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I would like a Rakk Pak mod w/ weapon dmg for sure and any of these other stats -

  • Splash dmg
  • Sniper dmg
  • Weapon reload spd
  • Damage reduction
  • Action skill cooldown
  • Shield recharge delay
  • any elmtl resistance

I also have these to trade -

This is what I’m looking for -

  • Infinity (fire or cryo w/ rakk attack anointment)
  • Lyuda (fire or cryo w/ 100% weapon dmg or Rakk attack anointment)
  • Maggie (w/ gamma burst anointment)
  • Laser Sploder (radiation w/ gamma burst anointment)
  • Conference Call (radiation or cryo w/ sntnl or Digi Clone anointment)
  • Bitch smg (fire or cryo w/ Rakk attack anointment)
  • Laser Sploder (cryo or radiation w/ sntnl or Digi Clone anointment)
  • Snowshoe shield (any decent anointment)

Hey bud I have a rad gamma burst dictator. Could I grab the fleshmelter Otto idol.

Sure thing man. I’ll send it soon.

Is there any way I could get the x6 corrosive dictator as well and I will send you the two stagecoaches along with the rad dictator

Looking for help I need a fire and shock redistributior for xbox to finsh my zane build been farm and can get eather to drop any suggestions or help would be appreciated thx

Yep. Sounds good. I can get on now and send them off real quick.

I sent them off to you bro


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