Show Me the Eridium Event

I just hope to earn enough to buy out everything Crazy Earl has to offer at his door. Not a fan of useless cosmetics. But I want to at least clean him out of his inventory.

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Hey, some of us are members of the completionists tribe. :slight_smile:
We understand.

Yeah…kind of why I want to clean him out.

Just wish they would introduce Anointed Cosmetics that include direct boosts to stats of your character. That would get me to like and use trinkets and in-game cosmetics.

Why for the love of god would you want to have stats boosting cosmetics? It literally defeats the purpose of something being simply cosmetic. I dont like most of them and I dont use them, but I would like it even less if I was forced to use them because it was a good part of a build.
That’s a really sad suggestion.


I cannot adequately express how much “NOPE” there is in this.

I have to have a specific hair style if I wanna boost my gun damage? The flying ■■■■?


Yeah, that’s not cosmetic anymore… I agree, it does sound interesting though! But, if it ads function, it’s no longer cosmetic.

I would love to see literal different gear. I’m getting tired of Fl4k’s long quilted coat. I’d love to either remove it, or at least have the option of something different.

Having seen some of the artwork that shows FL4K without the tattered long coat…I can agree that it would be nice to see some different character models per each character. Rather than just reskins.

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I dunno, I’d happily use a skin that turned my character into a giant purple dildo if it granted the ability to remove the “30% chance to reflect projectiles back at player” modifier…


I’d love to take that coat off of him. I think he could look pretty freaking spooky, and I’d really enjoy that.

Yup, we’d call that The Dilldonator.

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Use shock weapon and transformer as shield. 🤷
I did full M3 slaughter shaft like that. Not a problem. Also with -50% gun damage.

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Gotta admit, kind of dissapointed after reading the changelog because, honestly, once you get into the late game grind you’ll barely ever run out of eridium and there’s also just not really that much use for it. I mean, at some point you’ve just got all the Earl Cosmetics and there’s not really that many good non-uniques that you’d be farming for anointed stuff from him, unless you are Amara and your anointed effects are so over the top that you could probably put them on a teaspoon and still one-shot graveward.
If Earl had a chance to offer a random anointed legendary or anything like that it’d be another story but the event just doesn’t give you something worthwhile to chase after like the others did.

I’m at the point where I don’t need the boosted eridium drop rates. I might vendor farm Earl’s or play the slot machines.

“Those Anointed weapons will also provide a nice boost in power” - this is a quote from the Borderlands website today. they are referring to the anointed guns in the weapon store. they are so out of touch right now its embarrassing to watch. worst event yet… but you see game reviewers and critics saying its the best week, you can tell they dont even play.

Okay seriously, the stuff in Earl’s is mostly … silly crap that doesn’t dye well. Or ridiculous heads that I can’t imagine using (Pony head, I’m looking at you).

Where is the good stuff - or even anything slightly comparable to B2?

Will there be more skins/heads to buy?

I’ve played a bit every day since launch and I still need Eridium to get all of Earl’s stuff. I suspect that the people complaining about already having all of the things are a somewhat smaller faction than they think.

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We all are, really. I’m in the boat of trying to clean earl out though.

Seriously though - no no on stat boosts for cosmetic gear.

Like hard no ala letterkenny.

I’ve spent too long trying to make a decent looking black mage for her eyepatch head to suddenly give 40% elemental damage or some ■■■■.

I think it would be reasonable to add bonuses to trinkets. They’re not much of a cosmetic item as is.

Honestly they’re arguably bigger cosmetic trinkets than skins/heads to me since I don’t do multiplayer a lot and they’re the only cosmetic change I can see all the time.

I dig them as just little ways to make my “keeper” guns stand out.

They don’t need to go through another round of balancing for something that’s already there just as a customization piece.

I really don’t see the point in this event, when I finish game on normal mode my character’s have approximate 2500 - 3000 eridium, and then with farming bosses that number goes @ 5000.
For what I need extra eridium