Show you FL4K's 4th skill tree build

I thought it would be interesting to show off the build I’m thinking of when the new skill tree comes down. With FL4K Trapper tree, I think it would be great to go with a full pet build since now he has two trees that increase his pet’s life and damage. Let me know what you think about it, and if there are any changes you would make. I fixed the link

You linked a blank skill tree.

Can’t tell if this is a statement of not using Fl4k or genuinely forgot to make the build.

well it s just a tree, do you have any ideas of build that goes with this tree (style and principles of gameplay, gear ) ?

TBF, without knowing any of the unlisted interactions in the tree, we won’t really have any idea on how to gear anyway.

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Nice bro!

Going your route I would personally do it this way, I like the idea tho seems fun

I though about using Take This! with Dominance and Megavore to do a Gamma burst pet oriented build. Since Dominance looks like now has a nice taunt radius, I can use the Cosmic Stalker or the Bounty Hunter class mod for more damage.
Idk if it’s going to work, since my pet is going to have problems to stack Frenzy and deplete it’s shield. If that’s the case, I could swap to a Red Fang class mod. But worth the try.

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I didn’t know they buffed Dominance I might have to try this out for myself it seems very fun for mobbing especially since the pet AI can be a bit wonky sometimes in terms of taunting and fighting

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I’ve been trying to come up with a build using the green + purple trees. Ideally, Gravity Snare and the Blind with Anger augment should allow for more consistent procs on the conditional damage in the Stalker tree, although I’m not that confident it will work out in practice. Without Megavore or Fade specced I’m relying on Gravity Snare making true crits easier to maintain, and for the pet’s crits to handle Fuzzy Math’s upkeep. Other notes from trying to theorycraft a green + purple build:

  • Gravity Snare + TPI have some serious anti-synergy going on. GS’s base duration is longer than TPI’s, and the cooldown-related skills in Trapper also increase Action Skill duration so i don’t even know why i kept working on this idea lol. But I did, so now you all have to look at it. (Eager To Impress might actually be the best cooldown investment for this, if you’re like me and bad at headshots on mobs)

  • If Throatripper could make pet crits proc Leave no Trace/Headcount that would be great but I’d assume that’s not possible since they specify FL4K in their description.

  • There were a few points where I couldn’t decide whether to invest in pet damage or an underwhelming utility-type skill. I usually went with pet damage due to a lack of overall damage increases, but I’m not sure how much damage to expect from the pet in a build that only has a modest investment in pet damage skills.

  • On the subject of pets, I went with WAR Loader but I feel like Gunslinger Jabber might be the best pet for Fuzzy Math upkeep (especially when not speccing Megavore). But that’s another thing we’ll only find out after the skill tree drops so :woman_shrugging:

  • I didn’t invest in it, but there should be some synergy between Agility Training, Second Intention, Overclocked and the WAR Loader’s fire rate buff. Reload speed doesn’t really suffer from diminishing returns; I’m less sure about fire rate, since I don’t know if BL3 has a soft fire rate cap like BL2–but even if it does, that would just mean investing less into fire rate. So Hunter/Trapper builds should be relatively strong, although Hunter tree carrying FL4K through weak design decisions is not surprising lol.

Funnily enough, Green tree to me is the worst tree to pair with purple, and Jabber is worst pet to use it with.

For Jabber, I don’t see them going anything that Loaders can’t do. Especially Gunslinger Jabber, it’s attack command will probably be around the same or less damage than War Loader, and War Loader basics will end up doing more damage since the shotgun will have way more damage on crit. Comparing Beefcake and Bull Loader, Bull Loader probably has similar basic attack damage but has a more responsive attack command.

Pet damage in green is way more conditional than the other trees. Master just needs 1 kill for Psycho Head and getting shot for Hive Mind, while Hunter just needs kills. Green needs 10 shots for Furious Attack (no Big Game for stack duration), above half health, and action skill spamming with TPI to get the same damage you’d get from Master.

It could be cool for non gun builds (something like @Spacerobots melee FL4K) to go down green + purple + frenzy, but I’d rather just do full blue + green with Take This for max FL4K damage at that point.


It is actually amazing at how poorly things ago when trying to pair anything from green with anything in purple. I went in thinking that getting down to spec into Hidden Machine to pair with Blind With Anger would be workable, if not optimal, but there’s really no way to do that. The point investment is too high to pick up both when you could equip a Thrillbot and get the fundamentally stronger options in red or blue. :expressionless:

Regarding Gunslinger vs. WAR Loader: in terms of damage, I wouldn’t expect the Jabber to match the Loader, but with a low investment in Fuzzy Math and no Megavore/Fade, you need the pet to maintain Fuzzy Math, and that comes down “which pet has the highest fire/attack rate.” So technically you shouldn’t treat this as a pet build–but if you are trying to get to Hidden Machine, then you need to invest 3 points into a mediocre skill. You can take points out of Sic 'Em but none of the other skills left are really improvements. Likewise to get down to Blind with Anger, you have the option of going with uhhhh nova damage or pet skills that don’t really offer much in isolation and this is just another thing that makes green/purple builds cursed, but look, i spent awhile trying to make this happen and failing, so i’m gonna talk about it somewhere. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


I think it’s interesting as something like a grenade, shield, or melee build that just happens to grab some pet damage. Something like a Peregrine URad Ghast Call build. Go down to Blue for Dominance to get that Hidden Machine uptime, TPI, and Take This with a nice 0.M shield. Then you have a nice spread of multipliers for the grenade damage and pet damage for support.