Shout out to 'xwmstormx' or anyone who can help with custom map setup

So, i’m still trying to source and play more of the custom maps for BL1, but there’s two maps i can’t setup on PC: one is the Fifth Column and the other is Abandoned Base: Zombie Infestation

The Fifth Column files are here:

The AB:ZI files are here:

they were both built by xwmstormx - i don’t know whether they are active on this forum or if anyone knows them, but they designed their maps to be setup via a program that was designed for W Vista or W7 - as i have W8.1 it won;t work for me.

i’ve tried looking at the individual files you get in the download but can’t see any umap or upk files

i think maybe the maps are kind of linked up with ‘The Storm project’ which i don’t fully understand but it was something to do with upscaling and i’ve not wanted to try and use it as i’m already on 2.5 so don’t need it

Anyway if anyone can help with any of this do let me know