Show Us Your Legendary Boss Drops Since the Hotfix

Got lucky with some of the best items -
Vow Of Vengeance
Vow of Zealous Fury
Vyn’s Quiver

We were going for our last Hard Core for the trophy, and Rendain decided to knock us both off the edge in 2secs… :rage: …rather unfair mechanic in place there.

I wanted to try the new loadouts, but again PSN was unplayable, so unable to play Versus.

But, THANK YOU GBX for the love :gift:

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Seemed like a good fix on paper…but ive gotten close to 10 legengaries this weekend. Thats cool but stupid. I cant imagine how many people got from farming. It needs to be toned down. I got some from reg. Runs.

Yes got the same two

Gear: Time Killer and Quartermaster Bin.
Attempts: 1

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Significantly less success after about 8 Advanced HC Saboteur runs.

I have more Modernistas and Mini-Singularity Launchers than I know what to do with, so technically I’m getting Legendary drops, but Grall himself has only yielded a single Synthaline Tonic.

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[quote=“Master_Oddjob, post:56, topic:1539454, full:true”]I have more Modernistas and Mini-Singularity Launchers than I know what to do with, so technically I’m getting Legendary drops, but Grall himself has only yielded a single Synthaline Tonic.

My current theory is that the devs only really increased the drop rate for 1 item per boss. It groks with the drop rate of stuff I’ve gotten from Sentinel, and it seems like it’s getting confirmed third party as well, if you’re getting a crapton of a specific legendary from each boss (as is everyone else who is farming that boss; everyone is getting a crapload of the same legendary from a given boss and a “normal” amount of the others).

If my theory is correct (here it is in full detail), it’s not the RNG that’s being weird; it’s how the developers actually implemented it.

I got my Symbiotic Gauntlet on my first run after the update, max stats, also got the Chrono Key and Song of Vigor on the same run.

I farmed for Vyn’s Quiver after that, had it drop twice before getting max roll.

Also got the Mini-Singularity Launcher from the Varelsi Maligner, max roll, and two Mag Daemons from two runs.

I would also like to point out that the belief that certain drops only appear on advanced is incorrect as I’ve gotten both drops from both Vyn and Arc on normal. I have no proof of this though so you’ll have to take my word, but there’s no definitive proof to suggest that certain gear only drops on advanced either and I believed that until my own experiences.

Edit: I’m not saying anything bad about your guide by the way, I think it’s excellent, but that one part seems to be incorrect for whatever reason. You’ll have to test for yourself to prove me right or wrong, and with the increased drop rates that will be easier, perhaps it was correct before the increased drop rate update? I seldom farmed before then so I don’t know if anything else changed.

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Interesting :open_mouth:

The assumption I made that there are Advanced only drops is based on actual data I’ve pulled from the PC version of the game where it is conditionally checking the difficulty. It wouldn’t be hard for a Gearbox developer to go in and change that even in a hotfix (and I wouldn’t be able to tell because I can’t see hotfixes or a lot of stuff that has been patched in since launch), but at least at one point the goal was to have Normal drops that could drop on any difficulty and Advanced drops that would only drop on Advanced. It’s one of the cons of data mining (you can’t be certain what you see is still relevant to the current game sandbox), and why I truly wish this type of information was available through an API in much the same way Bungie provides information for Destiny. :heart:

If you can get Advanced drops on Normal, that’s honestly great! But there were definitely quite a few disgruntled players that were farming the absolute crap out of some of these bosses for things such as the Chrono Key with no luck and then got it within a handful of runs once they switched to Advanced. Perhaps they’ve made it so Advanced drops have a very small chance to drop on Normal, I wouldn’t know for certain because I don’t work at Gearbox. The only goal I really had was to make sure players weren’t getting more frustrated than needed because they were relying on misinformation.

Anything I post should not be treated as fact, but more a general guide. I generally put up a disclaimer stating what I know could be wrong or outdated (if there’s something I’ve put up that doesn’t state this, be sure to call me up on it).

We probably won’t ever know for certain anyway but as long as everyone is happy and gets the thing they want, who cares right? :sunglasses:


I played 15 missions on Saturday. 13 were completed. Got 12 legendaries on 9 of those:

  1. Experiment (Normal)
    Mossire’s Mukluk’s + Symbiotic Spores

  2. Algorithm (Adv)
    Shield Web Interdictor

  3. Sentinel (Adv)
    Symbiotic Gauntlet + Chrono Key

  4. Archive (Adv)

  5. Renegade (Adv) - Failed

  6. Saboteur (Adv) - Failed

  7. Void Edge (Adv)
    Void Resonator

  8. Experiment (Adv)
    Intermittent Angel + Mossire’s Muklucks

  9. Sentinel (Normal)
    Symbiotic Gauntlet

  10. Sentinel (Normal)

  11. Renegade (Normal)
    Vow of Vengeance

  12. Sentinel (Adv)
    Chrono Key

  13. Sentinel (Adv)

  14. Sentinel (Adv)

  15. Sentinel (Adv)
    Vyn’s Quiver

I like these rates. Not sure if they will last…


Do you get different gear depending on the difficulty? I am trying to get symbiotic Gauntlet from the guardians on Sentinal and I keep getting stupid chrono key lol

Just farm on normal hardcore and suicide if they don’t drop what you want, Arc drops Symbiotic Gauntlet while Vyn drops Vyn’s Quiver.

Yeah, my friend told me I am more likely to get that gear on normal. I have been doing advanced.

Less legendary rain for me last night. :sunglasses:

Gear: Chrono Key #2
Attempts: 2

Gear: Stolen Edge of Arcvynorr
Attempts: 2

I also ran a Void’s Edge on Normal and got nothing (which is my first run since the patch where I didn’t get at least 1 legendary), so my legendary streak was broken :sob:

[quote=“lowlines, post:64, topic:1539454, full:true”]Gear: Stolen Edge of Arcvynorr
Attempts: 2

Hating you so bad right now. I’ve done like 15 more Sentinel runs since I last reported and gotten more Keys, more Songs, more Breakers, and a single Gauntlet (e.g. a non-common rare). So much salt I am like the Dead Sea.

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@Kitru If it is any consolation, I did a Normal/Hardcore Sentinel run earlier with the express purpose of getting the Vyn’s Quiver and when I finally got up to Guardian Vyn he swung his staff and knocked me back across the whole map and off the edge in a single hit (that didn’t even do all that much damage either). Was the most ridiculously stupid death I have ever had and why I dislike running Hardcore.

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[quote=“lowlines, post:66, topic:1539454, full:true”]Was the most ridiculously stupid death I have ever had and why I dislike running Hardcore.

It’s a little off topic, but, while farming for the Stolen Edge, I tend to run advanced hardcore 2 man with a friend of mine (hardcore is more interesting, imo, and it supposedly gives a better rewards). We were fighting one of the guardians (I think it was Arc) and we killed him right as he used his “everyone get over here” ability. He died and wasn’t there to collide with us to stop the pull; we were both catapulted off of the side and mission failed… because we killed a boss.

Ehh…discussion about how you go about getting your legendaries is fine by me. I just don’t see the point in discussing whether the drop rate is too good or not in this particular topic. To me this topic is meant to be shared celebration of everyone finally getting a win with legendary boss drops after weeks and weeks of saltiness.

Playing on Hardcore is another one of those things I’ve looked at and really don’t believe it affects the legendary drop rate (it’s not treated as a difficulty setting but more like a modifier like the skulls on Destiny activities and there’s no logic in the data that I can see that indicates to me that it is being checked). Pretty much every single run I’ve done since the hotfix has been vanilla Advanced and I have gotten at least 1 new different legendary every time save for last night, which I did 2 normal runs and came away with nothing.

I’m only playing casually though because I’m more focused on completing all the character unlocks and lore challenges. So I’m sure if I did more runs I’d have a more dupes and misses.

But hey, I could be wrong and/or it could have changed from what I see when I look at the data. Players love their drop rate myths and no amount of convincing from me is going to change that :sunglasses:.

I agree playing hardcore can be fun/challenging, but it can also be frustrating when you are basically killed by physics and not lack of your own skill and I personally wouldn’t recommend doing it when farming legendaries unless you are using it to prematurely end the mission.

Oh I’ve been there, I call it the “Gali pull” lol. I’ve also had them pull me in when they’re close to the edge of the arena then use their knock-up and send me flying off the map, that sucks.

The best though is sitting on the ledge popping shots while fighting Vyn (reminiscent of the original Craw and Terra arena exploits) and he pulls you in, then knocks you back up on the ledge LOL. I call it the “redundancy combo”

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[quote=“Kitru, post:65, topic:1539454, full:true”]Hating you so bad right now. I’ve done like 15 more Sentinel runs since I last reported and gotten more Keys, more Songs, more Breakers, and a single Gauntlet (e.g. a non-common rare). So much salt I am like the Dead Sea.

After 117 completed sentinel runs, 7 Songs of Vigor, 3 Symbiotic Gauntlets, 3 Vyn’s Quivers, 2 Vigilant Power Scouters, 6 Chrono Keys, and 8 Guardian Shieldbreakers…

Sentinel finally dropped the Stolen Edge of Arcvynorr.

Max Stats.

The Random Number Goddess has finally smiled upon me with favor. Praise be she.


I’ve done that more than once in the last 7 days. Been selling extras of both, and simply overflowing with legendary gear, which feels funny at CR15 with not one mastered toon ATM.

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