Shrediffier - how come it's not more popular?

On Moze with some ammo regen and Short Fuse its arguably the most powerful AR in the game . Why is it not more talked about ?

Because on any character other than Moze it’s not very good. Eats copious amounts of ammo and you don’t even get particularily good dps out of it.
Plus, it’s a bit of a pain to get because the assigned drop source is the Boss of the Slaughtershaft, meaning you can’t farm it properly.

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Which really surprised me because at the time of dedicated drops being patched in, the bandit slaughter shaft was arguably the hardest event in the game at that point. Why add a rifle that’s not super popular at the end of it ?

Well, I don’t think they were going by that logic, neccessarily. Though to be fair, Titan doesn’t really have the best Loot Pool, with one item that’s quite desirable (Zheitsev’s Eruption) and three others that are not that popular (Shredifier, Butcher, Hippity-Hopper)

I love hippy hoppies and was really sad that my baby bunny nades were locked behind Titan.

Well, they’re not locked per se. They seem to World drop a lot, so if you just farm bosses for a while you’re probably gonna get one

Lol, sorry, I meant dedicated farm locked. Just seemed like a weird place to hide such an odd item.

I always assumed they looked at statistics and which items were most popular, and put the least popular ones to Graveward and worked up from there

I liked the Shredifier in BL2 and like it in BL3. Ammo consumption is the only issue, and used int he right places that’s not a big deal.
If someone finds one, give it a try, it’s fun.
P.S. I lost a level 24 Corrosive Shredifier in BL2 through a save corruption about 5 years ago and I’m still morning that loss.