Shut down - closed

Closed up shop. Always looking for Fl4k & Zane gear though. Gt: RavenMock3r

I have that 100% ASE Maggie that you’re looking for. I’m extremely interested in the 125% fire Gatling Gun.

GT: JoBo0302. I’ll be available 11:45 am my time (central) or roughly 4 hours from now.

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Sounds good dude. I’ll add you and wait to hear from you.

Would you have any interest in a fire Laser Sploder with ASE 2 Mags corrosive?

EDIT: I could also throw in an Alchemist w/ ASE 2 mags Rad if you want.

Sure bro. What was you wanting from my list?

I’ll take the GB pestilence.

You’ve given me a couple things in the past so consider the Alchemist an extra freebie. Thanks.

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Awesome. I appreciate that. I’ll send it over to you now.

Hello. I have an atom balm Otto idol. Shock/corrosive resist. Shield recharge. Not the best, but let me know if you’re interested

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Lvl 53? If so, its good enough for me.

Yeah, it’s 53. What would you want for the rakk warlord?

Can I get your gt

I just found a fire Rowan’s with ASE 2 mags corrosive.

If you want it I’ll trade it for the shock GB Warlord.

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Actually, NVM. I’ll do it. I’ll send it over to you now bro.

Alright man. I sent it over to you.

Thanks. I’ll send the Rowan’s to you Within the next hour or so.

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Rowan’s received. Thanks


New stuff for trade

New wants list