Shouldnt I do more damage the more stacks of terror I have?

I have the anointed …

  • “On Action Skill End, apply Terror to yourself every 5 seconds for the next 18 seconds.”
  • “While Terrified, gain increased damage and fire rate. The more Terror you have, the higher the bonus.”,

I’m testing this at the shooting range and the damage after 5s actually goes lower than the first 5 seconds of terror shouldnt the damage after 5s which is the second stack do more damage?

Not really because skulls aren’t a thing anymore so stacking terror is more difficult. I assume.

Skulls don’t have anything to do with OP’s question.

How quickly does Terror decay?

But does the terror annointment still stack? I don’t know as I stopped using it because of the screen clutter.

could it be coz I’m using the maggie when tested it?

Yes, using the ASE anointment, terror stacks 3 times over an 13 second or so period on action skill end.

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Not sure I understand the question.

When you fired your weapon, did you have the maximum amount of green on your screen? That is when your terror stacks are at max and you should be doing full damage. Once the green starts to disappear, you will lose damage.

how long does it take to get full green?..Like I do max damage for 5 seconds after 5 seconds the damage goes back to normal.

I don’t think the individual stacks actually last that long. If you have a facepuncher with the melee terror anoint, try that instead. It’ll get you to max stack instantly.