Should We Keep Infusion Once We Get Forceful Expression?

Is there any reason to keep “convert damage” once we have “add damage”? Just curious what others think.

Assuming you are using weapons which benefit of Infusion (NE/Radiation/Cryo guns), of course you should. Infusion interacts multiplicatively with FE.

Elemental matching is a lot more important in this game, so early on when you’re finding more non-elemental weapons, Infusion would be a good choice. Later on, definitely a good idea to pair with Cryo and Radiation weapons to get the best of both worlds if that’s your thing.

Lol, it was the first skill I got. Absolutely brilliant on early game because no weapons really drop with Elements til later.

But, perhaps I should illustrate more why this might be a conversation and not a “duh”. I picked up a Tsunami. It fires Shock and Corrosive bullets. So. If my build idea is a SoulFire Tsunami, once I get to the Capstone, do I benefit more from popping the points I would have put in infusion into something else?

Potentially, depending on who and what you are playing against.