Sic 'Em vs. All My BFF's Skill?

I’m wondering if I should worry about always reviving my pet or just go with the extra pet damage. Asking about these two skills in particular. I don’t have any experience with these skills and don’t feel like spending a lot of money changing builds right now. Thought I’d ask to hear your thoughts first. Thanks!

If your pet’s survivability is fine now, I wouldn’t change it, but that’s just me (I like setting them up so they’re super tanky… the thought of losing one in combat will absolutely drive me into the fray where we’ll both die, and that doesn’t help anyone).


I like your thinking. I ran an all-out DPs fade-away build before this and my pet always went down leaving me to die. Thanks.

I would take points out of eager to impress since you have Head Count. Put in Overclocked or Hidden Machine instead.

Depends on the pet, but there are very few circumstances where I’d use Sic Em’ at all. Most pet attack commands do terrible damage for the cool down and time it takes them to perform the attack. There are only a few pets I’d actually bother with it on: any of the Jabbers, Spiderant countess (more teleporting), and the Horned Skag (does kind of decent damage sometimes). Otherwise, the attack commands are generally lackluster and not worth wasting too many skill points on.

I really like spamming the action skill at the moment and having as much cooldown as possible is nice. I have a shield that drops 10% damage boosters if I take damage so if I spec into hidden machine I wouldn’t benefit much and those boosters compensate the damage I’m missing out on. I’m also using infinities so I can’t reload to advantage of overclocked. This was a thrown together build that ended up being pretty good and I had three points I could put anywhere so here we are.

Put the 3 points in persistence hunter in the hunter tree, it will add dmg plus extend your fade away duration.