Should Whiskys granades stick to Isics wards the link you find a clip in this clip you can see me trying to stick a sticky granade with WF on Isics rotating wards an failed two times in a online PvP match. Afterwards i tried it myself with a friend in privat PvP match and he had no problem to stick a granade on my wards as you can see in last part of the clip (and don´t tell me i should skill on lvl 2 that the wards reflect enemy fire i did that). So what do you guys think was that a glitch, lag or do you think did he cheat?

There is was no video showing

I got the video to work by right clicking and opening the video in another tab.

I changed the post so the link to the video is there

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I’m pretty sure they should stick, I’ve done that to an ISIC plenty of times as Foxtrot. It’s possible you may need to aim the grenade to hit ISIC’s non-shield hitbox, in which case if it does pass through it’ll just stick to him.

But as you can see in my video where i was isic the granades didn’t pass the shield and just stuck an the shield

In the first two tries, you aimed your granade to his feet in the other vídeo your friend aimed to the center/high side of your shields.

Also that isic was lvl 5+ you would need more testing. Did he had the modernista? I used it on Galilea and deflected marquis owls

No he didn’t 2 blue and white one and also that both times all granadesare reflected that would be a 1/15000 trys

it’s gotta be the same reason why they bounce off the sentries shield? I’ve noticed what you are describing as well.

Personally I think if ISIC has reflective wards the grenades should not only bounce back, they should deal damage to YOU.

They should only stick if you do not pick that helix or aren’t wearing any “reflect dmg” legendary.

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I also thought so when i was playin wf but wenn i played isic the granades alwas stuck on my Shields

Very interesting though, I think this might require some further testing. Like, does it make a difference whether or not you overcharge the wards. Does another helix cause unexpected behavior (Kind of like Caldarius’ Rangefinder adding more bullets to your clip, without it stating so)

As a Foxtrot player, yes, they should.