Shredder with a Bee.......Viable at OP8?

Haven’t tested this but have a theory…and have gotten some nice Shredders from Hyperious lately.


I am sick and tired of running out of Sniper Ammo…and by carrying a Stockpile Relic to counteract this…cutting the damage potential of each shot…seriously.

So…I was thinking.

Can FR and big magazines combined with Amp Damage…offset the Shredder’s low base damage???

Let’s say:
Chaotic Neutral with boosts to FR and Mag size…+6 in Velocity and don’t Spec TwoFang
The Shredder’s already high FR
And my BAR FR which is now close to 26%

So we are talking about an approx 60% boost to an already high FR and an Apprx 50% boost to an already big mag size

Add Amp damage to each shot of that hose coming out and I think it just might hit pretty hard…and it will gain from all Zer0’s critical hit bonuses as well.

AND it will use AR ammo which you have a TON of seldom used ammo.

Sure, it would be standoff only because of the Bee but it might solve some of my ammo problems with my Lyudas…or at least supplement them a bit.

What do you guys think???

I’d say try it out. The Bee makes just about any good better; so if you can keep it up, it’ll hit like a Mac truck. Grim’ll help with that because it instantly recharges your shield after every kill. If you’re careful and don’t use The Bee as a defense (which you don’t), you should be fine. You might want to look at a Legendary Sniper COM. Sure it says sniper rifles only, but it effects every gun, so it should work with the Shredder as well.

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This I did not know…Is that for any of the skills?.. like At One With The gun… or just the Damage and Critical Damage boost listed on the Mod??

Only the skills listed on the COM if I remember correctly. Basically it was a programming error that was never fixed. Instead of checking to see if you’re using a sniper rifle, it just applies the bonuses (and penalties to your shield, but that just means it recharges quicker). It’s very much a risk/reward piece of gear.



But the Bee recharges almost instantaneously anyway so loss of Cap would hurt it even further I think.


I would lose those huge buffs to FR and Mag size from the Chaotic Neutral…

Which (I theorize) are what will offset the Shredder’s low base damage

More bullets fired for a longer time…with Amp damage to each.

I will play around with it for a bit.

I get that the Pimp is far and away the best sniper…and the most ammo efficient but I just…

Get bored with the Pimp (There…I have just come out and said this blasphemy…sorry!).

I actually have waaay more fun with Lyudas…

I know…there must be something wrong with me but it is what it is…LOL


[quote=“johnrr6, post:5, topic:1557554”]blasphemy[/quote]Or gospel :wink::thumbsup:

I think a Shredifier with a Bee backing it in Zer0’s hands, especially if you’re matching elements and getting crits will do surprisingly well.

Did some testing and…

It works just fine…Match Elements, BoA and Bee

BETTER than fine if you can slag at range reliably.

Key is keeping the Bee up.

But it is an option if you use a Chaotic Neutal a LOT…like I do.

I’m just now messing with zero (non melee build). I too would recommend the sniper mod but go with a really low level so your shield cap isn’t hurt hardly at all. I believe I’ve got a level 65 and the negative shield capacity is only 55000. Just a thought bc I’m gonna try your idea also. I feel really underpowered with zero when mobbing. My other 2 op8 characters are sal and axton. It’s taking some time to get used to zero.

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Me too. However, I think the Droog might perform a little better for ammo consumption.

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Even Better…

If you use Shadow’s patch…try a Patriot…

It’s now better than a Purple Droog and definitely good enough for mobbing at OP8.

Shadow took away all the stupid penalties GB had imposed on it.

Lyuda is still better for bigger targets that might get the split…but for dead on hits…the Patriot is SWEET now!

Oh and the patch made the Shredder DEFINITELY viable at OP8 WITHOUT a Bee!!

Biggest change for me was Vladof Blasters…with the patch…WOW, just Wow!

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I would like to say I’ve changed my mind and I’ve seen the light: chaotic evil rogue mod 5velocity(two fang/LTW) is god like when used with infinitys.

So to go with what your proposing; I’d say yes to the shredifier

I’m going to transfer one over to zero and give it a go

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I decided to test what Droog and Lyuda I had available. my Lyuda is incendiary with matching grip. My Droog is also incendiary with Jakobs grip. can’t remember the prefixes but the Lyuda outperformed the Droog, imo. the recoil on the Droog was pretty crazy compared to the Lyuda(I can’t remember the stocks on each, sorry). with better recoil and thus, accuracy the ammo consumption between the two wasn’t far off from one another. but I could kill quicker with the Lyuda which was the deal breaker in my test. Lyuda is better, imo.

sorry for the off topic remark. :wink:

did some testing, and theres no such thing as a shredder. learn to read

lol…sorry to do this to ya. :wink:



I don’t see how a Droog would outperform a Lyuda, all other things being equal.
Is there something that I don’t know about either gun ?


Just curious: Why Chaotic rogue (about a 55% fire rate boost) without 2F
Instead of Another COM and 11/5 2F (which gives about 66% multiplicative Fire rate boost) ?

If fire rate is what you’re after for your COM, then a Professional COM would give you 2F for the same boost or better, and add great passives and a boost to Ambush on top. If you don’t want 2 different sources of fire rate, then the Rogue’s only real strength is wasted on your setup

In fact, you could go with a Purple Professional and add Killer on top for even more reload speed and nearly as much crit bonus as a Rogue COM gives you, without losing too much.

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Won’t 2F ADD to the Higher FR with the Chaotic Neutral Rogue…

So now you get 55% FR Boost plus an additional 11/5 2F as the two skills on the Blue com are Velocity and 2F

Or is there a point of diminishing returns I just don’t know about.

That FR Boost WITH 2F boost
AND Much Larger Mag size
AND Velocity at 10/5 which gives an additional 30% Crit and 20% Gun damage on top of a huge bullet speed increase

Just turns Torgue slow firing and slow bullet guns into a HOSE…with increased standoff range.

Add in a 5/5 Precision and it’s even better.

And I mainly run an Explosive Zero with DPUH - Swordsplosion

And the Velocity boost is really nice for the Swordsplosion as well!.

But I like your Professional Com idea as well and truth be told…the Shadow Stalker with a Pistol Zer0 is just the cat’s meow. The SPEED from a 10/5 FollowThrough is just ridiculous and you get the same basic FR and Mag perks as a Chaotic Neutral PLUS a faster Shield Recharge Rate that works GREAT with a Blockade or Turtle shields.

Sorry, was using a slang term for Shredifier.

Shredder = Shredifier in my parlance…but Kurt’s point is well taken too…There is a Bone shredder in the game too.

Sorry for any confusion I caused.

Annnnd…I read quite well thank you. Although my Mom would never say I was her smartest child.

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The original source for this was lost in the forum move, but trust me…

Two Fang breaks above 10 FR and doesn’t give what it’s supposed to, so you should either boost your fire rate above 10, OR keep it under 10 and use Two Fangs, not both.

IMO, the Rogue COM shines when you’re trying to make a very slow weapon (like the Harold for example) faster, since two fangs is sort of a multiplicative bonus to if you will and you have the chaotic prefix bonus on top. Otherwise, the chaotic prefix is about as useful as a boost to 2F, so you should look to other COMs for additional bonuses

I can understand wanting 10/5 velocity for Torgue weapons, but on a Bandit SMG, 5/5 is plenty, and you’re missing out on more potent bonuses elsewhere

So, basically, if you’re mainly using Torgue guns, the Rogue is a great choice, but with other weapons, the Professional (or the Legendary Killer if you have one) is just better on everything

Oh … I thought you were really giving the newly “patched” Bone Shredder a go on Zero.

The Shreddifier is already past 10 FR no matter what you do :stuck_out_tongue: