Show Off Your Orendi Skills *3*

So, I felt like sharing that stats from what my whole team agrees was the best match we’d all had in a while lol…
Probably wasn’t the best i’ve ever done but it was defiantly the most satisfying, and i racked up a ton of kills with practically no deaths, and me dominating the healer and melee opposition.

I say satisfying because they held us off their first sentry until the 16 minute mark, and no one on either team used cheap tactics, even the marquis on the other team played nice in Overgrowth

Buuut, I was proud of me getting over 100K in damage with Orendi, which is always nice.

So, anyone else have screenshots or videos you’d like to share from a nice match you’ve had with the great Orendi?

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So i just had an amazing match with orendi >~>…
Killed an Isic and a Rath that rushed me solo =w=
Didn’t die once with 12 kills, only thing that disappointed me was they surrendered after we destroyed their first sentry.
I really wish there was a detailed battle report that showed who i killed specifically owo…

I can destroy 100% of the minions once I get to lvl 10. It’s almost unfair lol

99 minions is my best 136 is real nice gg

Heres a good game I had. It was pretty one sided though.

Some of my games yesterday.

Great games man but ide rather see 1 or 2 scoreboards and/or clips rather than 10 scoreboards

lol, just had a great match, we dominated and got their second sentry down to 7 health, then they turned it around and destroyed our 1st sentry and almost got through the shields of the 2nd sentry lol…
Very satisfying match =3=

(also i found an Orendi skin after using ALL my coins ever to get Rouge Chests, i got like every other character’s skin but Orendi took forever x3x, i use that skin everywhere now lol…)

Here’s one of my broadcast games where we had a reeheeheeeeally nasty comeback with an OM handicap… and me being grouchy about it lol

The team wipe around 24:30 is especially nasty.

I want that taunt…what’d you get it in lol owo…
Also i got an Overwatch ad lol…


So I just had the biggest turn around match that was also the closest match i’ve played on meltdown XD
final score was 500 - 483, and dayum it was interesting >~>
particularly when we got dominated in pvp o3o

(That El Dragon was crazy lol >3>)

Hey, fellow Orendi enthusiasts!

Here is a match I had the other day. It’s my personal best so far. Was playing splitscreen against a premade. Never thought it would go quite this well. :blush:

Orendi is love. Just saying. Thank you Gearbox!