exclusive. Check out the pre-order here I stepped through and the only option for pre-order on PC was Epic Game Store. I can hear-the-bells-a-tolling!

I was literally about to post this.
Also the collectors edition is console only.

Haha, me too. Just watched the reveal vid and at the end it clearly shows Epic, not Steam. Sucks! The official rant time starts now…

No I mean I checked the preorder page

I have the Ultimate Loot Box Edition for BL2 this time around its just digital pre-order for me. I was not really all that impressed with the box of things I got.

Whaaat. I loved my loot box. Still have it and the Marcus bobble head displayed in my living room after all these years


I think I’ll be getting it.

I have two of them… they are stored somewhere in the original boxes they came in. The pre-order exclusives were kind of pathetic. So this time around I think I will leave these to the hard core fans. I am just happy to play the game.

Its a six month exclusive! Ouch!

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at least it’s 6 months and not a year

thankfully i have a ps4

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