Show Us Your Legendary Boss Drops Since the Hotfix

You hear that? That’s the sound of every single campaign boss cowering in fear after news spread that they are no longer allowed to be stingy with their drops.

So lets hear what everyone has managed to obtain since the hotfix went live. What did you get, and how many tries did it take to get it.


I’ve only done 2 story mission runs today as I’ve been mostly trying out the new PvP matchmaking system, but here’s what I’ve gotten already!

Gear: Veil Manipulator
Attempts: 1

Gear: Bunker Buster
Attempts: 1

Gear: Firmware Update 1.51C
Attempts: 1

If you want to know which bosses drop what (and on what difficulty), you can use my visual guide. So lets hear it, I want this thread to be showered in legendary loot!!


Please just share your results and save your opinions of the new drop rates on the Battleplan #8 thread :wink:


Managed to get a Time Killer (max stats too) and a Quartermastery Bin (not max stats) in the same run last night. Forman Grall didn’t want to play along though. Still, better than any other runs I have done Legendary-wise.

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I think the drop rate should be toned back a bit. When I’ve collected 13 legendary items through farming runs since the game released and NOW I collected 10 more in 1 day (on average every run drops at least 1 legendary). What makes those items so flipping legendary now?! I like the rate getting a boost just NOT that big a boost. My two cents.

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Gear drop rates are crazy big now. Come get em while they are hot kiddos haha. I have averaged 1 per mission but I’ve only played a few.


The price?


Yea I suppose 1800 shards is something. Most advanced runs I do I end up with all 3 legendary unlocked and a few thousands shards left over for turrets. The cost isn’t near a big a deal too me as the drop rate. I guess the race is more important to some and the finish line is more important too others.

Lets just enjoy the improved drop rate while we can. :slight_smile:


I do :sunglasses:

I don’t know where you get that much shards, I get less if I don’t use shard generator item.

Just take them from all your teammates either that or you guys aren’t seriously looking for shards. My 3 friends and I have no problems getting enough shards for 3 legendaries each

I don’t even use a shard gen item on most toons. I just have run all the maps normal and advanced enough times to know where they all spawn. I don’t really pvp much, not what I am looking for from gearbox games. IF I do use shard gen it is the veil manipulator.

It’s a big deal in PVP. Unless the game lasts more than 20 minutes, I can’t get my legendary activated even with two shard generators. I do run a full legendary loadout in PVE because shards are much easier to come by.

Lik not sure which game modes you are playing but if you look out for shard clusters it is possible to activate a legendary gear on the second spawn (4minutes I believe)

Droprates are crazy good now. Just got a double drop from 1 boss (Geoff):

Galactic emperor also gave me one of its legendaries.

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Got nothing after the patch. But, I managed to snag a max stat quartmastery bin before it :slight_smile:

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There will be other threads to discuss whether the new drop rate should remain as is. I just want to see how well everyone is fairing. If you can, use the template I suggested where you specify the name of the piece of gear and how many boss kills it took for it to drop, no explanation or screenshot proof necessary. I don’t think anyone is in doubt the drop rates are significantly higher :wink:

Gear: Wolf-skin
Attempts: 1

I know about the shard respawns, but I’m usually too busy to go back and get them because the other team is either driving towards our sentry or we’re making a push towards theirs. Believe me, I grab every shard I can, especially the big ones, but I spend quite a bit on building and upgrading as well so I can level faster.

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I got to firmware update 1.52c’s on the same run from Arachnis

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I’m still getting greens and whites.

Oh, and to all of you who got the firmware update - ■■■■ you

Lol, sorry, autocorrect; I meant to write “congratulations!!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I would honestly give you mine if I could. I have got that legendary more times than any other. What I’ve been really chasing atm is the Hostile_Takeover.exe

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