Showing you Zane 4th skill tree build

I thought it would be interesting to show off the build I’m thinking of when the new skill tree comes down. For Zane, I’m making him a speedy crit guy. Replacing FL4K for a crit build. Tell me what you think of it and what changes you would make.

1 point in salvation is enough. If Commitment won’t be nerfed you won’t need Synchronicity or Donnybrook because their bonuses can’t compete with infinitely stackable commitment bonus. Invest more in blue/purple or even in green. And Art of war seems like a bad skill to me. Overall i like this setup. Pretty straightforward, but it works.

Here’s a build I thought up (have yet to try because my Zane isn’t max level) depending on if MNTIS gets buffed from the barrier and similar to being a speedy crit guy like gamer2075’s build: