Showcasing my new Boomacorn w/Luneshine

It took quite a while to finally get it. I am done grinding green shotties. LOL

Edit: I actually have so much fun playing with the boomacorn, I have been thinking about creating a boomacorn build.

2nd Edit: I should have trolled the Nisha Top Gear section before recording my vid. Apparently, I can proc Hot Lead with it.

Copied/Pasted from @Chuck80 Nisha Top Gear cause I didn’t see a way to link just that specific section of the thread:


The Boomacorn is pretty special. It’s a Jakobs shotgun that shoots 5 small “rockets” that deal pure splash damage (so they can’t crit without Tombstone’s help) each with a random element and massively increased damage. If you can stomach the Neighing sound it makes each time you fire, it’s one of the best mobbing guns out there. Almost guaranteed one-shots on normal mobs. Aim at the ground at your target’s feet (or shoot from above) to be sure to land all explosions near your targets. Note that while it has all elements at its disposal, it’s officially a non-elemental gun, so it does benefit from Magnificent 6 and Hot lead.

Elements: Random
Best Parts: Punisher or Safeguard luneshine. Other parts are fixed
Grinder/world drop"

Thank you @Chuck80 going through the SG section of your OP was very helpful. I’ll be digging into it cause I’d like to create a build around this SG. It’s just too much fun. :smile:

Changed my build after learning hot lead can activate from the Boomacorn. So here is what I have moved towards…Let me know what you think. Should I chose a diff com? Should I move a few points around? I appreciate the feedback. Good or bad. :slight_smile:

This was my choice of Com to use. I feel that the crapshooter will out DPS the Six Shooter just due to the Tombstone buff at 11/5. But with the boomacorn, trickshot doesn’t activate, so I felt different skill buffs would benefit the boomacorn a little more. I just hate wasting points. Feel free to advise if you feel differently.

Here is my skill point distribution

Edit: After testing the boomacorn with the 30% chance to bypass enemy shields which was recommended by @khimerakiller , it has now come to my attention that this is useless on the boomacorn, let alone any weapon that shoots rockets and not pellets. After Khim had pointed this out I took his advice and tested it over the weekend. Epic Fail! What a bummer. Rockets can’t bypass enemy shields apparently. :disappointed: After discovering this I decided to test all the RL’s I had been banking. All with the 30% chance to ignore shields. All pointless…

Thanks for killing my high @khimerakiller . :smile:

That all being said, the build holds up pretty well. When I make my way to a boss, I swap out the boomacorn with a Doc’s Flayer. After boss is over, I switch back and continue mobbing and neighing. LOL I think a better version of the Six Shooter would suite me well. I’d like the Mag6 or even Crack Shot at +5 instead of Quick Shot. It’s a subtle difference.


Not to ruin your high, but no splash damage works with the shield penetration mechanic in BL2 or TPS to my knowledge. So no pure splash, Reaper splash, Harold splash, grenades, ect…

A easy test if you don’t believe me is to shoot the shielded dummy and while the projectile is mid flight manually switch to a Longnail. Or a mob and see if their health drops, but shield stays 100% intact.

So, given what you just mentioned. Does that mean that the splash damage would end up damaging the shield(since it can’t bypass the shield) while the projectiles(rockets) can bypass the shield damaging the health? What I am trying to get at is…Is there still a benefit to having the luneshine on it? Or am I wrong? is it pointless? would the grenade luneshine buff be the better choice of luneshine for the Boomacorn? And thanks for pointing that out. I have troubles testing. it’s very time consuming and with my little one running around I can 't dedicate that much time to it unfortunately. I rely heavily on the genius in the forums here. I just don’t have the time to invest. So thank you @khimerakiller. You’re a big help. :acmaffirmative:

None of it can bypass shields, the only thing that can bypass shields are projectiles that can naturally crit. If it can’t crit w/out Tombstone on most enemies, it can’t bypass shields to my knowledge.

And I’m pretty sure grenade damage doesn’t boost the Boomacorn or any non-unique rocket shooting gun to my knowledge. The 2 best luneshines are the ones I had Chuck put in the Nisha TG. (For her at least.)

You’re welcome. Glade to help.

Its says the Punisher is the best luneshine for the Boomacorn. I actually have one in my bank. So, if the Punisher is better for the boomacorn, maybe a crapshooter mod would be best but the one without trickshot. That skill is wasted on the boomacorn, imo.

Personally I’d go for this…

  • A loaded Six-Shooter is just better
  • To skip Thunder Crackdown when you are only 1 point away isn’t a good thing to put it lightly.
  • One of the selling points of the Boomacorn is the fact it has radial damage, so you don’t need Snap Shot. Not that any Nisha should really pick up Snap Shot IMO.
  • I think I see a Bomber Oz kit in your screen shot…

That’s all I got.

You are correct. I had forgotten to take it off. I was testing it at the dummy range. I have a duality OZ kit that buffs shotgun I had meant to swap too, just forgot. :slight_smile:

I like your skill distribution. It’s purely DPS you’re going for. I like it. However, I always tend to move points into Bottled Courage. It saves my ass more times than not. Being able to have half my shield restored by going into Showdown. I go back and forth with it at times. I move points from Hell’s Com’in With Me(which is a great skill) to have more survival abilities.

Duly noted! :slight_smile: That’s my typical build when it comes to Law&Order. It seems to be the most effective. I appreciate the feedback. Thank you. :smile:

I get where you’re coming from on this. I never spec into Snap Shot typically as I don’t see it’s benefits while playing real time. On paper it seems slightly lack luster as well, but 25% can make a difference for accuracy. I just don’t notice it when playing. I did it to see if it would tighten my reticle a bit. as I thought, was unnoticeable. I will most likely take your advise on the point distribution. I can see myself keeping bottled courage though…

Yeah I knew that part really just came down to personal opinion/needs, that’s why I left it out. And just a tid bit to potentially sway you. When I played with the Boomacorn on Nisha I found that even with low gravity jumps Showdown still tended to screw up my performance, as the Boomacorn’s rockets have a nasty habit of phasing through enemies without damaging them. And while they have a decent radial explosion, its not that big. So even if I wanted the survivability, I tried to say way from skills that rely on Showdown. With that if you’re going to melee from time to time you could replace Jurisdiction with one of the other 2 skills.

I totally agree. As it did to me. LOL However, I only use it to stay alive as a last ditch effort so-to-speak. For example: So as I am taking damage, once my shield breaks and they take me below health gate, the next hit and I’m down. So, before that next hit occurs, I try to go into showdown as a quick boost to shield that will hopefully give me a few extra hits. By that time I am spinning around and flying backwards to get out of harms way while spamming rockets like crazy in hopes that I get a kill and start regening my health. So it’s kinda a “holy #$@$!” button, to keep me from going into FFYL. LOL Its really hard to let go of “hells coming with me”. that extra shot chance is so awesome. it’s a constant struggle.

and again, Thank you for your help. Much appreciated @khimerakiller :smile:

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@khimerakiller, you know your stuff dude. I took your build literally. I dind’t spec into Bottled Courage and man, this is a great build alternative to the crapshooter build I typically run. The DPS is pretty good, imo. Not as over the top as the crapshooter with +6 tombstone and +5 trckshot. I found a loaded six shooter with +6 Mag6 adn +5 crack shot. So fun. I actually liked the build so much that I have adopted it as my new build to run. I find it very accommodating for most of the weapons I enjoy using. Boomacorn performs very well with it. and if I want to really see body parts explode and fly apart I swap to a flayer and just watch the carnage ensue. So much fun. I’ll be on the look out for a max stat loaded six shooter mod. I have the 43% damage with jacobs guns. Looking for the 49% version. anyway, just wanted to share that I really enjoyed the build and thank you for helping me refine it a bit. Much appreciated good sir! :acmaffirmative:

edit: Is there a build in here like the one we just refined? if not, I’d like to start a thread showcasing it. it is just so much fun. and who doesn’t like Jacob’s weapons in TPS? Let me know what you think? again, I appreciate your time Khim.

Always happy to help. :watermelon:

I mean skill point wise its basically Chad’s build, I just moved the point in TS to CS. You can do whatever you want, I’m just the info broker. :acmaffirmative:

agreed. It is very similar. I also looked up Chuck’s Deputy Nisha. Not as close but close enough to not bother with an entire thread. I talked myself out of it after researching what’s already available in here. it’s not needed. But you are. So thank you again. You’re a big help. :slight_smile:

My Law&Order Tree is all Chad Harris. LOL he opened my eyes to that. too bad he’s not in here anymore.

You just know how to say all the right words don’t 'cha, ya silver tongue.

LOL :blush: