Shreddifier please

does anybody have a shreddifier lvl 50-72 i have plenty of legendaries so i could make it worth your while

Yes i have the Shreddifier and i’m positive that it is in the range of level 50-72. And i don’t want your legendaries i just want to help you in any way. :smile: If we can make a day where both of us can meet i can give it too you. Just tell me a day and i will see if i can be on that day.


If you catch me online, I’ve got 2. Ones slag and I don’t remember the other.

ok thanks guys i think your already on my friends list duke3d

whats your psn magan?

My PSN is DarkBlader41 as it says in my reply.

oh ok my bad

im on ps3 right now sending you a request magan22

It’s alright. :smile: Okay i will accept the request in about 2 hour’s because i have somewhere to go. But i will probably be able to give it to you then.

ok thanks

Anytime just message me if you want to trade and if i’m online i will most likely say yes.

ok :smile:

Ok i accepted your request but i wasn’t able to go on but i can get on now or first thing in the morning. I have multiple Shredifiers that i want to give out so i may give you all of them (they are different elements but same type).

ok im on now


I am seeking a lvl 72 or OP1 Shocking
Shredifier. I can trade a lvl72 bee shield, a lvl 72 basic deliverance
(tediore), a lvl 71 two fer maggie, a lvl 72 hefty (fire) baby maker. i may
also trade a butcher (lvl 72) acidic or non elemental or a, OP1 Kerblaster

:eltarionsoir Console : Playstation 3.