Show all accepted missions on map please

Dear Devs,

it would be rly nice to see all available missions on the map, so we can plan a route how to complete them.

Currently theres only the chosen mission on the map.

To see the place for the other missions you have to close map -> Tab to the mission tab -> chose mission -> open map -> zoom out map -> hope that the mission is on the same map -> if not close map -> go to mision tab -> see next mission -> open map -> zoom out map…

This is prety annoying, esp if you have few undone side mission quests.

Simply show all available mission on the map and the name + short description as soon as you hover ower it with the mouse.

Or at least show at the quest tab at what location you can find the quest.

Rly want to do side missions but with the current system its not fun to accept more than 3 missions, so I leave the on the side and probably never come back.


When in map press x, it will filter missions by area

You can see ALL mission markers when viewing the map from another area. Not sure why you can’t toggle this on/off while in an area. That would be so much easier.

So I guess toggling through mission locations and memorizing where they are is too much for you?

Imagine you have 5 missions in an area, each of which has 3-8 locations to go to. Can you remember all of them? Maybe, but why bother when the game could just show them all on the map? (If you choose to activate it.) It’s not necessary, but given how long the menus take sometimes, any time you can save on scrolling back and forth is welcomed.

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Or just be a way to enforce screen clutter.

Wouldn’t affect screen clutter, unless they popped up on the mini-map. The map in the menu could show them all without any issues. As I said, it already does this for every other map you look at, other than the one you are in, for some reason, so it shouldn’t even take any extra memory.

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Which would still be screen clutter because if you’re trying to find a particular point objective for one mission, but it shows objectives for others because they’re in the same area, that will lead to mass confusion as you try to sort out which is which. You aren’t gonna have the map menu up while driving someone unless in a co-op game, so it’s better to get used to it. It was like this in the last few games and no one really complained much about it.