Should you ideally have all slag weapons slotted in UVHM?

If I slag an enemy, does his shield then come down faster using the correct elemental weapon (by that I mean, faster than if I used the shock weapon without slag)? Is there a rule of thumb as far as how long the slagging lasts? I find myself overwhelmed by mobs sometimes, which is why I lean so hard on phaselock. But for bigger enemies like badasses I can see where that sequence of slag, then elemental, would be effective.


Not sure about the slag/shield stripping (although I think that should be right?) I believe the following information is correct though:

I think the enemy health regen is increased a bit more for enemies level 61 and up? At least, that’s what the relevant patch notes say!


In UVHM Slag multiplies all damage taken from enemies by a multiple of 3. Meaning that all enemies that are slagged will take 3x the amount of damage. But this doesn’t mean that slag is super powerful and the end all be all element. It’s a debuff but such a huge one you should always slag everything if possible. I recommend a Slagga or slag Pimpernel or even a slag transfusion grenade. This means that as long as you have one reliable source of applying slag, all other weapons and gear slots can be used however you want :slight_smile:


yeah the classic BL2 strategy at UVHM is to paint them purple then kill them with the matching element (or crit if you are a Jakobs only guy) to their enemey type…

With Maya, you are “complete” at L53 or L52 in my opinion depending on whether you play co-op (and thus one point for Res if so)… at L52 you can have full Cataclysm, motion down to Converge, and full Wreck out of Harmony. You actually don’t need full sweet release, but Mind’s Eye is so useless that there’s not much point putting points there, unless you have a Leg Siren COM, in which case I’d suggest 1 point there.

I’m guessing you are running a proficiency relic which is a great choice until you get a Bone of the Ancients. You’re COM Is probably a Cunning Binder or something like that, which is also a great choice until you get a Leg Siren.

Maya doesn’t need as much slag as other characters since you have Ruin and Converge (which spreads the slag effect to enemies sucked near the bubbled target)… at max level you may well choose to take Scorn too, giving you another source.

I still like allocating one weapon slot and my grenades to slag, though many strong Maya players prefer the Quasar grenade to pull enemies off of them when they don’t have Phaselock up… I go with the magic missiles most of the time so I don’t have to watch my grenade ammo.

You don’t want all slag guns because the slag weapons usually deal less damage in exchange for applying the debuff…you want to slag the target, then hit it with the matching element (or crit)… For many characters this means switching weapons or relying a lot on slag grenades, but Maya has Ruin…

Despite it’s inherent cheese the Grog is an excellent slag gun along with its healing potential… The two best guns for slagging are the Slagga SMG and the slag version of the Pimpernel… again the idea is slag, then switch to something else to do more damage…

In addition to the magic missiles, slag bouncing betties (zero fuse time unless using Krieg) and slag singularity grenades (with zero fuse time) are excellent slag grenades.


Thanks for all the helpful info. @ChemicalConundrum Yes, I see what you mean about being “complete” in the sense of dealing with the slag issue. Once I hit that plateau, I felt like I had some measure of control over the direction of each skirmish. Although there are still some spots where I get caught in a FFYL loop (like the big bullymongs). I believe the two cooldown bonuses are 22% and 24%. I threw one point into res just for coop.

Are there any weapons I should try to get as rewards at this point (Level 53 with the Firehawk mission just completed)? I also have all the DLC I could venture into. Overall my weapons are probably sub-par, a mix of green and blue, with just one level 50 pistol (something with the word Bowie in it)


Hey @BasherSBC - I realise you’re new here so I just lightly edited the end of your post. Please read the FORUM RULES If you’re still not sure what’s up, just send me a PM.

Now, to answer your question: there are a bunch of side quests and missions that will give you blue rarity non-unique rewards, as well as some that give blue uniques that are good but not necessarily considered “top gear”.

I’d suggest you do the Loader/AI and the Rats side quests you get in Bloodshot Stronghold after rescuing Roland so as to get the 1340 shield or shotgun and the Roksalt. You can also pick up a levelled Lascaux SMG by running the the caves in Frostburn Canyon (and you can hit the various red and grey chests along the way for a chance at additional loot). If you haven’t done it already, do “In Memoriam” for Lilith to unlock Boll (so you can farm for Fastball grenades), as well as Mordecai one that unlocks Mobely and Gettle (Veruc and Lyuda). Combine that with farming Lee for Unkempt Harolds and Knuckledragger for a Hornet, and you’ll always have places to go for an upgrade.


Interesting… do you find these a consistent source? I tend to get frustrated if I’m relying on them to slag, along with most non-unique or non-betty slag grenades - they’re just not predictable enough for me, ie fail to slag too often. My Hyperion Siren uses a Nasty Surprise if she wants to use a grenade to get stuff purple, though in general Magic Missiles are definitely my preference


Maya IS a slag weapon. I don’t really worry about using an equipped slot for slag when I use her in UVHM. Both Scorn & Phaselock can slag enemies, and that’s usually enough for me to get by. I use my 5 offensive weapon slots (four guns, and a grenade) to cover the other elements & dps output I need for varying enemies.


@VaultHunter101 Sorry about that…I wasn’t even thinking about the forum rules in my offhand comment.

Thanks for the suggestions. I did just unlock Boll. How do you farm him, just by going back from time to time to see if he respawned?


Use the FT to Three Horns, which will put you at the Catch-a-Ride closest to both Boll and Lee. Hit them both, then save-quit-restart. It’s a pretty fast farm.


Got it. Do players usually just go to these locations and farm for new ones after they outgrow the one they have (since the game always seems to scale to your level)?


Depends on the player, what they like, and which mode they’re in. In UVHM stuff always levels, so you can farm many of the bosses repeatedly once you’ve completed the story mission or side quest that unlocks them. I try and avoid using the UH as an all-purpose weapon, so I don’t actively farm it - just if a particular character at a particular point needs a good FFYL tool.

Personally, I have enough characters still levelling up that there’s always stuff to pass down. Plus, I’m generally quite happy to use Golden Keys (still have >100), farm easy red chests, or just make do. You will get more blue and purple drops as you go since you’ll encounter super badass and ultimate super badass enemies more often, and those can often be good enough.


Awesome…I was worried about how to keep up as I outleveled some items (forgot about the level scaling). Thanks again for the tips.


Don’t forget Moxxi either - a nice Good Touch once in a while is never out of place!


This. There are obviously good reasons to have an on-level Fastball or UH handy, especially if you’re quite new to UVHM (though by the sounds of it you’re vastly more clued up than I was!).

Some people are fine with farming, I hate it and never do it even at endgame, but either way don’t feel pressured to farm because it’s not essential. UVHM can be done without it, much more important is getting to grips with skills, which will happen naturally, and mechanics like slag.


Having spent the last ten years with the Demon’s / Soulsborne franchise, the concept of farming has worn me down and I generally try to avoid it. I don’t might some light farming for a weapon or two, but that’s about it. I played BL2 a fair bit on Xbox 360, so I dipped my toes into UVHM before, just enough to know I really like Maya’s skillset.


Not a fan of a lot of farming either. I usually take the first variant of whatever weapon I’m hoping to get most times and may try again if another side quest takes me through the area. What’s your Maya build?

Building to 50 with Maya this is the route I’d go, starting with the middle tree (Harmony) towards Scorn, and then down the right tree (Cataclysm) to Ruin,which you’ll hit at level 57.

Doing this will give you AOE slag as your melee override in the form o Scorn on a pretty quick interval, and Phaselock will also Slag nearby enemies, so you can alternate between the two while mobbing and have little need for much else to slag.

To make that all work even better I go down the Motion tree (left) to get to Converge, which basically turns Phaselock into a Singularity grenade. That along with Kinetic reflection on top of everything else makes Maya Very Powerful. So at 72 this is my typical build for Maya


Hi, when I said Maya is “complete” at L52 (solo, 53 with 1 more for res for co-op), I meant in terms of her overall skill set, not slag. @Isthiswill while the base of your build is solid, you have some wasted points imho. Flicker has been shown to be useless and you only need 2/5 in Life Tap at or near max level. @bashersbc Maya’s key skills are Ruin, Converge, and Res if co-op followed by Wreck, Reaper, Chain Reaction and Cloud kill in some irrelevant order. Therefore, at L52 you can achieve all of those, hence you are complete. That doesn’t mean there aren’t more great skills to get. I’m a Leg / Binder subsequence guy so I go further down the left tree at max, whereas most Maya players like @Isthiswill prefer to run with Life Tap, which is an amazing surviveability skill at higher levels. Here’s what my L52 build would look like, though a few points would change if you had a Leg Siren COM, which you’ll probably get soon. The 4 in Helios could go anywhere in the Cataclysm tree, I just think it’s the least bad choice compared to the others.

You won’t be able to get Life Tap for awhile so the next skill I would get is Inertia. Inertia is amazing because when do you most need to reload, after a kill, so great now your reload speed gets a massive buff after you’ve emptied your mag into something. I would then grab Quicken though it’s not much of a boost if you have a Proficiency relic or BOTA plus a Leg Siren COM. Some would argue for Kinetic Reflection, but I don’t rate this skill without a Trickster COM, as I find it too situational and not likely to proc enough (without the COM) to keep you alive in any heavy firefight.

After you have enough points for Life Tap, you may choose to respec to pick that up. Even 1 point there is quite strong.

I’ll post later on about some relatively easy to farm items, depending how far along you are in the main story campaign.


Thanks for the great build progress tips. Right now I’m level 53 and my build looks almost exactly like the one in ChemicalConundrum’s post (except I think I split the points between Ward and Accelerate). Basically, it’s feast or famine for me. When I’m keeping crowds under control with converge and ruin, it’s great, but sometimes I get downed and find it tough to get back up again unless I can clear most of the enemies in FFYL. And If I have no place to seek cover my shields and health get ravaged in a hurry. Example, outside the bloodshot gates when you have to honk, four or five bandits ambush me and they’re too far apart to use converge, so I was down almost instantly.

Should I always have the Cataclysm tree maxed? Or would I get better survivability out of going down the Harmony tree to get scorn, then work my way down Cataclysm? It seems like having Ruin should be a no brainer, but I do feel like a glass cannon at this point. When I played this on Xbox 360 I think I only got Maya up to around 60, so I’ve never enjoyed the benefits of a full build, which I can see has great potential.

I’m always up for respeccing points to try a new approach, so I’ll see what I can do to slip a few points into Life Tap.

Thanks again for all the great tips…much appreciated.

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having Ruin is just a no brainer, you instantly slag a target and most things around it (with Converge), this means phaselock is instadeath for anything it picks up (Wreck and Reaper are acting too), it’s just, well you were attacking me but now you’re not and also you’re dead and you produce healing orbs for me plus (depending on your spec) i get a shield recharge and reload speed buff from Inertia …in NVHM or TVHM, whatever, but you want Ruin at UVHM on your first go through. Your surviveability comes from Sweet Release, so you want to be all phaselocking all the time, in between you can look for cover, use slag grenades or singularity grenades to pull enemies off you or group them for the next phaselock/converge, or just run around dodging quickly (and/or shooting things). Accerlerate isn’t a huge boost and doesn’t work well with all guns (though to be fair, it works fine with most), I’d rather have the extra shields from Ward.

With Wreck, you can pick up a smaller target, slag (or have already slagged ideally) a non phaselockable target and then the Wreck bonus is still active if you don’t kill the smaller target and the phaselock stay sup. You can’t pull off this move all the time, but it can help against things you can’t pick up.

Your gear matters a lot too, you want decent on level as soon as possible. Only a few pieces of gear will last beyond 5 levels at this point and that’s stretching it with some. Don’t worry about farming much specific, just hop from a few things decent as you’ll outlevel anything really good anyway. I like Shotguns a great deal with Maya as there’s several good options outside of the legendaries…there’s the top gear threads on the forums for gear that works well with certain characters, but you it’s more just finding one or two pieces you can get easily enough to play the game a little more smoothly… how far are you in the main story?

For your shields, I like Adaptive shields for non bandit areas and Absorb or Adaptive shields for bandit areas… A bee shield is useful for health tank bosses despite it’s inherent cheese. It’s an easy farm as you have the DLC’s, so it doesn’t matter if you’re at that part of the story yet.

edit: Realized that playstyle advice was fairly generic video game things and not helpful, I try not to get too close to the action with Maya most of the time if I can, I want to keep everything in front of me and I want to have a cover point if necessary to slide behind, most maps allow this to some degree, I’ll use phaselock to group or pull enemies, usually making sure I have space to back up in case of armored pyschos or something like that, I generally have matching element guns for what i’m facing and something hard hitting for FFYL (I don’t know if you’re far enough in the story to get the Badaboom which is the easiest great launcher to farm)…Once you have stronger gear you’ll take enemies down faster and you’ll be up more as a result…

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