Should've Cashed Out challenge in Moxxi's DLC bugged?

The challenge is to kill Looters. I know the challenge was bugged and it didn’t unlock for everybody some months ago, but I realised that not every type of Looter counts toward the challenge either. I’ve run through the Impound Deluxe map, from the part you meet Freddie until the part you free his bot friend, keeping an eye on the Looters, I’ve killed around 11-12, but I still got added 7 to the total count in the challenge. I had mobs with “Greedy Looter” name and I had mobs just simply with “Looter” name. So my question is, am I misinterpreting the challenge, and only mobs with “Looter” name count, or the challenge is really bugged?

It’s bugged on XB1 (possibly also PS4) in the sense that it doesn’t even identify what you’re supposed to kill at all - there’s a thread about that in the TS section. I can’t even tell if I’m getting anything towards that challenge - it stays stubbornly locked.

Yeah, I’ve read the post and the comments and that a ticket was sent, but I’m surprised that it didn’t change with this patch, since it was in December if I remember correctly.

Vacation season, actually. I would imagine there’s a certain amount of prioritizing that goes on with investigating bugs, including how game-breakng they might be. In the grand scheme of things, a bugged challenge counter that has no affect on game progression or achievements/trophies is probably a bit lower on the list. :man_shrugging:

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I know it might be frustrating that it wouldn’t unlock, but yeah, I understand someway, there are and were bigger bugs needed fixing.