Shredifier help

Does anybody know the best place to farm a shredifier in bl2? I’ve been searching forever and everywhere(ie. Terras chests, hyperious,Pete, loot midgets, and more) but I have never gotten one to drop! Can somebody please help? Thanks

It’s a world drop so there is no one great place, Hyperious can drop it but its pretty rare from him. LLM’s is a crapshot as well since its a world drop once again. There is also the snowman chest but again, not good odds.

AFAIK there is no set boss that it drops from so RNG is your best bet- just keep trying all the usual suspects until it happen. BTW, have you tried the loot train yet?

I think that Pete is supposed to have a slightly higher chance of dropping it, but I can barely get a legendary out of him already.

The snoan one? Yeah I usually do a half hour of that everyday just to check and see. But usually I just get legendary COMs


Hyperius and loot midgets.

What platform are you? IIRC, not PC. I get more from Hyperius than anywhere else. It’s more common that the Norfleet, but not nearly as common as the tattler and retcher. Farm Hyperius and you will get some. If you are on PC, I have OP8 ones I can give you. I don’t use them much, but keep the for some reason.

Ps4 :confused:

I feel you, it seems as if no one plays on Playstation anymore :sob:

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