Show Atlas weapons some love!

I’ve been playing through the game with Zane, absolutely wrecking with Atlas guns and the Hitman skill tree. In spite of how well I’ve been doing, I found it odd that, out of all the legendary drops I’ve seen, I’ve never found a legendary Atlas weapon. I figured it was just my bad luck, but looked them up online to see if anything noteworthy came up. I hadn’t realized how few there were compared Vladof, Jacobs, Torgue, etc. Atlas weapons are phenomenal with a movement based build, but anything below an epic can only carry you so far. I know these things take work and time, but I think that manufacturer needs some more love.

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Agreed. Atlas doesnt have many legandary offerings and only 1 is really good, the OPQ but it is locked at level 57 or below.

GB may add a new Atlas weapon in the next DLC but my guess is that it would get nerfed if it is proven to be effective, just like all other well performing items have been nerfed.

I doubt GB would have a problem adding more garbage gear but dont ask them for a good weapon … they went all in on quantity over quality.

I really love the Carrier. Problem is it doesn’t perform well above M4. It was almost useable with the extra projectiles, but that was taken away last patch.

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Carrier was nasty pre-patch, it needs a massive buff now.

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Nice! I play a similar Atlas allegiance Operative, and he’s one of my favorites. What’s your build and loadout?