Shoutout to Gearbox!

thank you for making a superior product that sets a tremendously high bar for your competitors!


Oh I was expecting a “Nah just kidding” BALEX style.

Skyrim is universally loved by its fans and is considered one of the greatest games of this generation and is wrought with terrible bugs, many that will never be fixed. I’m not making an excuse, but to say the competitors will be at an advantage because they don’t have the same problems isnt really understanding the industry trends (whether they should exist or not)

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You mean the game that came out almost a decade ago? Yeah, things have changed a bit since then. You think Skyrim’s sequel would have just as many, if not MORE bugs? I don’t think so.

Don’t worry they’ll fix a bunch of stuff in 11 days. And break a bunch more ■■■■ we’ll have to live with for a month or more. This whole having to delay patches for weeks or months because of the Sony/Xbox verification excuse gets old af. Tired of living with a broken ass game because of it. Maybe I should just stick to PC exclusives from here on out.

Quick Breather pls. A bug like this should be fixed in days. Nope live with your important class skill being completely broken for more then a month.

Now that I think about it. Please don’t buff Zane anymore, since more gets broken then fixed.


Lol I know we’re being hyperbolic and making points and all, but yes. Anyone in their right mind knows the next Elder Scrolls game will have as many, if not more bugs than Skyrim. That’s Bethesda’s brand.


[quote=“kabflash, post:5, topic:4200967”] Now that I think about it, please don’t buff Zane anymore, since more gets broken then fixed.

I thought you were a Moze main, anyhow?

I used to play Moze quite awhile ago but quit her due to my game crashing 20+ times a day due to exiting Iron Bear. I’ve been stuck on Zane for quite some time now.

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Oof. I didn’t know that was a thing. Sorry, man.

It’s been fixed in the latest patch as far as I know. But I’m way to addicted to Zane to care :slight_smile:


Indeed. And quite possibly a boat load of microtransactions. Maybe even some sort of subscription service that’s overpriced and broken at launch.

I get your point but fallout 76 tho

Yes lol the true mayhem mode is meta level 4

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haha hoho hihi, wait you’re not kidding? Oh man, you’re in for a treat when the next elder scrolls game comes out, 6 years from now. i’m going to bet the bugs that have been in these games since morrowind will be alive and well.

Well, they’re selling bugs with Fallout 76 nowdays !! 82% of the crap that is released on there are broken and bugged af - even causing more crashes and instability! they’re most definitely going to continue on with that trend.

Not defending Gearbox at all, but there are very few games nowadays that ship without bugs that are at least annoying or even game breaking. And to bring up Bethesda of all the competitors can only be sarcasm, right? I can not remember a single game from Bethesda, that did not ship with LOTS of bugs.

Doom and prey were pretty solid releases if i’m not mistaken or are we only counting bethesda game studios?

Borderlands 3 was the game I played after The Division 2. Games can, and should, be released with only very minor issues considered acceptable. And if there is a patch, it MUST improve the gameplay, not hinder it further.

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No, count them in, by all means. These were solid games, no aggravating bugs. Could indicate, that Bethesda ist better at publishing games than creating them. My guess is that the Creation Engine is responsible for many of the problems.

yes definitely, creating engine should’ve have been left behind 10 years ago. but i suspect most, if not all of the veterans over there that run the show have no clue how to make games on anything else.

Yeah and I’ll even agree quite a few games come out that are absolutely phenomenal. Red dead 2, god of war 4 both had minor, if any, bugs but none were game breaking.

I also agree with some of the other points that it shouldn’t be okay for a game to come out with these issues. It’s super frustrating to drop a gold for a friend, save and quit out, only to have that friend’s game crash and both of you lose the gold forever. That’s totally unacceptable.

My point was more that implying their competitors will have an advantage now is really misunderstanding some of the, unfortunately, decades old industry trends.

Edit: side note, the only bugs I really hated in GOW4 were in god of war mode. Enemy movement and damage were tuned so high that in some cases, they would skip entire game frames and simply instantly be hurting you, no matter what you did. They were like anointed tinks when they teleport 12 feet behind you and instantly start shooting you. Anyway, I think it got patched out.