Sick of Amara as a Zane Main

I play as Zane. Why does every anointed drop I get have to be exclusive to Amara?

I dont like playing Amara. In fact, she is my least favorite VH in the entire franchise. She will never be my main but this game seems to think I am playing her as every dam anointment I get is for her. This has gotten beyond annoying.

I cant tell you how many awesome Monarchs, Plaguebearers and Backburners I left on the ground because it has the Phasegrasp or Plaseslam anointments. Hundreds … at the very least.

Yet, as a Zane main, I NEVER get a drop with SNTNL Cryo anoints unless I trade for them.

I really wish this game would be more attentive as to who you actually play with and limit drops for other vault hunters as that is all I seem to get other than ASE or Digi-swap for Reload.

Hey GB!!! I play Zane, I never play Amara If I can start to get some drops that actually benefit the character I play, that’d be GREAT!!!


It makes sense to completely restrict anoints to the character being played. If you’re looking for weapons for another character the next 2 mags, consecutive hits or Cartel anointments generally give most characters something to work with.



Agreed. Would love for GB to restrict or even limit anointments that are exclusive to other vault hunters.

I dont mind getting a next 2 mags or consecutive hits to drop because they are beneficial to any VH, but I rarely get anything other than ASE (for Flak only) or Digi Swap for Reload, which I ignore because that anointment absitiviliposilutely sux.

The only VH exclusive anoints that drop for me on the reg are strictly for Amara and Amara only. This has me hating Amara as she is the VH I play the least.

I have lvl 60 Moze, Flak and Zane and my Amara is lvl 18. I rarely play anyone other than Zane though.

I hate to say this… but Diablo 3 does it perfectly.

95% of the time, your going to get items for your class, and the other 5% is a nice reminder that other classes exist.


Class specific anoints make me hate my loot and hate the game.

They should roll a friggin. Omni everyone dependant on which action skill u use effect anoint.

They could have multiple.versions of it.
That way players dont go through this crap fest.

Its annoying and makes me hate the game tbh.

Who wants a label saying cool u finally found this gun but its anointed for someone else.

That way it wont be as horrible…

At the same time… Borderlands 3 has ruined destroyed the parts game.because ur just praying to see the gun with an anointment u can use for ur build.


I hate it…the devs seeminly want it this way. All the gimmivks to make ppl come back fade. Ppl will leave again cuz they feel they dont care. As their annoyance with this system has been expressed so many damn times. Across here reddit twitter etc.


Oh yeah ! If you want gear for Zane you have to play moze if you want gear for flak you have to play amara if you want gear for amara you have to play Zane if you want gear for moze you have to play a different game .


But the majority of those Amara anoints are worthless. It’s just like when I keep getting the clone swap anoints for Zane. You’re looking for one specific anoint, SNTL Cryo, that seems to be about the hardest one to get in the game. The only Amara specific anoints that are worth using IMO are the Phasecast and Phaseslam damage increase ones.

This post needs to blow up or more made about this! Excellent post being its a perfect complaint. I was going to make one myself but afraid now it will get merged here. This is one of my main issues right now since we have not so great drop rates with so many anoints and dedicated isnt quite there yet. So yeah Gearbox or devs please take note on this issue!


Being the “extra RNG layer” that annointments are, and such a pain in the skag to farm in That One Item we all want (in my case, a “75% health and shields after exiting iron bear” M10 transformer - took me 3 days to drop), they really should just cut it down to class specific.

that said, all i drop is zane annointments i keep mailing to my friend, lol…

I totally agree, this crap was there in BL2 too with class mods, they don’t learn from this. I had to play with a UCP patch which restricts class mod to current VH because of this.


The game has been out long enough to adjust all of these issues to please most since its the main objection in BL games. Especially dedicated drops. This needs attention big time.

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i dont wanna dig into the “live service” rakkload.

But BL3, following this patches, quickfixes, hotfixes and DLC’ixes system, has done nothing but feel incomplete since launch. And thats a good 10 months now.

A game that still feels unpolished 10 months after launch!
Personally, i’d blame adding new things over and over without testing their balance first, then waiting for “user feedback” for testing.

As much as I love BL3 ('s gameplay…), i hate seeing how unfinished a 60€ WITHOUT THE DLC OR ANY SPECIAL EDITION game is, after waiting like what, 7 years, has it been?

Wow that was a rant out of nowhere, uh…
TL;DR - for a full price game that took so long to make and it’s been out for so long too, it’s still unbalanced, broken, and unpolished.

Pitchford, what the HELL.


This game loves Amara more than the rest of the VHs put together.


LOL couldnt have said better myself.



I keep saying this, but the biggest problems with this game are loot- and anointment-pool pollution and no crafting/upgrading/re-rolling system.

Imagine if you could take that Monarch with the stupid Phasegrasp anoint and re-roll the anoint by paying Eridium and/or (game, not real-life) $.

Diablo 3 at launch was a mess (easy to forget that since it was a while ago), but at least the new content they release didn’t just break everything - and they eventually got the loot and crafting systems right.

A “smart loot” system would at least be a step in the right direction.

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Which come from playing as Moze. :laughing:

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Myself I wouldn’t mind if they did away with the VH specific anoints and just had them all VH neutral.
FL4K is similar to Zane having only 2 useful anoints for certain builds.

Diablo does it better, as far as the drops, but not perfectly. Because for the non-class specific pieces, you still risk getting the wrong stat/skill bonus.

But something D3 offers that BL3 should offer, is a way to reroll your gear, either in part or completely. This would allow players the opportunity to at least try to roll for the anoint they want, even if it comes with the wrong one on drop.

As it should. She is the best. The game sucks though.

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