Should we expect a full patch in the next 10 days?

I hope/suspect that we will get a patch within the next 10 days. I assume it’s most likely in the next 2 days because of the takedown event (difficulty scaling based on player count) to occur from Jan 16 to Jan 30. Am I wrong?

I assume this because it seems they were not able to hotfix the takedown event and must have to patch in a fix for that.

I’d like to see/know more about this patch and when it might occur. Anyone know?

I highly doubt it will be a patch. The hotfix will make sure it definitely expires on 30th January, otherwise with a patch a lot of players will simply not update the game after to keep the difficulty scaling.

I think the update will contain fixes here and there but I’m really hoping the loot drops for the Takedown are increased.

More likely it will be a patch and a hotfix then. Patch to fix general things and to fix maliwan takedown event. And a hotfix (applied while online) to enable the maliwan takedown event.

We’re due for a patch soon, assuming they are still doing monthly patches.