Show you Amara 4th skill tree builds

I thought it would be interesting to show off the build I’m thinking of when the new skill tree comes down. For Amara, I want to be what she is meant to be, a melee element warrior. Tell me what you think of it and what changes would you make. Fix the link

Like the Fl4k one this is a blank tree.

I’ve been playing kind of a splash damage Amara right now and have been really liking it. I’m thinking of going with this when the 4th tree goes live. It gives me access to all 4 of her elements.

A few points on purple melee builds:

  • You will want to pick up Burn Both Ends and Body and Mind as these will both have multiplicative effects on your other melee damage.
  • Once you have taken Body and Mind then Unweave the Rainbow and Heavy Rain are both boosted.
  • On your original run through the game then 3 points in Ebb and Flow might be helpful. Once you start moving up Mayhem levels, however, 1 point should be plenty.
  • If you are going down the Brawl tree then Jab Cross is a better investment than Atman.
  • Between Expedite and Combo Breaker, we will probably not need any Mystical Assault investment for cooldown.
  • Burn Both Ends should have nice synergy with Mindfulness so being attacked will now give you not only movement speed and shield regen perks but also additional damage. Spiritual Driver fans should be pleased.

All in all, this is my preliminary melee build:


Yo what’s the build like and what dose it require, cause atm mayham 4 it only dose 1/3 dmg to Tink’s sheild.