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I’ve got more stuff to trade

I’ve got the 100% ASE Bekah and the 100% after Rakk Attack Maggie. I’ll send them in a bit. Would be really interested in the 125% fire dmg Gatling Gun.

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Awesome. I’ll send it now.

I sent it to you

I’m interested in your 125 scourge, I have all the carriers with n2m

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Sounds good. Do you happen to have one w/ 50% rad ?
And I’ll need your gt: so I can send it to you.

Thanks for your business dude


I have an Atom Balm Otto Idol: +21% action skill cooldown, +incendiary damage, and +40% magazine size. However it’s level 50 so you might not be interested. If you are, Id like the 125% fire Carrier

I’ll take it dude. Anything else you want? I’m gonna get rid of everything today. It’s all taking up too much space.

Can I can the tigs boom and the nova o.m if they’re still going. Gt ChilledFish88 many thanks in advance :smiley:


Thanks very much. Do u need anything in return :smiley:

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Nah… If you come across anything on my wants list though. Remember me bro. Lol

Any chance I could snag the gamma burst cryo helix and the on nade throw piss? Don’t have a lot from your list but I have two rakk pakks with splash I’ll send your way. My gt is plenipotence#130

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Sounds good

would love the recursion x2. GT is user name, also I would love someone I could give stuff to that’s not for amara…

Sending it now

I only play Zane and flak lol

I play Fl4k and Zane