Should Whiskey foxtrot be buffed

Don’t get me wrong I love playing as wft and I believe in prity good with him but I believe he is a little under powered and if his base damg was like 5% or 8% more would completely change that


I’m with @arcsteiiscool in that buffs and nerfs should wait until the game has been released and GBX can get more feedback on what needs to be changed to keep every character competitive. You can join the discussion here:


Ok then sorry if I’m on the wrong thread

I didn’t mean you’re on the wrong thread, just that I think calls for nerfs and/or buffs should wait until the full game releases. :slight_smile:

Well ik I’m just going off the data and the game is still due to change but thats just one of the problems I experienced

He is the weakest character in the game at this moment IMO. He should at least be on par with Mike.

See, i absolutely DOMINATE with whiskey. i play on PC and mainly play CS:GO, so shooters are pretty at home for me, and whiskey is a fantastic character that i always see doing terrible. i think on console he would be pretty booty, but for me all of the skillshots are perfect. i mean if WF got a buff i would be ecstatic, but i think as a character hes more niche for the type of player that can use him. im able to land stickies repeatedly, i can gun people down from range for days, and early game hes great at destroying squishy types like benedict and orendi. IMO, i never saw an Orendi that wasnt garbage and i think she should get a buff if anything.

I played WF only a few times on console (PS4) and I wrecked house as him being able to do the same things you had mentioned.

The only thing I didn’t like was not finding his rifle’s “rhythm”. It seem super sluggish to me and could be tweaked to be smoother otherwise he’s definitely one to watch for if someone plays him properly.

He’s nearly perfect aside from that rifle problem I have and even then it’s so small of an issue it doesn’t really bother me.

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If you get the helix at 6 that gives himself pushback you can use it as a jump. It’s all about creativity.

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right? the rifle is a little off, but i didnt mind as much. glad to know there are other whiskeys out there tearing asses open. stay fresh brother


I’ve been using WFT exclusively during the beta and over these last few days, and would have to agree, I think he could deserves a slight buff. Possibly making his base damage just a few points higher, or make his rifle have less recoil. I think his skills are pretty solid, especially once you start getting his mutations. I don’t think those need any buffs, because once you’re able to access Napalm, he can really start doing damage, it comes in kinda late considering Oscar Mike gets Fragcendiary Grenades at lvl 2. Which is why I think upping his base damage on the rifle can make him more versatile until Napalm can be accessed. Not sure how I feel about Flak Cannon, whether or not that needs to be buffed. So that’s my Whiskey Foxtrot rant, I just really like using him, and would like him to be as competitive as some top tier characters, but not OP as hell

So I just barely started playing capture mode, and WFT does work in that mode, I was mostly primarily playing Incursion, so I agree it’s definitely how you use him and circumstances, but like more 3 points higher in damage would definitely put him up there

Yeah I quite like the napalm mutation coupled with the 3x shot mod. He becomes quite the crowd control then :). I feel a buff to his melee attack would help wonders because other then his 3x shotgun + push. Its hard to deal with melee characters. Maybe like a one time stun on melee that has a cooldown or maybe a bleed effect would fit with his character. If there’s already a mutation I haven’t unlocked it yet.

??? his melee + sticky slow is GREAT at handling melee attackers… he’s also got a push on his scrap cannon if you find yourself having trouble with them… melee, then scrap, and they’re miles away.

He has a pretty well rounded kit really, he just needs a little “something” somewhere in it.

First thing to buff is that God Gann trigger fire, I play on console and I hate having to tap the button just to do burst shots I should be able to hold and shoot just like everyone else.

That’s what his ult does though. Because his gun is limited by burst fire, it can have a very high base damage, and provides a unique feel to the character (imo) that isn’t really present in anyone else.

I don’t mean give him a auto rifle just change the trigger system, someone else already complained in another thread about finger pain constantly having to tap the button is extremely cumbersome.

I just like burst fire enough that I never really minded, I guess. Kinda hoping it doesn’t change to a weird stutter-auto 'cause then he’d lose his feel, but that’s just me.

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Still hoping this character gets buffed. I still see him get wrecked in most games whenever anyone uses him. But he is really fun to use, and he looks really cool.

this happens with plenty of other characters, ISIC, and Thorn for instance, every shot takes a press and release.