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I couldn’t really pick out a better title so forgive me for it. I created this as a purpose of thoughts that doesn’t really stand out and I hope that perhaps someone could provide an answer to it.

So my question for the community is this; Baker said that he and George joined the Army right after they got out of high school.


According to the game manual of Road to Hill 30:

Now hear me out, this could go in two ways based on interpretation: The first way is Matt and George joined in 1939 as 18 years olds when the war was starting in Europe. The problem I’m having with this is that considering that they spent four years in the Army. During this time they could’ve a). been sent to another theater or had already been serve overseas which there is no mentions of this in the game or b). they joined the reserve corp which is very common then were put into active service in 1941 and eventually joined the airborne in 1942 by which…you already knows the rest of the story.

The second way is very simple; Matt and George joined the army right out of high school when the US entered the war after Pearl Harbor in 1941. By this time , they are at the age of 20. “They might’ve been held back at least twice.” I hear you say. That is quite possible but two getting held back twice? They could’ve been acting like little jackasses since that was what boys were back then. Or am I speaking of a different time period?

Anyway, there may be a third way and I am not attempting to diss anyone here: Mickey suck at creating time dates for the sake of the story, Gearbox is up to their usual scheme and, if they are aware of this marginal error, hoped that no one would ever notice this small error until YEARS later when someone thought of this idea while taking a piss.

So guys, what do you think? Was this intentional? Was Matt and George stuck in Neverland?

Hope everyone is having a good week.

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Likely just an oversight by the devs… not uncommon to have a lack of continuity in storylines due to unintentional oversights… certainly doesn’t detract from the great game that Road to Hill 30 is… I’d so like to see a sequel or remake for modern systems someday…